Trying to become a boulder so i can enter boulderville
Bodyweight 70kg
Squat 120kg
Deadlift 150kg
Bench 82.5kg

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*breathes in*

Pls help what do
Already hit back 4x a week

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That fucking tatt

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You can't lift any of that lol

Lose some weight
Nice arms and delts but your chest is lacking

So fat. Lose some bf %.

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Are my lats weird (do they end too early)? I feel like they only go 50% down my back and it ruind a v taper

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They're fine, stop comparing yourself to roiders

What would you know bro lol


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Smith machine doesn't count.

6' 180

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76kg 180 cm

It seems unlikely, post vid.

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When can grils post on CBT? Also Veeky Forums approved apparel? Are boys boxer briefs the non roastie choice?

181 cm
69 kg
They are fine, but you can work them more.
Lose some fat and work a little more on chest. Very good.

Recently started doing a lot more pullups to get wider. Currently bulking.

How's my back?

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goal body, same height as you too

Only 69 kg, wow I would've guessed 75 or so.

>Lose some fat and work a little more on chest.

Exactly what I was planning to do. Thanks for the feedback mate!


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1rm or for reps?

looking solid. your biceps and delts could use some love though.
if you don't do it already: add dumbbell rows after pullups, they're magnificent for lat pump.

If you are the boxer brief chick from yesterday's thread you still need to bulk

you don't lift that
hawt, work traps and get some sunlight on you familia you pale
yes pls
memes aside tho I'd say 8% or less
nice shoulder-to-waist ratio bruh, how mouch should I weigh to look like you? 190? More?
Didn't get any replies yesterday so ctrl+v
188cm 82kg fucking around with bodyweight trying to get big
pull up +16kg added
dip +25 or something iunno
i dont squat or diddly cuz snapcity but my leg press is like 4pl8
all are for 3x5-6

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damn, I thought my biceps and delts were ahead

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If you want to look like me anytime soon quit the bodyweight shit and start squatting and deadlifting.

nah fella i enjoy walking

>these are the fags offering advice and criticism on Veeky Forums

squat & deadlift with proper strict form and you'll be walking when you're an old man

>I read the sticky once so I now have a PhD in medicine
not if you ALREADY have several herniated disks from other sports you literal retard why are you offering advice on a subject you obviously don't know shit about

yeah nvm actually, your delts and ceps is fine

How long lifting?

>free weight training isn't used as rehab for disc herniation

Ironically if you had strengthened up your back/core/etc initially you more than likely wouldn't even be dealing with herniated discs. Anyway, best of luck with your fitness journey. Regardless of the cause or how you're dealing with it, herniated discs blow, so good luck in getting past that obstacle.

I've talked to enough orthopedists neurologists and PTs to know that
Yes, free weight training is used and I do that
Deadlifting lmao3pl8 isn't
>if you had strengthened up your back/core/etc initially
I'm genetically fucked dude got it from my dad. My earliest back trauma is from when I was 11 or 12 playing on the school's basketball team when I was clueless bout all that shit, then I started lifting somewhere around 15-16 with strengthening my back in mind but I went retard on the weights and made it worse so now I don't do anything more than 1pl8 for lower body that's not a machine.

they actually insert pretty low, they're just undeveloped at the bottom

do you do pendlays?

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My back is rly asymetrical for some reason

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By inserting low do you mean they go down lower than they normally do?
Nah I do bent over barbell rows, I've been trying to target the lower part but I don't know how. I've been told V-grip lat pulldowns will help.

poor flexing
mirin nevertheless


its the first time i flexed my back on cam :(

post vid or it didn't happen

Little over 2 years of lifting natural, bodybuilding and kpop dancing ;P

Checkout my YT, Blue Leo

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How about lowering your pants and fully taking off the shirt you insecure faggot.

I’m 5’6, around 130 pounds, yeah I know I’m tiny lol

I’m trying to bulk up some

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Sup chink. To get to boulder city you need to be at least 91kg (200lbs). Eat more and add OHP to your routine, your shoulders are lagging. Also I don't believe your DL and Squat stats, or your fake TBs either ;)
My stats:
Squat 160kg x5
Bench 120kg x5
Deadlift 175kg x5
OHP 80kg x5

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this is b8 right

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how do I stop being Auschwitz more?

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