Running hurts my lower back so much

Running hurts my lower back so much.
How the fuck do I stop it from hurting? I have flat feet and I have orthotics but it still hurts

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I've been doing these exercises to strengthen my lower back but it still hurts

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You probably have muscle imbalance. Stretch your hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes and quads regularly. If your glutes are super-tense, use a foam roller. Work your abs.

I seriously hope you guys don't do this

Stop doing crossfit, MUTHERFUCKER!

why do you practice running?
are you black, live in a bad hood, commit crimes and need to be able to run from police? cause thats the only functional application of that


This. And squats and deads

Just stop running I don't know a single person past 30 who was running regularly and doesn't have some problems now. Running is fucking destructive for you. Swimming is million times better form of cardio.

Well I'm going into the army so I'll be running on a daily basis.
Might as well get over this pain now then when I'm doing basic training

Serious question:
Are you in school ? are you carring heavy backbag on the regular basis ?

Found your problem senpai, you're running wrong and on cushions, so all the stress is going right to your back each time you strike. You aren't heel striking too, are you user?

Why are doctors such gains goblins, I went to an orthopedist for my back pain and he told me to not run or squat or deadlift, even though my spine and hips were perfect, after some months I said fuck it and started deadlift and after a few days the pain went away


No I try to land on the ball of my toes. If I run without my orthodontics then the pain is even worse.

Understandable, but I'd look into building up your foot strength. Even walking barefoot or in meme shoes will help strengthen your feet and restore your arches.

>have moderate scoliosis
>did legs this morning
>didn’t even do diddlies
>squat, single leg, calf raises, hip thrusts
>lumbar fucking HURTS
Did I book a ticket to snap city?

haven't run into that problem while running but I did with lifting. strengthening my abs worked wonders. I incorporated hanging leg raises for a few weeks and the pain disappeared.

bullshit. I'm old as fuck and have been running for years, no problems if you stretch properly and don't run on concrete/asphalt.

>Balls of feet

You got memed, do mid foot ish and then "puah" off with balls of feet. Also keep your feet under your body, this means smaller gait. If your feet lands Infront of you you're straining much more.


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Nigga how the fuck do you keep your legs under you when you run?
Youre strides will be like cm long

My Arch will never be restored :(

Only ppl 18yrs or younger can restore their Arch

stop running. do sprints. steady state cardio is old news.

32 - 30 BMI(muscle)

Almost all running problems stem from either form or frequency/intensity. Adjust your form and either run less or slower and you won't have problems.

>balls of feet
Every single, and I mean every single, hunter tribe runs hill to toe or middle foot

You are pushing your body forward as well lad

Run barefoot

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why do you practice lifting heavy objects and putting them back? not even op but shit argument

Strengthen your core knee grow
Side planks are great. Do them after every workout. Also deadlifts
t. Severely herniated a disc a while ago and had to spend months in PT basically learning to stand up straight and walk again