How the fuck do you drink coffee without sugar?

Tried coffee without sugar the first time, literally had to throw away half of it. It was so bitter, my entire mouth is just bitter right now. How do you guys do it? I think I am gonna skip coffee if I can't have sugar.

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Global rule 2.

there's no point in drinking coffee. the "much needed" pick me up caffeine gives people is only needed because they're addicted. eat clean and get plenty of sleep and it's a completely redundant substance.

This might come as a shock to you but some people actually like the taste. I hated the caffeine crash I got from it so I switched to decaf and feel better than ever.


Currently working off of caffeine dependency, but I have a far better attention span and work ethic when caffeinated, even before I drank it regularly this was the case.

> Mfw trying to read science literature without caffeine

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>soyboy babby need his sweetness

Sugar-free sweetener, duh.

Buy better coffee, or stop being a fag

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This. I'm a fan of 8 o clock brand, pretty cheap and still tastes good black.

This, my house's fav is that Brasil one.

Can't drink any other brand, they just seem burnt or ruined compared to Brasil.


The bitterer the betterer when it comes to coffee u noob


Look for local roasters that do coffees with sweet notes from places like Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ethiopia

The black coffee pill is the hardest to swallow but once you do, you'll never go back.

Darker roasts not only taste better but help suppress appetite throughout the day so you're not snacking like I've been prone to doing since I've upped my intensity and frequency of workouts.

But if its so bitter, then why the hell should I even drink it? Just completely made my entire mouth bitter, probably my next meal is gonna taste bitter as well.

Little bit of coffee cream helps but it all comes down to taste ofc. Sugar in my coffee makes me gag

Coffee cream is sugar.

Acquired taste.

Just pour some milk in there. It cuts the bitterness and adds in a small amount of brotein.

Drink a light roast desu

It's tough but you might end up enjoying it if you stick with it a while. I gave up sugar in my coffee for Lent. I sip coffee all day long, and I love the combination of flavors, so it is always tough at the beginning. But, I end up liking it without sugar as well. I always put a little half and half or milk in there though, maybe next year I'll go full black coffee.

Put unsweetened almond or coconut milk in it

Don't listen to this coffee noob. Light roasts are superior. They keep the notes of the coffee so if it's a good bean it tastes better. Dark roasting just hides a shit quality bean.

Also brew your coffee manually if you can, pour over or French press, with proper ratios.

Are you waiting until it gets too cool to drink it? Black coffee needs to be drank hotter for it to taste good, when it gets lukewarm it gets really bitter.

Sugar ruins coffee completely. Go drink soda if you want sugar laden caffeine

Try a light roast. They have fruitier flavor and more caffeine.

I add a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee.
Anyone tried putting honey in it?

ween yourself off of it.

Don't let the coffee touch boiling water. Either stop the heat before the water is boiled or leave it to cool down first.

The water should be hot, but drinkable before being mixed with the coffee. Otherwise you will get a bitter taste.

This is untrue. Plus you're missing out the fact that coffee tastes great and has other health benefits.

You can always tell who drinks coffee because they are always tired.

>This is untrue.
It's essentially true. You are in a constant state of withdrawal as a caffeine user.

the darker the roast the healthier it is, also