does it actually have benefits or is it just a meme?

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meme/works for the placebo effects.

wakes me up and i feel cleaner and have been doing it for years before it achieved meme status so id say it works, no idea if it raises test or not

Here's an experiment:

put oil on a spoon
run that spoon under cold water
watch how barely anything happens
run same spoon under hot water
watch how the oil begins coming off

Hot shower does the same shit to your skin and hair, forcing you to replace it with man-made substitutes. Redundant, consumerist horseshit, also never as good as the natural thing. But that's coming from someone with dryish skin and curly hair, so I don't take moisturizers for granted.

That doesn't even factor in all the shock protein stuff and therapeutic effects. At the very least you'd think it has effects similar to an ice bath and those are well known for their benefits.

That’s a good point

Whenever I man up enough to take one, I feel fucking fantastic for the rest of the day and feel unstoppable.
I can never man up enough to take them though. I'm a fucking pussy bitch.

You do realize your skin isn't a spoon, right?
Warm water helps blood flow and can help reduce Doms.

Now add soap to both spoons and rub it.
Whoops looks like the oil came off anyway.

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Try being a guy immune to cold living in the tropics.
Motherfucker I sweat while bathing in warm water. Cold water all day every day.

Probably has benefits but its still way too fucking cold out to even entertain the thought of them.

increases test
healthier hair and skin
stronger immune system
natural dopamine release, makes you happier
gives insane mental focus and clarity

if you don't at least finish cold 5mins you're a cuck.

>doesn't do onion cold showers for max test
>never gonna make it

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only worth if u shower in the mornig

how the FUCK does anyone take a cold shower in Canada? I feel like I will die

you don't go max cold. you increase cold gradually

>you don't go max cold
How cold then?
I try to end my steamy hot showers by gradually reducing the heat until my shower is nothing but icey cold - as cold as my shower can go. It usually ends up being so fucking cold though that I can barely tough it out for 2 minutes, let alone 5 or more like some people say to shoot for.

You should start Luke warm at most and get down to goosebumps and dancing

shoot for 5, then work your way up to 10. then go colder. you just have to get used to it. it's like training

I find that I've made skin gains since taking cold showers. It also helps control night sweats

You don’t have to have it ice cold to reap benefits, start your shower with neutral/ room temperature water, and as a fun challenge see how cold you can comfortably make it. Even mild or room temp shower is better than hot shower

when u take hot shower ur pores open up n it;s easier to clean dirty skin, but if you go in cold shower after that you close your pores and dirt cant get in after you walk out of shower. also it;s good for itchy skin like psoriasis or eczema. and you feel warm after you walk out of shower because now the environment is warming you up instead of you losing heat after walking out of hot shower. simple calorimetry son

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I had a water heater that broke in my first place so took ice cold showers for 4 months at 4:15 a.m. 6x a week. It only pissed me off.

so start hot and end cold? gotcha

yes bro thats exactly it. after every workout i get hot to cold shower and it changed my life forever.

Quitting Veeky Forums would be immensely more beneficial to us than nofap, cold showers, onions, etc. combined.