When did you realize a low bodyfat percentage is literally everything when it comes to aesthetics?

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But I want to be strong and not look lanky

When did you realize looking aesthetic is really fucking irrelevant

His BF isn't even that low, no striations.

now i know why bodybuilders are cutting
thanks, op

When I hit ottermode at around a year of serious lifting. Its crazy, I don't get told "hey, you're starting to look pretty good" I get told that I'm perfect, that I look like a Greek god, that I look amazing, that I'm ripped af, etc. I've just been eating at maintenance for over 6 months.

t. gymrats

In fairness to OP, what's important to appearance in bodybuilding is far from what's important to appearance in real life.

When I was 13.
Then later I realised that size is more important.

Being big is better

im with you on that one bois but can you post picture that defines your vision of "big"? Personally i think that size doesn't matter at all IF you surpass given body fat percentage. For example i would rather look like dyel brad pitt rather than looking like eddie "cunt" hall. It still would be faster to put size on a dyel body than cutting the fat off a fat fuck

>dyel brad pitt
How in the love of fuck was Brad a dyel here?

last year. I look 10x better low bf. It's crazy what it does to your face alone. Muscles look bigger and better too even when smaller.

(assuming you have muscles and aren't skele)

>When did you realize a low bodyfat percentage is literally everything when it comes to aesthetics?
Its both wrong and right in the same time. Low BF is the key to aesthetics but a good frame and proportions are actually more important. If you have bad genetics with terrible frame narrow shoulders wide hips etc etc and fucked up proportions , you are fucked up and low BF might even exaggerate these features. I've literally seen people that looked better fat , after shedding off their extra kgs and revealing a subhuman frame

I seriously hope you are just trolling. He is 100% dyel with barely visible abs. In case you are serious let me tell you that not everyone looks like utter dog shit skinnyfat beta cuck. If you have some sort of physical activity as a young man you will develop tiny bit of muscle mass and if you combine that with lower body fat you will look dyel like him. The problem is that most people here look so bad that they see this body as the end goal

The trick is to maintain 12-15% for most of the year, allowing you to lift heavy and make good gains, then when shirtless season comes around, you just diet for a month or two and bam, 10% greek god mode.

a long time ago.
note that it's not quite everything, you need to have at least normal adult male muscle mass and not be female-tier but that's really not much mass at all

looking good is everything if you're lifting for social reasons
being lean and having at least the minimal male muscle mass is the 80/20 mark for being Veeky Forums in health terms, 20% of the work for 80% of the health gainz

it's lean enough
women don't like the freaky veiny shit

exactly this

Post pic of yourself.
If you can’t do that then shut the fuck up

>lifting for social reasons

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t. frat bro split dyel

Easier said than done

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check your body dysmorphia pal

Why didn't he take the neck pill?

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There was nothing wrong with his body in that film. They were going for the strong yet lithe Greek hero who doesn't even need to lift look. Make him too big and then Ajax wouldn't look as impressive. What was he expected to do? Lift for 3 years for 1 movie?

i literally cannot believe how fucking pathetic you look if you think his body is muscular

show us your superior body then

If you are lifting for aesthetics low bf with some muscle is all you need
Its what girls enjoy and you look fit and athletic and not waste of air gymrat


When I started to lose weight, my stomach wouldn't get thin at all (never had abs in my life) due to having too much body fat.

Brad Pitt in Troy wasn't DYEL at all

I highly doubt you look better than him

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Post your greek god bod then, can't wait to fap to such amazing physique of yours.

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You're wrong. That looks pitifully weak (because it is).

You guys that think abzz will get you girls are retarded. Women hardly care about physique. They care about social status, and the way you get status from lifting is by gaining the instant respect from men that comes by looking like you can break their spine in half. That means being BIG and STRONG.

t. Joson bloho

And while a high status guy is pulling women, the low status studs, you know like that one guy who became a world famous model and has a tumblr devoted to women wanting him to rape them, are making their panties moist.

They want an attractive slightly scary man who's high value and makes them feel safe or protected in some way.

Day 1. And that's why I started with a cut. Plus I'm a fat bastard.

maybe a month, month and a half ago?
been on a 1500kcal cut since then and I've dropped like 20 pounds, can just start to see my adonis belt for the first time ever. feels good man

About the first of this year. Got my bench up to 270, squat 325. And I look like a fat lazy fuck. I'm fasting now and trying to stay on a keto diet. Going to try and drop below 200lbs body weight before I lift again. Calisthenics only. Carnivore diet once I start lifting again

Liar. I am real ottermode and people don't notice until you're shirtless or wear really tight shirts.

>Ohh user I didn't know you were so jacked!

The amount of attention I get at the swimhall versus out in public is just ridiculous. That's why you gotta live in a country with a warm climate, so you can run t-shirts all year around. I need a jacket 80% of the year, you sand niggers sure have something good after all.

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Girl fawn over my body, and I'm not big. But I've got good shoulders and low bodyfat.


>Women hardly care about physique

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More like that's why you're supposed to have a shirtless pic on tinder and let thots know.

It obviously depends on the body type and your face, but year unfortunately girls like ottermode. And the girls who like super bulky girls are almost never as attractive.

Im in grad school right now in a small program and easily the most jacked on campus. I dropped 2%BF December-January and all of a sudden people treated me like a different person. Guys and girls were squeezing me, complimenting me, one friend asked 'When did you get so jacked?' I even lost a bit of muscle in the process but it turns out that extra bodyfat made me look softer and bulkier. 12% is probably best. Im at 14 right now and not happy.

Hi Brad.

>being upset that someone on Veeky Forums called you a gym rat
Can't make this shit up

You've never been mired

Have you