Grill holds eye contact

>grill holds eye contact

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>go get handjob from korean massage parlor
>the girl is looking into my eyes the whole time
>tries to kiss me on the cheek when jacking me off

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>girl smiles while talking to me
>get a chubby in my pants

She wants the sausage.

>grill sits opposite you on public transport

>any thought ever that enters my head after a workout in the shower

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>go to psychiatrist
>only person in waiting area
>qt girl comes in and sits next to me over the other possible 20 chairs
>don’t say a word and avoid eye contact

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>shopping for a dress with gf
>She doesn't know im taking her to Vegas
>Randomly see her cute friend
>Her bf left to Vegas without and took a gay dude (kek)
>They chat
>They hug each other bye after a few minutes
>I reach my hand out for a handshake
>Friend puts her hand out and gives me a strange look
>I grab her by the hand and hug her tight and slightly pick her up

She mirin hard

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>confident enough to maintain eye contact
>not confident enough to smile

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>when she spreads her eyes and mouth

Fuckkkkkkk bro, this hits way too close to home. How the fuck do I do it. This shit happens to me everyday in public transit

>crush looks me in the eyes
>her eyes are icy blue
>they pierce to my soul
>have to look away

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>separate room from squat rack, some benches etc
>girl comes in
>sit right in front of her
>look her in the eyes
>she holds eyescontact
>decide "fuck it, lets talk"
>open mouth
>shut it again
>keep sitting there

>look away too early and seem like an autist
>maintain eye contact for too long and seem like a creep
What's the ideal time?

you need to delet that pic right now sir

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>qt visibly wants me and is all over my arms and chest all night but I know I haven't had sex in 7 years because I'm a two-pump chump and I know no girl wants to have to deal with that shit so I say some autistic shit towards the end of the night and go home and never speak to her again
This has happened several times now. 7 years and counting, I truly don't believe I'll ever man up and be with a girl again.

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Just smile. You got the hard part done, you got eye contact. Are you gonna bitch out everytime a grill looks at you? No. Smile at that bitch like you smile at yourself in the mirror after months of dedicated work. The girl ain't a new pr, shes just a person. So fucking shoulders back, chest puffed out, and turn that fucking frown upside down user, cause I fucking believe in you.

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that's the one situation where all you have to do is say "hi, how are you?" and just let the conversation die after she responds "fine, thanks".

1. you don't look like you were doing everything in your power to avoid her, like the autstist you are
2. you were appropriately polite, and not too forward
3. yfw you realize this is how you gradually build up to being a normal socially adjusted person

bro tip: never be the first one to break eye contact. establish dominance by maintaining eye contact. don't over do it though, you don't to be creepy

>Going back home
>Red light
>Bus besides me
>Can see a qt redheaded
>Look at her for a few seconds
>Enough to imagine a complete life together
>She looks at my eyes with disdain, as if she knew what I was doing
>Look away
>Drive into the night

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I legit got an erection out of that, once.

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if you act completely disinterested you don't have to play these retarded games

that's cute

Fuark, I'm gonna do it

>Smile at a girl
>She smiles back

What did she mean by this?

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>>grill holds eye contact
when out in public i always look down at my feet if i make eye contact with a girl

holy shit I feel you bro. icy eyes never fail to make me look away in record time.

congrats on wasting 7 years of your life, every guys lasts on average less then 45 seconds

good post

This thread is why I love /fit

>smile at girl
>she smiles back

w-what now?

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>catch a girls eyes
>she smiles back
>look away because I'm an autist
>she goes back to whatever she was doing
>peek back at her every few seconds to gauge potential interest
hahaha kill me


>eye contact gains
I didn't know I needed this.

>Be me, couple days ago
>Still heartbroken after 4 years for some reason
>Haven't had a meaningful convo or physical contact with a female ever since
>Was feeling a bit better despite all that, passed all my exams + I had a day off work
>Taking the train home after school
>Waggon that I'm in is packed
>Cute girl is sitting in my line of view a couple of rows further down the cart, facing me
>Blonde, her hair in a ponytail, looking really smart and hot
>She's reading something, studying I assume
>I'm looking at my phone for a good podcast to listen to
>Find one, put headphones in, put my head back in the seat and relax
>Catch her looking at me
>She looks away instantly
>Shrug it off, she probably was just looking around
>Couple min later she catches me looking at her (Wasn't on purpose, just in thought, focused on the podcast)
>She smiles
>For the first time in a long time I act like a decent human being and smile back
>Have to get off the train
>Walk past her as I'm exiting
>Think about how we're never gonna see each other again
>Still a massive beta, so I don't say anything to her
>Get home and realise how fucking lonely I am
>Get drunk, cry and wonder why the fuck I still go on like this

At least my lifts are improving I guess

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> crushing on grill in class since beginning of semester
> tell some of the guys in my class so if I don't talk to her they'll all think I'm a pussy
> see her today
> have short conversation before exam begins
> finish before her, go out to hallway
> one of the guys I told is out there
> we get to talking
> girl leaves classroom
> I don't say anything as she walks by
> guy starts giving me mad shit
> fuckit.jpg
> catch up to girl
> start talking to her
> end up having a nice conversation and getting her number

feels good man

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>If someone you find attractive gives you Level 6 and you don’t talk to them, not only are you an idiot, but you probably have some serious anxiety going on.
T-thanks Veeky Forums.


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>be in club
>girl suddenly walks up to me and my friends
>sits down between me and friend
>cuddles up really close to me and looks at me
>most obvious thing i've ever seen
>panic and just ignore her
>look in the other direction for a minute until she leaves
>friends literally screaming at me afterwards

Years of being an ugly beta made me like this lads. I don't know what to do

It’s like he knows me personally

>don’t care cuz gay

I'm starting to see the benefits.
n-no homo

>tell some of the guys in my class so if I don't talk to her they'll all think I'm a pussy
Holy shit genius.

this faggot at the vet asked me out and I said yes because I want to see the look in his big beautiful eyes when I tell him I'm straight at the end of the night. he's going to be so bamboozled.

Bro I blow my load quick and chicks actually don’t mind as long as you can go again after a bit. Just make sure to mention you got off so quick because they are so hot or whatever.

Get yourself a flesh light or if u need it, specifically the stamina trainer.

Further to that, if your woth a girl you like and who likes you shell get over it and the more u have sex woth her the longer u will last.

>Hey user, have you ever had a gf before?

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i dont know, have you ever had a manicure before? or could you only afford the left hand?? i dont fuck with broke hoes lmao, your nails have to be done in order to be seen in public with me. *grab my stuff, turn 360 degrees and walk away*

great resource senpai

man i love you Veeky Forums

we may be autistic, we may have a lot of regrets but we are willing to struggle to improve, that is everything for me right now, that is the criterion of my life

there are people who have it easy and everything comes naturally to them and i used to envy them, i still do, but it's a lot more satisfying to make it by your strength and will alone

thank you

>Oh yeah when?
>w-when I was 15
>Well at least you're not a kissless handholdless virgin right
>h-haha yeah, right

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>know a girl likes me
>still no balls to say hi

pls help

this but unironically
also, of course she is eating a macaron lmao

you've defended your virginity well, my son. we are all proud of you.

B-boku no Ouji,Bejita-sama! A-arigatou gozaimasu!

Fuck you bitch. You know damn well I never had a gf and now you're just fucking with me, right? HAHAHAAHAHAH you're soooooooo funny. Hey cum rag, have you ever gone a day without fucking Tyrone and chads cock? Yeah I didn't think so you vapid whore. I hope you get aids and die from lung cancer you cuntbag cock sucker. Go back to Mexico shithead!

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no i-i-i'm g-g-gay (no homo)

jesus christ you're an autist

>girl at gym today fancies me
>our gazes meet a lot of times
>when i'm leaving she gives me a slight smile
>i smile back, but too autistic for anything else and just leave

Damn boys I mean, I;'m still in monk mode. Day 3 of nofap, I'm not ready for this shit.
How do you deal with the pain of this dry period where you have to make necessary improvements on yourself before dealing with girls? I'm really behind so something tells me it's gonna be a long period...

AAAAAHHHH This shit is so frustrating

I don't have the story about the brojob or the laughing and swallowing but I'm sure you can imagine my intent. I'm suggesting you prank him. Prank him all night long. It's just jokes, bro.

are you me?

yeah I have had this happen to me before

nowadays I wont even make eye contact with girls I dont know and not gonna speak to or go after them because its just pointless and leads to awkward situations.
I sneakily look once and then bury my face in the phone if I am someplace like on a train. If in a gym I just have the ability to look straight but not really see people, literally avoid eye contact as much as possible.

Ofcourse I make eye contact with people I know and talk to because its considered rude not to

It worked pretty well, I'm honestly a bit surprised. I may do it again in the future if this one doesn't go anywhere.

>N-no but if you want....y-y-you could be my first...hahaha......

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This. Every fucking time

>sitting in class
>look around
>catch girl's eye on the other side of the room
>every other time I look over there, she seems to be looking at me
>I hold the eye contact and smile
>she seems caught off guard and looks away
>rushes out of class when its over

wat did i do

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not with a disgusting brown-skin like you and I intend to keep it that way.

get on SSRIs, fuck for hours without busting

You committed rape.

but white people are gross tho

I smile but only because i'm holding back a laugh because i'm an autist. Try and think of something funny

>girl flirts with me constantly
>only realize it years later
>the bad kind of thicc, tho

you mean 180 degrees you fucking brainlet

>not moonwalking away

inb4 reverse reverse reverse baits

When girls ask this, they know or think you haven't had one right? Is it just a sneaky way of calling you ugly/unfuckable right?

The question usually comes after you make some awkward shit. So, yes

>not walking into her
fucking idiot.

Ah, the old Veeky Forums bait-a-roo

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it's a shit test, you answer jokingly and not make a big deal of it so she sees you are confident


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then why are you so offended one doesn't wanna be with you?

user you gotta take the risk
You're the only one can look out for you

Please as one manon to another take pride in your lift and just say fuck it, do you want to have coffee?

>Believe in you

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>be fatfuck
>be on bus
>dont stare at anyone because i know im gross
>stare at floor

Whenever i catch women staring at me a part of me dies, i legit get uncomfortable and want to leave, at this point even if i lose weight ill stll probably have perma autism

im a fucking autistic 20 y.o kissless virgin bitch imma break yo fucking neck, cunt

Similar stuff has happened to me too many times to count. Every time I regret it, but stuck in permanent autism which I can't seem to lift away.

I wanna kill myself

>Doesn't know the meme...

this hits too close to home


God speed user

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What kind of joke should you respond with?

even when they smile i feel like like there's no way they can be interested

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something like: none if you're not included

it's more important to say it nonchalantly and without flinching

i dunno, i'm a kv myself, but learning game and shit, so i haven;'t tried out this stuff myself, just know it as a principle

>qt 3.14 comes near me
>says hi and smiles
>give her a cold stare and walk away
What the fuck is my problem?

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>can't be myself outside of my immediate family
>automatically try to be someone else when talking to or even just around other people, especially women
>super conscious about every super minor thing i do or say
>didn't develop any social skills because of this shit, it's a vicious fucking circle

>get lonely, sad and depressed every time i see a cute girl

i should just end it already

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sometimes i act dismissive on purpose just so it stops, how did we let it get this bad user?!

This. I act cold and disinterested out of fear. It's a better social mask than stuttering and being autistic.

>comfortable with immediate family
>but don't really show emotion around them
>to the point they've actually told me sometimes they don't even know if I have emotions or something to that extent

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I've had some confident boosts from losing weight, but my brain is still fucked when it comes to girls. I've spent over my half my life being undesirable.