Female co-worker keeps making fun of my ass, saying I only do glute raises and never work out my upper body

Female co-worker keeps making fun of my ass, saying I only do glute raises and never work out my upper body.

Is she jealous of my male booty gains? she has no ass at all

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no, she's making fun of you

do you honestly think she would say the same shit to chad or any other attractive male? She would try her best not to spaghetti if you were actually attractive, not make fun of you. Good job on being the male equivalent of a butterface

consider switching from SS to another routine

Nailed it

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You are a pathetic, ugly, autistic virginal loser and no female would ever dare to be seen dead with you. You are also probably short and fat.

Idk im 5'11 and 167 lbs. So I wouldn't say it. that.

She's calling you gay.

She's teasing you. Girls tease guys they're into.

She wants your ass dude no joke. She wants to squeeze that thing while you're balls deep in her fish hole.

At least there is one non autistic answer.

I read this with 100% sincerity

Stop talking like that, please.

>fish hole
I am both heavily disgusted and slightly aroused

>not short
Lmao that made my day

>Female co-worker
>keeps making fun of my ass
she wants to eat you out. Females dont make ass jokes of their male coworkers if they dont want said ass


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roastie or effeminate faggot detected

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This. Just say "you jelly brah?" next time and moon her while you do a lil dance, shaking your hips side to side. You know what I'm talking about.

Not that amazing, OP

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Report her to HR for sexual harassment.


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She's is going out if her way to talk about your body and implying you have a nice ass. She want fuck. Even a half-ass attempt at flirting will seal this if you want it.

ask her if she wants to touch it

"Women have no agency."
t. feminist

in the world of getting bitches: the worst response is apathy aka being ignored.

Make lemonade.

>Female co-worker keeps making fun of my ass
report her to HR

What? I agreed that she should be reported to HR.
Pick related: It's you

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I think he's referring to the picture.