What mode is this and how to achieve it?

What mode is this and how to achieve it?

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soon-to-be incarcerated mode

lol this twink would get his cheeks buss the first week

Faggot mode.

300 years of slavery x 1

2 banana mode

Runaway father mode

Otter mode with extra curls added into the routine

>Otter mode with extra curls added into the routine
only curls this niggers ever gonna do are jerry curls
fuck yourself ape

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holy shit i love Veeky Forums
the thread will turn into a /niggerhatethread/ the second you even mention blacks.

we are the white supremacist board singlehandedly responsible for electing Donald J Trump, 14/88 brother

white girl slayer mode

Why are literally 90% of all black dudes chinlets and yet they slay like nobody's business? Could Lookismfags possibly be wrong?

>yet they slay like nobody's business
the only thing niggers slay are other blacks and innocent whites

are you doing duck face or are your watermelon lips stuck like that

bleojodra mode

Wonder how many racists are actually here. Probably only one or two. Keep being bitter Amerimutts.

>can't figure out how many unique posters are in a thread
poor dumb nigger, how did you end up here?

Is that his name on the file? Is he one of those tumblr cam whores? I need to see more pics

There are only two in the set but here's the other one

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Lmao euro-fag who hasn't been around niggers enough to start hating them. Your day will come soon nigger lover.

pretty much all blacks are chinlets because they have different skull shape than whites or asians. But because that's the norm they don't look bad with nochin, it's just the way they are. When a white person has no chin it is abnormal, same with having a wide nose, but on a black person it isn't.

what im trying to say is that you have to look at the face as a whole you can't just pick and choose features

Why do you have this saved to your computer?

(i) you are a degenerate gay faggot
(ii) it simply means "no title/no name" in Spanish/Portuguese/whatever, you uneducated American swine

It means no title in Burger.

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because I am tolerant and respect my black fellows


>poor dumb nigger
I'm not black at all, unlike you my southern friend. White hoods and mixed blood, is there anything else more integral to the identity of a southerner.
haha. I'm American friend.

the only pussy blacks get is old jews and fat women.

I only speak murrican. I need pics for reference, no homo bro

muhfugen bix nood

You can just tell from the lips that this isn't one of those negroes who have jobs.

>talking down to southerners
>liking blacks
Stereotypical northern hypocrite. Claim to love blacks while you perpetually move away from them, claim to love your neighbors and give to the poor while you perpetually bad mouth the poorest group in the united states and advocate consistently for policies that harm them. Northerners lack all self awareness, Trump will be re-elected, and after him another Trump will be elected. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Northerners are truly worse than niggers, they're pawns of Jews.

throw an orange vest on that ape and send him out to collect trash along the side of the road

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>implying I didn't support Trump
>implying Trump is an actual racist
Don't have anything against southerners in general just autistic racists and rebelfags. Never forget how badly my ancestors beat yours. How much of your lineage comes through rape do you think?

>>implying I didn't support Trump
So what you're saying is that you are a stupid Jew pawn just like that guy said.

Powerful image

y'all LOVE talking shit about black people online or behind police barricades but act like cowards in public and social settings. It's so hilarious that you would NEVER talk all this racist shit you spew online to a black person in real life because you'd get your shit knocked loose. Your women can tell the difference in confidence and that's why they flock to us openly.

Who did you vote for?

>Actually believes the white women going for black males meme
The only girls that prefer black males are black females and only just, and they're all so apparently repulsive that black men don't even prefer them. Pretty sad desu

>haha i bet you wouldn't call us apes in real life because we would act like apes

Makes one think.

>suggest black people are dumb and violent
>ill knock you out motherfucker

Its the "Single mom spends all her welfare on cigs and shoes, leaving me to only eat two free meals my schools provides a day, and spend 8 hours/day, 7 days a week playing basketball" routine.

Matias Mäkynen

>Don't have anything against southerners in general
>White hoods and mixed blood, is there anything else more integral to the identity of a southerner
Hypocrites and liars, so northern is hurts. I'd bet my left nut you're an 'atheist' or 'agnostic' who still supports christian moral code, just to prove how good of a person you are, "I'm smart and a good person! How great I am! See me world I'm not just some some daddies boy!". You make me sick. Why don't you move down to northern virginia and prance around in plaid while you're at it.

>Your women can tell the difference in confidence and that's why they flock to us openly.

Lol. Is that what ripped, 185lb 8% BF black men tell themselves when they have to settle for a 240lb hamplanet white woman who has 3 kids from 3 different men?

I went to a black highschool and sat at a table with other white kids making monkey noises at the black kids. You pussy ass bitch niggers didn't do shit then, so shift the goal posts again, "b-buh you wouldn't talk shit outside of school!' I have, I would, and I do, where next? Down a dark alley? You think I wouldn't talk shit about black people to a black person one on one? I have and I will. Fuck you niggers, you aren't tough and nobody is afraid of you.

lol stay mad, your global birthrates are declining, and more people are becoming tolerant and open minded to interracial relationships and children. You'll be the minority in the U.S. in like 10 years, lose your voting power, and will finally be outcasted by logical people where you belong

nice fantasy, guarantee you and your butt buddies waited until the black guys were out of earshot range before you made your little noises. I'd bet money that you got punked on a weekly basis in high school

>whites become a minority in the US
Meaning it will turn into Brazil or worse, and everyone will start trying to move to whatever white country remains.

which are also becoming more colorful if you haven't been paying attention. You'll have eastern europe and like russia and who the fuck wants to live in either of those places LMAO

>your global birthrates are declining
Coping THIS HARD. One white soldier is worth one thousand black ones. South African security squads ice hundreds of enraged cattle niggers a week. Even if white birth rates were falling, it doesn't make any difference, without governmental aid, white electricity, white gas, white food distribution, half the niggers will die in a year. The other half will die in two.

>nipple peircings


>One race is 60% of the population
>One is 12% of the population
>The 60% of the population is the one who should be worried about interracial relationships

Lol. I know niggers are bad at math, but even you should be able to figure out who is really getting genocided in that arrangement.

do you really not understand that there's nothing magical about the land in America or other white countries? If they stop being white countries they won't be nice anymore, unless they're run by another capable ethnicity like the East asians

Id much rather live in Poland than a primarily black country

awwww I must have struck a nerve, just accept that governments around the world are becoming more diverse, including more women and minorities, and are realizing that white conservative men are plague in human form. violent wars won't even be necessary. you'll be voted out of the spaces you've occupied for so long and NO ONE will want to put you back into power. You've fucked up society for long enough lmao

Naw niggers are just pussies, you can talk shit to them, they just smile and nod when you're in talking range. They bark like mad dogs when they know they can run, but up close they do their best to be timid.

Lol. We enslaved your whole race for 100s of years, fucked all your women, and colonized all your countries, and you guys did fuck all about it. You didn't even fight for you free freedoms, you only got it because advances in technology made your shitty slave labor irrelevant.

You've been consuming too much media. Let me explain this to you, Italy will have a fascist party in the office next cycle, Germany will also have a fascist party in next cycle, Sweden is readying for a civil war, and Identitarian movements are prevalent in every european country. You're right when you say the world is colorful, its just not mud colored, its white blue and blonde.

lmao. Keep projecting.
>hates niggers
>part nigger himself
I really don't understand how you maintain this mentality. I would agree with you on one thing, most urban/suburban northern men are pathetic twinks.

can someone crop out the face and photoshop his skin white so I can save it to my phone as a goal body

true, would be a great body on a human, can you imagine how many trees he had to climb to get that

You'll still have the wewuz/bleojodra tattoo though.

>blue and blonde.
user....blue eyes and blonde hair is only natural to one race, and you call them limp dicked cucks.

People who belive in the blonde hair blue eyed nordic supermen are quite honestly fucking insane and are the WE WUZ KANGZ of human history.

>oiled up
>manipulated ligghting
>biggest pump of life
>4 scoops of preworked

WTF is Veeky Forums super racist now?

Veeky Forums has always been racist newfag, we got donald trump elected

Donald Trump, not new.
While it was health and fitness it was not racist like that.
Is that one or two guys just posting every time? Very sad.

Learn to read unique post count nigger lover. Actually don't waste your time, go back to plebbit you giant cocksucker. MAGA 14/88

You didn't join the real and active Official Fitness Server on Discord yet??
Advice on routine and posture advice, motivate each other, awesome stories, feels, food pics recipes and diet checks, fasting, etc. Self improvement, nofap and even relationship advice.
We also have some fun channels like memes or a channel dedicated to tinder thot patrolling.
For those who want more adventure, we have a contest: post a pic in begin of the month, and one at the end. Then users vote and the winner gets prize money!
We have lots of guys participating, but only one Female. So femanons dont leave her to be alone

We accept people from all fitness levels: fat, average or athletic. As long as you are encouraging and motivating you are most welcome!

Racism is growing among white men as a backlash against anti-white man rhetoric in the mainstream in the past decade or two.

Well moreso it is growing among one section of white men while another sinks into ever greater depths of self-flagellation.

fit has always been a white supremacist board you fucking retard

what i said i still true, and there is a lot more pro-white talk here now than circa 2012-2014, there used to be black trips here, and apart from the usual comment or two there was no talk about race.

same pattern is happening everywhere that doesn't have racism censored

It litterally hasn't.
You people came here when the Trump campaign flooded every single semi or completely open forum and site in an attempt to drum up interest and good feefees.
The JIDF and other groups kicked your faggot asses out of /pol/ and then /k/ so you set up shop in Veeky Forums.
Anyone can go take a fucking look at the archives and see how fit used to be and see when the sentiments that come from you people began.

No, they also have sex with really attractive white women

we intentionally drove the negro trips out, told them to go shuck and jive on their own website
Veeky Forums, /k/ and /pol/ have a ton of crossposters because they're masculine boards you giant faggot. Lurk moar before you make an ass out of yourself on here nigger lover

Two minutes on the fucking archive.
Just two minutes and all of your bullshit will be exposed for what it is.

im racist but talking about race on fit is fucking autistic. it's a fitness board dude, it has literally nothing to do with average IQ or crime rates or politics

also racism to the point of hating everyone of a race is equally retarded, you're hating a shitload of people who have nothing to do with the reasons you don't like the race in question

In all honesty, white men love sucking black dicks more than white women. White men can't resist their urge to obsess over and think about black men. As the pigskin president would say, SAD!

NIDF is strong today

So much jelly in this thread
kid will prob be a strong boxer or quarterback or wrestler

he had a promising future until some asshole went and invented the cotton gin

>this thread

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This thread

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Nigger invented it to make his life easier.
But it was pantented by a white man who knew the worth of it.

Dumb fucking nigger

Don't worry fellow blackbros. The white race will inevitably become extinct at some point and will leave the superior races (i.e everyone else) to take over. We're gonna make it bros

>I'm sure things will work out just fine when all the intelligent people die off and the planet of the apes rises

Just remember that the people sitting here with you on the internet posting this shit are most likely:

>Autistic (not the meme kind, but legit autism)
>Edgy 14y olds being edgy
>Depressed people
>Lonely and sad people that crave attention
>Sociopaths with an anonymous platform to shitpost without repercussion

But still, fuck niggers and jews

I just don't think animals should be held to human standards. It's unfair and creates needless suffering on both sides

>blacks are chinlets
user thats crazy talk

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>"If you gave these blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes."
>A. Schwarzenegger


Let's hope someone nukes the whole fucling earth than allow a bunch of subhuman niggers, Arabs, pakis, spics and Turks live on


OP here after spending the day out. Jesus Christ you people

This, it would be an instant mercy killing for all the dogs and cats trapped in nigger infested cities

Stop. Watching. Porn...you fuck.