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Do you have trouble fitting into jeans because of your leg size?

Does this happen to people besides fat Starting Strength artists, cyclists, and frauds?

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>cyclists, and frauds
Those mean the exact same thing

if you have trouble fitting into jeans and your squat 1rep max is below 4pl8, you should cut

there are stretchy jeans, I just forgot which ones

No, I am not a t-rex, I never skip a leg day, but its quality over quantity

(((Levi 541s)))

I'm glad you learned how to crosslink boards, new fag, but this is fitness related and the twinks over there will have no idea what I'm talking about outside of their 18" legs and super skinny girl jeans.

> Wearing jeans.
Are you a farmer? If so, cool, and thanks. If not, and yet you wear jeans, you're a fucking pleb.

Yeah, I only wear 15th mid-century Italian Pantaloon. These pleps have no taste and don't understand how to be fashionable.

I literally don't own a single pair of jeans because I'm not human garbage and don't work with my hands. That's what employees are for.

Weak bait.

Not with jeans but I am having to buy larger sizes bc my shoulders and chest have blown up, but in the waist and below the shirts look like pillow covers

How big is your chest? Do you still fit a medium t-shirt?

I train legs with high volume opposed to heavy weight. It yeilds much more for gainz for the legs.
Legs and triceps grow the most from high volume

Yeah, I just buy a size up then have the waist taken in an inch. There shouldn’t be much friction on your thighs when you lift your leg up


is that ass real

>t-rex since elementary school
>never did starting strength
>wanted to build upper body in proportion to legs
>still am t-rex
shopping for jeans sucks, especially in recent years when skinny jeans became all the rage.
I always tell the clerks that I need jeans with a lot of room in the thigh area.
usually I have to go through 4-5 pairs until I pick one thats waist is to loose and use a belt.
on the upside my gf loves my thunderthighs and ridicules all the guys with chicken legs at the gym.

>gf laughs at all the leglets while giving you t gains at the gym
Where do I sign up

And you have no reason to wear anything other than work clothes because you never go anywhere else because nobody likes yoh

Maybe if you actually did work you wouldn't need to go on an anonymous fitness board to try and learn how to stop being dyel

Do you know your thigh measurement? I think most of the pants not fitting cases are because they have large legs plus a higher body fat.

Steve Reeves for example, only had 26" thighs, 1.5" bigger than mine and I fit in almost any jean, including 511s.

I only do stuff for mobility with legs, got too much money invested in jeans to bulk them up

>buttons literally fly off from pants

I thought that only happened in comic books.

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Actually not bait. Jeans are for people who work with their hands.
This is true.
I literally make enough in a year to buy you.

>Measure my shirts to figure out what size I need to be to fill them out
>Need 16" arms unflexed to fill the sleeves of one of my tightest, size M shirts
Why bother?

Name of model in pic OP? She has unrealistically good waist.


I probably make a lot more than you and wear nice jeans over dress slacks whenever possible and spend most of my non-work hours in sweat pants because fuck everybody else.

t. Transportation co CEO

I've done that before as well but at least size small t-shirts no longer fit me. You can sew a dart in the sleeve and tailor it to your arm size but it really speaks to how fucked up the sizing is.

The average arm is 13" and medium shirts should be made to fit it without looking like your are wearing hand-me-down clothing.

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I'm a 177cm (5'10ish) manlet.
just measured 63.2cm (24 7/8") flexed. currently between 16 and 17% bf.
back in september when I had a bit over 21%bf I measured 65.7cm (25 7/8").
my comfy jeans are 504s W36L30 with a belt.

Is he thinking about grabbing his mom or sister by the pussy ?

Always. I played football in high school as a RB and have always had tree trunk legs. Like I'm uncomfortable on lap- based roller coasters because it crushes my quads.

I've been wearing Old Navy flex jeans lately. They're cheap, hold up well, and fit well due to the elastic-like material. Before these I was wearing a 38 waist to reach my leg size, now I'm in a 34 with some waist room still.

>wearing clothes

Why even bother lifting?

I used to wear more expensive pants, but I've been getting tapered pants with "Flex Technology" that you can find by Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Dockers, or some other brands. They look fashionable to normies, and I can squat full ROM in them if I need to pick something up.

Follow-up, my 8RM Squat is 315, and I weigh 155 lbs. So I'm not particularly strong. I'd imagine this advice will hold true even when I'm up to squatting 405. Currently working on getting 315x12 and just been sitting at this weight for a while.

Clearly bait, but there are real men like this in the world.
If you aren't able to put on some work jeans, strap on a toolbelt and get some real work done, you are not a real man. I don't care what profession you are a member of.

You must look like a plank wearing jeans over the top of dress pants

nigga do you understand how pant thighs scale with waist size? I’ve got something like 26.5” thights but my waist is around 31” (size 30) so nothing fits me. if I were a size 34 I’d be ok

Yes. Target sells athletic fit pants that are stretchy in the thighs. They're all I buy now


daw, bet you have a nice clean set of power tools too you cute little man. I bet they're all matching colors too and your wife/gf bought them during the Father's day sale.

You have a genetic deformity or something. I have an normal size small waist at 6'2, it gets below 30" at the navel and I still fit a size 33" without a belt. I don't see how you can be the inverse and need a pant size smaller than your waist.

Go try on some A.P.C Kanye jeans if you can find them.
Wide hip/thigh narrow leg.
Or better yet, buy some decent jeans you can fit and then get them tapered down to be somewhat fashionable

Good Lord Osis

are you retarded? pants have vanity sizing, the waist on a pair of size 30 pants is typically 32”.

Just buy athletic fit jeans.

Quit using nigga and retarded as insults, it's getting to be ironic.

Your actual waist size is not your hip size, which is known as pant waist size. My paint waist size is 33" and that fits a size 33. No vanity sizing there. My body building waist size is much smaller. You're saying that your true waist is bigger than your hips, which means you either are overweight or have some type of deformity. Which one is it?

Pro tip for people looking for t shirts: I'm lean 6'4" 190lb and most shirts are cut for fat asses, so you either get one that's too tight on the shoulders or fits like a dress halfway down. H&M slim fit (L) shirts, however, fit perfectly and are pretty cheap

Hey user, I haven't measured it, but it's mainly my shoulders. I have to wear XLs on dress shirts bc the Ls are too large now bc of shoulders and then the chest just on top of it.

OHP:145lbs x3 btw

Holy shit those are cheap, thanks for the tip user I was just looking for good cheap shirts.

Amanda Elise Lee

Apparently she is 32. Damn she looks good.

Thanks for the tip

6'4" 200 and all my shirts are either moo-moos or are way to tight on my shoulders, arms and chest. I'll check em out.

I thought the same thing. Fucking kek.

>nigga you retarded
I’m not saying that, I’m saying that the circumference of a pair of size 30 pants is 32” at the waist

Yes. I am 5'9" and 140lbs. I have been working out for years and people say I'm muscular. I have wide hips/iliac crest and short legs. My jeans are a 30-32" waist x 26-27" inseam. Finding pants that fit are hard and I often have to get them tailored(even jeans). What should I do? Should I just buy clothes made for fat kids?

In addition, I always had wide hips, even before lifting.

>tfw lost 25 pounds in the last three months
>tfw had to burn three extra holes into my belt
>progressing on squats, starting to build quads
>gonna need new pants soon probably

Th-thanks Veeky Forums.

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