Day 42 of NoFap

>day 42 of NoFap
>eating out a roastie last night
>cum all over the place

Why didn't anybody tell me this would happen?

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>day 16 of NoFap
>taking a shit
>have prostate orgasm
>cum all over tha place

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>eating out a roastie
>not even once

Reached day 13
Non stop fapping been fapping 5 days straight.

I'm still on NoPorn day 18. It cleared my mind. Since I'm not watching a porn I can't stop looking at babes.

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i will fuck my autistic gf later.

sounds awesome desu

its fucking hilarious what not masterbating does to a man.

that was a big shit

>at publix, day 6 nofap
>cashier touches hand when giving back change
>drive home and cry into a warm towel



That sounds amazing

someone post that gandalf nofap pic I need it real quick

Meanwhile I cant cum unless im furiously pounding away while fantasizing about depraved shit

End me

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I feel you.
>flavor of the week is hypermuscle futas using traps as cocksocks

Put a band-aid on the skin near the head of your dick.
If you are one of those guys that faps without even thinking about it, this will help you remember you are not supposed to.
If you are struggling to not fap, this will give you an extra layer of protection against passing temptation.

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I did this once and wrote on the bandaid: "Do not touch!!". I would still end up fapping though.

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alright boys, docs keep telling me i've got anxiety, redpill me

do i wank once a week or do i just completely give up? will it clear my brainfog?

I find the idea nice where plant a seed or even a potato and watch it grow as does your streak. Will do that if I relapse.

I find it easier to completly give it up. Especially if you have a GF to release to pressure. Restricting to noporn once a week will stress your willpower to stick to it. I imagine it is easy to fall into bad habits again.

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>will it clear my brainfog?
It will almost definitely help. If not, who cares? Treat it like an experiment, do the 90 days. If nothing else you will have experienced it, and if it doesn't work for you, then that's that.

Day one porn addict reporting in

Wish me luck

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top kek


Plant the seed in your urethra for best results. Watch your seed feed your seed.