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Let me hear about your one rep max, Veeky Forums.

This time nobody post the "eating chicken and lifting weights to be loved" meme.

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my 1 rep max

Your 1 rep max

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anybody has a screencap of thread that used this picture?

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here you go senpai

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>M O G G E D

huh, it's almost perfect 5 years from this post

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Anyone have that screencap from yesterday where OP shaved his legs and humps his thighs while making girly sounds? I don't think I was about to save it before they shut down the thread.

holy shit I don't but I want to see that.

I wish /sir/ drew every Veeky Forums story... (i know this one isn't him tho)

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Fuck the caught me off guard, actually laughed

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That's a good meme, fren.

holy shit this took me a moment.

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from my folder of favourites.

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anyone has the cap of the Farquaad guy?

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I got some classics here

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I busted a cap in yo mommas far quad

Here to help

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A personal favourite

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The one that started it all

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Can I eat afteroteins?

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I know all these and still I laugh everytime.

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>mixed grip and convulsing like he's having a fucking seizure for 1pl8

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I never tired of these.

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Whenever I see a video with a dog in a gym I'm afraid of that it will get under the plates, the bar get dropped or put down, and the dog gets hurt/killed

It's pretty much my only fear in life

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nigga I got a cat who fucking walks under my feet everytime I'm lifting. Those weights are ~41kg and ~70kg

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that cat is an asshole

Cats can fuck off

How many belly rubs per day?

No, she's a wonder. She just wants to play. She cries like hell everytime I leave the apartment (I can hear her through the doors). She's super cute and playful.

This is her, hiding from me (she's not super smart).

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You shouldn't rub cat's belly tho, they hate it. It's like rubbing a straight mans asshole without even knowing him.

Can you rub a straight man's asshole if you know him?

While giving him blowjob I would say yes. But not too much of that shit.

If they love and are calm they let you especially when you rub around the nips

Men or cats?


Veeky Forums shouldn't own cats

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They're obviously fucking around

very cute cat user

thanks dude

here you go my dude

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it baffles me how often people here do not understand slightest irony

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Scooby is ded?

No. user who wrote "he may be gone" meant that Scoobert no longer visits / posts to Veeky Forums.

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Accept it, scoobs hates us

It's like the people who take the manlet and 56% Face threads seriously. Veeky Forums is built on irony and some people have these weird blind spots.


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>sztangielka 70kg
co ty odpierdalasz z tym sztanglem? sumo przysiady?

Unfortunate pents of truth :(

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This needs a goodnight sweet price for rich piana

thats a cute pic, buddy

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Zdradziłą mnie Muszyna, hehe? Tak, zgadłe's.

Skąd pan jest
e's? Ja stolica, Bemowo.
Thanks again bro. I'm a fan of most animals, tho cats have special place in my heart. The one I have now (pics above) is the first super-friendly cat though, she's like a smol doggo.

I'm from upstate and this enrages me...

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How much weight is lmao 1dog?


>my lower back
>it has activated

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Autism is real.


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Thanks man

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can someone post the dark souls pic


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She does the same thing

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