Still not gaining weight on 2500 calories a day

>still not gaining weight on 2500 calories a day
i don't know what i'm doing wrong

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wanna change bodies? id love to be a skelly. atleast id look good in clothes, or even become a runway model


> expecting to gain weight on 2500kcal a day
Do you weight 125lbs ?


post diet so we can help

>inb4 2 big macs

I'm not losing weight on 1700 cals, been about 3 months now, on the other hand my waist line has been dropped (2 inches). I think the scales at my gym are fried.

6'0 62kg skeleton here

It took my body 3 months to gain 1kg
3 months later I gained 5kg no problem. + gym
I think you're body just needs to adapt.

Patience is key.

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>wants to weigh more than the average joe
>eats the minimum recommended intake for the average joe

You don't know what you're doing wrong?

>tfw cutting on 2800 kcals

Manlets, get off my board.

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I am 6'2, weigh like 160 - 170 lbs

>2500kcal is a lot
did you know the 2000 kcal a day recommanded on every food package you see is the bare minimum for a sedentary average maggot ?

Not him, but I'm in the same boat at 122lbs.
>bowl of cereal in the morning
>half a gallon of milk throughout the day
>4 scrambled eggs
>2 peanut butter and jelly sandwichs
>2 huge ass oats shakes
>some snacks if I'm hungry after that

Is this true? I thought I was doing good at 2200-2500. Pls no ruse

Post a day from your fitness tracker. IF you don't have one, gtfo because you are eating less than you think.

I started escaping skelly mode at 3400 kcals a day. 5'10 68 kg now, hoping to hit 70 kg in a month or two. Also good sleep habits made a huge difference for my appetite.

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>Pls no ruse
using pic related as a reference, with approximative calculation as 175cm/80kg i'm something something between 2600 and 2800 kcal per day to maintain.

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Do you not eat regular food? What are your shits like?

I'm currently 170cm and 73kg. What kind of maintainance do you think I should be eating, if you had some sort of crystal ball. I stand and move all day for my work and I work out 3 times a week.

Fucked metabolism. Eat more faggot

Yes, it's fucking true.

Use IIFYM calculator.

I'm sorry bro, I don't have the book in proximity so I can't get to the formula.
It's a formula with your age, weight, height, a multiplicator with your activity level etc.
you might try this calculator :

Same here. 5'8 and 123 lbs. I'm eating at 2500 cal but can't gain any weight. Lifts have stopped going up. Friend says I should dirty bulk at 3000...

literally maintenance tier for non lifters/women

u r an idiot

If you're 6'2 and wanting to gain weight it's recommended that you eat over 3000 calories a day

Im eating 3100 and not gaining weight. Get on my 6'2 level, fag.

If you're not gaining at 2500, then I wouldnt consider 3000 a 'dirty bulk.' That would just be a standard +500 TDEE bulk.

2500 calories a day is optimal for an average 5'10 sedentary adult man. You have to eat at a surplus to your TDEE if you want to gain weight you idiot, try 3000+

Hey OP, I'm your height and bulking as well. I try to get 4000 calories a day and I've put on over 50 pounds. I recommend you try to atleast get over 3000 calories if you want to see any serious results.

>Use IIFYM calculator.
>do this
>calculate with today
>choose "Aggressive" bulking
>2600 calories
>be 6'5, 141lbs

Yeah, no. I know for a fact this doesn't work.

keep adding 500 kcal until it's good, not that hard
you can't have precision calculation with something so general.

You must be grossly overestimating your activity levels.

Try using the weight you WANT to be. Not the weight you are.

A 6'5 man should not be 141lbs. You can't blame the calculator for not being accurate with extremes like that I guess.

I mean, I weigh 14lbs more than you at (definitely) under 10%bf and I'm literally 5'6

eat actual food you retard
where is the fucking meat?

You eat like a 12 year old left home alone all day for the very first time.

Eat some fucking meat. Jesus Christ.

Stop doing half gomad and replace that with actual meals. Red meat and pasta should do the trick... The rest are just snacks.

>Reached 75kg from 68kg in 2 months (i'm 6'0'')
>Not a single increase since February
This isn't normal

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Probably after you stood on them

I'm a skinny fuck and maintaining on 3200-3500kcal. Tough luck, just keep shoving food down your throat, eventually you will gain weight.

That's like my breakfast or a meal between actual meals

Then eat more you stupid nigger fuck

you're just not eating enough. Get back to me when you eat 3 meals a day, 4l of whole milk, 300g of honey, 50g of oil of your choice.

Going from 68 to 75kg at your height you now have a higher BMR, so you have to adjust (increase) your calorie intake again.

you are lying to yourself thats your problem

Why would I lie?

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well your TDEE is low when you are that thin so it will raise as you gain weight. Calculators aren't always 100% accurate, it verries a lot from calculator and person. If you aren't gaining weight at that number, increase the calories, it's pretty simple.

ur not eatin enuf

these are your options:
>misscalculating tdee
>misscalculating daily activity levels
>misscalculating calories consumed

check this.

12% body fat here

My caloric consumption when doing NO exercising is 2500kcal. I doubt you are eating enough to gain anything.

You're not eating enough.

Even if I flip that (current at 180, goal at 200), it's a measily 2700. Literally one pb&j sandwich difference. You all preach this bro science but at the end of the day, it makes no sense on paper.

What about calories burned from walking? I walked 8,007 steps (4.4mi) through the course of the day and burned 2298cal. Should I be adding another 2300 to my TDEE?

>burned 2298cal
kek, there's something wrong with your numbers

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p-pic please? (no homo)

Literally what Garmin tells me. I don't think it's too far off (

>Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mi) 120 149 178

WTF are you talking about? 2300 is way too much

After using Scooby's calculator in the sticky, it says I should be eating ~2500cal a day to gain muscle.
Am I using the calculator correctly?
For activity level I put sedentary and for goal I put gain muscle/lose fat.
I'm 6'1, 160lbs.

wtf, I'm 6'0" at 156 lbs and my maintenance for muscle gain at 3x week of workout is 3k per day atleast


so what am I doing wrong?

>be a 6’0 walking holocaust memorial
>eat 2500 a day
>go from 65 to 75
>stop gaining weight
>start eating at 3000
>start gaining weight again
weird how nature do that

I should also mention that I don't work out (yet)
pls no bully

Im the same height than you, i was on a 3,500 kcal diet, last month i only gained 400 gr, now i add 300 kcal more. You should eat more, 2,500 its almost maintence.

why would you want to gain weight without working out

I want to figure out how much I need to eat for when I do start going to the gym

Just stop putting it off and go to the gym. I'm 162 at 6'1'' and eat around 3500 callories a day.

I've asked this multiple times already with no answers, but will this diet make me gain weight if I combine it with SL5x5?

>150gr cottage cheese
>2 bananas
>50gr walnuts
>big tuna, ssalmon or chicken sandwich with veggies
>100gr buckwheat or rice
>200gr chicken
>broccoli or veggie mix
>2 scoops of mass gainer
>50gr walnuts

Calories: ~3000
Carbs: ~380g
Protein: ~175g
Fat: ~95g

Current weight: 74kg / 163lbs
Height: 1.84m / 6ft

eat more faggot

How much more? When do I stop?
I don't want to turn into a bloatlord.

I'm 6'1 / 175 / 12% and maintain at 3500 kcal / day. Step it up fampai

do you even lift? serious question.
lift and eat, you'll see if you BLOATMAXX or not. but 3.000 ~ 3500 for some time will give you good results.

>those arms
U wot mate

Eat more, it's not rocket science you simp

I've been lifting for a month now, seeing progress with my diet I posted.
Will adding 500 cals improve my lifts and gainz more?

you are clearly burning 2500 calories a day. Eat 3000.

You're eating the average maintenance caloric requirement for an adult male. Eat more.

2500kcal is not a lot.

Check your measurements. It's possible you are either fucking that up or the foods your are eating are misstating their nutritional facts, which is also totally possible. Add 250 more calories and keep going.

Nevermind, OP is a dumbshit who didn't bother to calculate his TDEE.

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I've weighed pretty much exactly 150lbs for 6+ years now. No change in diet or activity level has ever had any impact on it. In those 6 years I've had periods where I was still living with my parents and had a shit tier diet, years of living with my gf with a different, healthier diet and years of living alone with a pretty good diet, periods where I was lifting regularly, periods where I was mostly sedentary, etc. In those 6 years my max weight was 152lbs and my lowest 147lbs.

how much are you shitting? you could be shitting out most of those calories. Start doing intermittent fasting while bulking on 3k calories. See what happens.

> tfw have a meal
> holy shit thank fuck dont have to eat for another 4 hours
> watch few videos on jew tube
> glance at clock
> 4 hour already passed
> have to eat
> mfw

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Have a peanut butter sandwich right after every meal, wash it down with milk or a shake. Get those extra calories in before you are feeling too full from the meal.

Wish i was you brah, its the other way around for me.
>eat meal
>ok now i dont have to eat for 4 hours h-haha
>hungry again after 1 hour
Cutting is pain.

>being such a little bitch that you can't eat more

LMAO @ ur life, I ate 2500 calories for breakfast this morning, thanks IHOP

>Eating maintenance calories and excercising hard
>Not putting on weight

More calories my dude.

Pic related is my daily calories to put on .5kg a week

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Quick reminder that nobody actually likes the bloattard at the gym. We may respect your lifts, but we're all disgusted by your appearance.

>6’0 walking holocaust memorial

>Quick reminder that nobody actually likes the bloattard at the gym. We may respect your lifts, we we're all disgusted by your appearance.

That's harsh

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Literally eat more. I went from 110 to 170, you can do it too bro

the best way to gain weight if you cant regularly is to eat a lot of junk food, gaining weight is so much easier that loosing it, just eat until you reach your goal and then work on your body from there, worked for me when i was skinny af

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You guys metabolism must be so freaking high, eat like 8000 kcal

Fucking eat more. Jesus, who the fuck expects to gain on 2,500? OP, this shit has rustled my jimmies.

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just do go mad mate

was that so hard? Now I know roughly what I should eat

>guys I don't know what I'm doing wrong
>eats like a 12 years old

5 kg a month?

Man, I'm 6'2" and I weigh like 135.

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I eat this stuff cutting mang, get some meat son, beef is king

Just be happy your aren't 6'2 and 230. Being fat makes me want to die.

Then... eat more.

You might have parasites. I would go see a doc. That's not an healthy weight