When you are slim

>When you are slim
girls like built guys

>when you are built
girls like slim "rapper lookin" dudes who vape

>when you are weird
girls like normal dudes

>when you are normal
girls like nerdy meme spitting autismos

>when you are doing calisthenics
girls like guys who squat

>when you are squatting
girls like ripped calisthenics dudes

>when you are funny
girls like stoic serious guys

>when you are stoic
girls like fun and chill guys

>when you are black
girls like white guys

>when you are white
girls like black guys

>when you are in relationship
girls like you

>when you are single
no girl likes you

>when you want a thot
only decent women around

>when you want a decent woman
only thots around

>when you are tall
you only see manlets with gf's

>when you are a manlet
only tall guys have gf's

>when you are masculine
only faggots in tight jeans and feminist glasses have gf's

>when you are gentle and shy
only masculine "wanna fight" dudes have gf's

Is there a way to even make it?

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It's because you're autistic. Women don't like autists


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i never saw a girl that didn't like a boy that didn't squat but the rest is kinda accurate

>girls like guys who squat

Confirmed for number one bullshit. Stopped reading here.

youll forgive me for passionate writing.

You can look like dude in pic, but if you squat you can punch above your weight with the girls.

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Yes there is, stop thinking the world is against you and OHP 1pl8lmao.

uninronically true

The only antidote is not to care user. Thats it.

The real common factor is that girls will fuck just about anyone, except me.

The girls in each of those lines of text are many different groups of girls.

hahahaha das it..

I don’t have any friends, never had, it I feel like I could be friends with the OP. He has some kind of high level autism that I can sense and relate to.

Be whoever you feel comfortable being, user. Don’t try to modify yourself to fit in.

I know you're just goofing OP but there are people on this board who actually think like this.

the weird thing is - the better I become, the less I stumble upon girls that are exactly my type and interested in me. While I was in college I was to shy and timid of girls, but there were several I autismo-ed away.

Now that I have some experience and am better in every way - those types of girls are rare as fuck and when i do meet them they dont give a fuck in every sense.


think again. I say it with a lol, but there is smth to it.

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You see what you're looking for. I didn't notice thicc girls until I started working out.

so Im looking for not being wanted by a woman type I like?

cool test

Almost like different girls like different things in a man

Maybe girls just don't like you?

>t. asslets
Girls love ass

You're either underage or a virgin. Women love powerful looking legs and glutes. Young girls that haven't been fucked by a strong man with big legs don't know what they like yet.

Kek dubs confirm. Stop being a negative fagit
Unless that was sposed to be ironica

>wow people of the opposite gender have their personal prefferences in guys and they're different. Holy fuck