What does Veeky Forums think about donatoonating blood? My gf (on pic) wants me to do it...

What does Veeky Forums think about donatoonating blood? My gf (on pic) wants me to do it, but I'm not sure how it an affect my health and fitness.

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Wtf is donatoonating?

You need to take that day off and that's it. No real drawbacks

you should donate your gf to someone else

So I don't even need to change my routine or diet to compensate?

Nah, they don't let gays donate blood.

>have 0 neg
>go to donate blood
>nurse misses the vein and blood comes gushing out everywhere

haha donate user! its so fun! xDDDD

i bet this shit is a ploy by esoteric occult niggers to steal my essence

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I'm sorry I fucked up that tect completely. Meant to write "donating" and "can affect".

Drink 3-4 liters of water before and on the day of the donation. If you get uncomfortable with the needle ask them to lean the chair back. It's quite comfy that way

Your gf looks like fucking Paul McCartney

How is it even possible to drink so much in one day? Did you mean 2?

holy fuck my sides

When I donate blood, I usually get a free pack of iron supplement pills along with some fresh o juice and a sandwich afterwards.
In just wouldn't want to train on that day, but you probably could do it, if you rest enough and maybe donate in the morning and go train in the evening.
I think donating blood is a win win win situation. My body generates fresh blood, I get to help someone and get money for it.

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Your gf looks like paul mccartney

its ethical and and not degrading to health but if you are lifting its going to impact progress whilst blood restorese which I think takes up to 5 days. might be wrong

I'm usually around 4 liters everyday, so it's pretty normal for me. It helps thin the blood and make the flow easier. Just drink a little more than you usually do. 2-2,5 liters should be fine actually. Just don't forget to do it the day before too.

Actually you donate 500 ml which takes around 3 months to replenish, but won't impact you the day after.

fuck I fucking love Joseph Gloor. Dude is awesome.

I had to have blood taken at the doctors lately. Like 4 vials. Deadass nearly fainted on my fuckin face after. Maybe donating blood Ain't for me

Well, did you try to stand up immediately like a moron instead of letting your body take some time to adapt to the changed volume? Did you drink properly before and after?

Firstly, your gf looks 40 years old. Secondly, donating blood will negatively affect your endurance for a while. IIRC you can donate every two months, 4 times a year max where I donate.

kek, you're retarded. Yes, you have to drink lots, but you're sufficiently hydrated once your urine is relatively clear.

t. donated blood ~5 times and plasma ~15 times.

Well maybe it was caused by the medical condition which required you to give blood in the first place? Most people have no problem except for minor weakness.

So I'm retarded for being thirsty and drinking water?

As a 60 yo man you should not do it.

Also fuck what you senile gf wants. What do you want? If you wanna donate then donate, if not then dont do it.
Also donating blood will fuck up your gains and you will feel like shit until the body replaces that missing blood with new blood,and that will take days and maybe even weeks.

You're retarded for assuming everyone has to drink the same amount of water. If your piss is crystal clear already, there's no point in drinking another litre.

Nah was sitting down and my vision started going black/seeing stars/dizzy. Nurse freaked out a little and made me lie down with legs raised. My normally perfect BP had dropped like a fuckin stone but I was fine again in like 10mins. Fuck knows, never happened before.

It seems unlikely any organisation would allow to donate so frequently. While I belive that you can recover in just two month with good metabolism, most sources state that the average recovery time is three months.

Do you really want to give away your precious blood just so Ishmael can sell it at 10x the original price to some dying child?

/pol/tard detected

That can happen if you haven't had adequate sleep, food, fluids and/or you're a bit stressed out for any reason. Happened to me once I donated when I woke up way too early from nearby construction work, had lots to do later that day and the needle slipped a bit midway through the donation which was a bit uncomfortable. Body just went "nope, fed up with all this shit". But that was only 1/16 times I've donated.

Well, they do. Just checked it: People are allowed to donate every 8 weeks. Men can do up to 6 donations a year, while it's 4 donations a year for women.
They check your Hb value before a donation and won't let anyone with less than a certain threshold donate. If you're relatively low, they also give you a pack or two of iron pills.

Am i wrong?

Not every country has a fucked up Healthcare system like the US. Also here you can donate directly to someone who needs it.

Only people on gear need to worry about donating blood

Took stanozolol when I first donated. They were no problems, but that's just an oral roid

I live in Finland, the socialist wonderland with free healthcare to all. Oh wait, donating blood is obligatory, you don't get paid a dime for it, and the red cross then sells it for 1000e+/liter.

Goddamn socialists stealing my precious bodily fluids

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>yes goy donate blood to us so we can sell it for profit. You're doing a good deed!

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No im fucking serious. A part of the obligatory military service that all males upwards of age 18 go though, is donating blood. If you refuse, you can be jailed.

A significant portion of European men stores dangerously high iron levels. Over time that can cause baldness and serious organ damage. Donating blood on a regular basis is the easiest way to fix that. For most people just a donation or two a year is probably adequate.

If you donate every other month you may end up anemic after a year or so.

>Friend donates blood
>Finds out his blood type isn't consistent with his parents because his mother and father are both type B and he is AB which is biologically impossible
>He starts digging
>His mother admits she had an affair and his biological father is actually some dipshit from Arizona she doesn't even know the name of
>His Mom and cuckfather and now divorcing

It couldn't possibly go any worse than that OP

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>donate blood
>you got aids
Much worse

Your GF belongs on the set of Star Trek.

This is seriously fucked up. How is this shit even happening in europe?

Your gf looks like paul mccartney

>go to give blood
>nurse forgets to tighten the arm band and walks away
>fill the pint bag in 20 seconds
>nurse comes back, looks extremely worried
>tells me to lay down for a few minutes in case I pass out
>nah, I'm fine
>pass out


If you care about cardio don't do it. It fuckin sucks for like 3 even 4 weeks after if you want to perform maximally.

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I am not in Africa [spoiler]or Us[/spoiler] though.

Your gf is very toight
Toight like a tiger

The arm band is not supposed to slow down your blood from coming out idiot. It's there to make it come out even faster. (Veins get compressed, arteries don't so pressure builds up in the veins and it will more easily go through the canule.into the bag.)

Yeah I only run for warming up and do like 20 min to finish it off too, is this enough cardio to have trouble?

I once donated and did a stairs running competition the next day (students).The first 10 floors were alright but the 10 floors after that were absolute hell. I nearly passed out at one point. Also got the slowest time of the guys even tho my cardio I really good usually.

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Yeah you will definitely notice it the first week or two. Depends what you pace yourself on of course. If you don't mind to go a little slower that's fine too but personally I hate that feeling.

Is your gf a boy?


Is this really important for you?

Well I can deal with that. I guess I'll go do it.

Pretty sure obligatory or heavily peer-pressured blood donations are pretty common in militaries all across the world. After all, if they need blood it's likely that they're going to need a lot, so they have a vested interest in there being lots available.


It's one thing to require you to do something, it's another to forcibly drain your bodily fluids for profit. Reason that anyway you want but ultimately, thats what it boils down to.

>for profit
But it's not for profit in most countries. Blood is given free of charge for those who need it.

What if your blood go to a nigger ?

Aren't most niggers like type O? I'm type B and a steppenigger myself. How do races corelate with this?

You guess.

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Why the fuck would someone post a picture of their SO on Veeky Forums?

Probably not his. She is married to some russian as stated on russian facebook.

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It is a fact that you will notice an impact on stamina from donating 0.5 liters of blood. Within 1-2 weeks your body won't be able to adjust or create enough RBC to make up for that loss.

>being a manlet