Two months ago, hurt my quad doing squats

>two months ago, hurt my quad doing squats
>discomfort whenever i move in a certain way
>gradually gets better
>try doing 40kg squats today
>3rd or 4th rep, feel a snap in the same place as before
>immediately say "fuck!", track and leave
>no pain
>discomfort completely gone

What the fuck just happened?

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Please respond

Guess you had a two way ticket to snap city




Pick one

Train the other muscles in your legs/thighs/hips other than your fucking hams and glutes.

I don't see the relevance to my question

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Nothing happened you moron

Nibba I felt a literal snap in the exact same spot as the first time, and it now feels BETTER. How is that nothing?

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Muscle fibres can't snap like that you're probably just feeling muscles that have worked for the first time ever in your sedentary dyel life

just switch to deadlifts

Try not being a faggot and lifting wights instead

Are you people actually retarded? I was obviously lifting more than 40kg when the injury happened. Jesus Christ.

Your muscle fibres were twisted and the twinge you felt today is then unwinding again. Your good to go back to 180kg squat

fucking kek



you likely formed some scar tissue when you initially injured your quad, and tore it when squatting today. Most likely you will be fine, but give it a week to see if anything else happens.


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