Preworkout thread

what do you guys take?

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ur mom

My mindset.


You're mom, in her ass

I take something that honestly shouldn't be sold

i take wishful images of freedom over dreaded reality of fat zombies

sounds like what I'm looking for, link?

The GOAT whiteflood.
Clean energy and just makes me want to fucking murser my workout. Happy rest of the day too.

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if it wasnt for the ostarine I would so be down to give this a try, do you know of any other products with dmaa for a reasonable price?

you saved that picture twice dummy

can you really buy this otc?


It's the only place you can buy stuff like that anymore because the FDA banned the use of DMAA in supplements. But there is an agreement with stores with preworkout with DMAA, that they will not buy more. So places like One Stop Nutrition had a fuck ton ordered and still get to keep it

My inspiration to make sick gains

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finaflex for squat/dl day and psychotix for chest/ohp

I don't take preworkout but my first time dropping acid at my buddies house, when we first felt the giggly fucky part kick in about 45 minutes after taking our tabs, we got a sick pump in his garage and may I say, Lucy is a very, very sexy preworkout and she will bless you with Glorious bicep pumps! Too bad you gotta stop working out after half an hour cause things get really, really fucky by then and you just gotta go sit in a lawn chair and stair at the sun until you go blind.

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this is false
also dont fall for the dmaa meme taking a stimulant in order to workout means youre a fucking weakling.

only pre workout worth the money is dbol
pay 1-2$ for some unknown chemicals with minute effects on performance and serious effects on health or the same amount of money for a tried and true proven performance enhancer.
only low iq cuck dyels with the minds of children buy preworkout (hence the candy flavors and le epic xd names)