Is this really possible natty in 60 days?

Is this really possible natty in 60 days?

Blaha claims he is a fake natty, but I want a second opinion before I consider buying his program.

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yeah definitely, don't listen to any salty dyels who are jealous just cause their routine and effort are shit

are you fucking stupid lmao?

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He looks 10 years older aha

I genuinely feel bad for people falling for shit like that

Just get on a program, go to the fucking gym and stop looking for an easy way out you fuck

>roiding for this

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dude said he eats steroids for breakfast so why the fuck you asking if he natty?

way too full while being low bodyfat. not natty

I've been lifting for the past month but I haven't gotten anything like the results Vitaly did. I just wanted to know if his 2 month program was legit or he was lying.

>That change in hairline


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>take steroids
>suddenly become fitness guru

im dying

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>couldn't get a boner on Bangbus
>decides to roid later in life

He mine as well just transition.

I thought I was ignorant about the fitness industry when I first started lifting, but you take it to a whole other level. This has to be a troll thread.

That’s literally 99.99% of the fitness industry

It's true, and it never stops being funny.

That's literally every single youtube/instagram online coach though.

>do a few cycles
>pose on instagram with supplements
>go to fitness expos and generally leech off of other peoples fame
>claim natty and open up "natural bodybuilding" coaching business
>trick even bigger dumbfucks into paying for "knowledge" that they could find online in less than an hour

The true sad part is that they never contribute anything of value, it's always rehashed garbage.

It makes me annoyed that people actually make 7 figure incomes doing exactly what you just said.

If they're selling something besides T-shirts of some shit, they aren't natty.

That's so fucking sad, literally all you need to do to shill shit is steroids, forget experience or education. How far we have fallen

>thruough out

>s-steroids arent m-magic guys
>w-we still train h-hard
>s-steroids arent even that good guys, it’s the hard work and d-dedication
>d-don’t be j-j-jealous

Steroid users should be fined at the very least, or even locked up in jail for false advertising.

>Doesnt matter if your program is suboptimal
>Sell your program to gym newbies

this is not even possible on steroids. Just because he said it was done in 60 days you dumb motherfuckers take it as truth? He also claimed natty but you don't believe him on that one. Hmmm i wonder how fucking retarded you fags are.

He admitted to roid use

>find a manlet who is a fan of your channel
>make him eat a surplus
>promise him results
>boost his ego
>put him on a bro split
>repeat reveal 2 months later
>show off noob gains
>sell meal plans for hundreds of dollars

It's genius. His entire target market is under 5'10


Does any Natty person have pec lines like that? Not talking about definition but the ripples

yes, they are muscle fibers

it's only a matter of body fat, i had them when i was still natty

he admitted to drugs.


vitality is on that juice no doubt

He did it before. Couple of years ago

There's no fitness industry, just one big con job.

>buying his program
>buying a program

what the actual fuck did I just read

Most fitness personalities are on gear.

underrated post

That's easily about 150g of juice and about 5 years apart my nig. Dont let blaha be your gauge for who is natty though.

Watching Bloho is the real sin.


It costs twice as much to get trained by a YouTube prank channel than an actual bodybuilder like Craig golias kek


vitaly openly snorting cocaine and other heavy party drugs, but then gets jacked in 60 days and says he natty. fucking kek

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>but I want a second opinion

Vitaly admitted it in one of his twitter videos. He "takes steroids for breakfast"
Aside from him admitting it if you really think get got that jacked in 60 days then you are impressively stupid.

this just shows it was all set up very quickly just to make a quick buck off dumbasses

Who's the monkey looking dyke?

That's my type. Actually, my type is Jew


Holy shit user. Hahahahaha

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Imagine being this buttblasted over what other people do

Natties when will they learn kek

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Nigga iz u blind?

>just you basic russian look
Forgot about that.


What does LIFTCONNect mean?

Laughed hard
Then remembered my portfolio
Then I started crying

One month isn't long enough to see results

He's on steroids, you mong.

>He claims his hairloss was for a movie

Yeah op def natty

>buying a """program""" from a learning disabled washed up epic russian memer youtuber who looks brendan fraiser levels of just'd and can't get an erection to save his life

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It's a Veeky Forums meme.
Basically Bitconnect was a ponzi scheme and a lot of idiots fell for it, including the guy in the video.


there's this manlet at my gym who was jacked as fuck obviously in gear. Didn't see him for a couple of months and last week he was there looking all otter mode. I totally get the appeal and considered it lots of time, but I don't know if I could deal with getting small again and cruising on that shit for the rest of my life doesn't sound like a good idea either.
also gf who has a roiding ex said he smelled like lysol

looks natty to me

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Isn't this the guy who was in a porn video and couldn't get it up?

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Is he LARPing as Brucie Kibbutz?

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Jesus, I remember that, what a nightmare. Why did they even use that part if he couldn't get it up? Did they hate him or something?

>2 month program

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>spends entire game trying to mog everyone, roids, not even big
>we learn in the DLC he has a manlet brother who is actually fucking jacked to the tits and constantly mogs his little bro
>also that time Niko mogged him

>Is this really possible natty in 60 days?
this looks more like 1 week progress
don't buy the program is lame

fuck lads I really hope that the macros get broken down

not in 60 days

They're called striations

Basically Veeky Forums does 1 month of ss and deadlifts lmao2pl8s and suddenly start slinging out advice like they're world tier powerlifters

Never pay for fitness advice

back to your containment thread MasTer

Do you have any proofs this is 60 days and not 160 days?

He was already like that, only that it was all under body fat.

He literally admitted to steroid use

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Its not even possible in a year naturally.

because he's claiming he did this naturally...

>used to bodybuild
>get fat off cycle
>be on cycle again

only saying cycle shit cause he went through the whole balding shit

>200 gbp
i bet this shit consists of some cookie cutter brosplit and a chicken, rice, broccoli diet. waste of money

Of course he's not natural you fucking retard. No one with that much money to throw around looking to build a business off fitness is going to stay the natural route. Beyond that, why the fuck would you want to buy a program off some fuckhead YouTuber instead of an accually accomplished bodybuilder/powerlifter or a strength coach? Why would you trust this retard's opinions when there are infinitely more credible sources out there giving programs away for free?

OP is a literal brainlet

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