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Hello fellow skellies. I started lifting a year ago and the first few months i would make /skelly general/ threads pretty often, but then tapered off.

Are any of you still here? Have you made gains this year? Remember that slow progress is still progress.

Or maybe you're a new skelly? Feel free to ask for help and tips, or just vent.

Current body pics and progress pics are encouraged!

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2 month skelli checking in

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anyone here actually make progress?

OP here, i've gained ~13kg this year, of which is probably like 70%/30% muscle and fat

only a little bit

Skelly here
Went from 140 to 150 in a year

I'm not gonna make it my joints are dying they pop and snap more and more. It was a good run and I look alright...

Skelly here. About 6 months of trying to get fit and I've gone from 125 to 150. My joints still pop when I do pushups and other shoulder stuff, why is this? Pls help skelly bros.

7 lbs up since the new year

My shoulders are pretty fucked too :( 125 to 150 is pretty good though, any pics?

My first year of lifting

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Skelly here, in the course of a year I went from 117lb to 170lb. You skellies can do it too!

A lot stronger and my posture is much better. Still haven't managed to get over 70kg at 184cm though / 155lbs / 6'0

>finally benching 1pl8 for reps without spotter

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keep going mate, looking good

Gz man!

you look bigger at 6 month than at 1 year

Yes, probably rounded shoulders / internal rotation, look it up, fix it

1 year pic is cut+no pump so that's not impossible

Thanks man!

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Yooooo skiellingtone general is that bombbbb

Went from 160 to 190 back to 160 in the past year. Now I'm back at 170 6'1 btw

Thank you fren

>vegan and vegetarian alliance.jpg

I never took a "before" picture, so unfortunately no :(


is me. I meant "this year" as in the last 12 months

Did you lose weight because of cut or just bad dieting?

>former skelly
>recently hit 1pl8 OHP, 3pl8 Squat
>Feel like I made it out of skellymode

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How long have you been working out?

How long have you been gay?

was on and off for a while but for sure more than 1yr

Went from 165 to 180 but now I'm stuck how tf do I bulk

find out how many meals works for you then eat until you are absolutely stuffed every meal then drink your whole milk(I did 4 meals and 1L milk after lunch/dinner/last meal of day

me a few weeks ago
i was 130 a year ago, now 155

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just started taking protein. I'm having massive shits lately, that's normal right?

Went from 135->148 lbs
I’m 6’1, doing PPL
New Stats:
Bench: 155x4
Front Squat: 155x10
DL: 315x3

pic related is goal body.

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dear god no, see a doctor asap

We need pics to know for sure

I drink about a liter of milk everyday but i've been getting pretty bad acne. I want to try cutting out dairy but I cant figure out what to replace it with to get the calories. Any suggestions?

Soymilk if you want to brave the memes. Try Greek yoghurt apparently fermented diary is less inflammatory. Eiyher that or just buy large packets of nuts and trail mix to chow down.

I eat peanut butter out of the tub, 100g is well over 500 calories

Peanutbutter baby.

It's all a mindset

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Nope. I lift hard and feel I target the muscles intended to be used by each lift well, I'm eating in a caloric surplus and getting more than enough protein but I'm just slowly gaining fat. I haven't gotten measurably stronger in the 4 months since I started a lean bulk and I haven't gained much if any muscle.

I'm still lifting the same weight as I was over a year ago when I had been lifting for 6 months. I'm trying hard not to feel beat by it but I don't know what else I can do. I'm going to see if I can get a blood test or something done to determine whether there's a medical reason I can't gain or maintain muscle.

That's a seriously impressive DL, bro. I'm the same height and weight as you and I do 240 for 4. Keep doing what you're doing.

That's really nice progress, keep going!

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if what you're saying is true, go get your testosterone levels checked.

Just roid away

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Thanks man!

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Was skeleton king when I started. I have a narrow frame (really long, slender limbs and short torso; all my height is in my legs. Narrow bone diameter overall; 6 inch wrists)

Before working out: 5'10", 108lbs
At my heaviest: 142lbs
I looked just a teensy bit chub so I cut down to 132lbs, then started lifting harder.
Right now I'm 137lbs and lifting the most I ever have, and look pretty great or at least that's what people tell me.
They're always surprised to learn my weight, they usually estimate me at at least ~150.

Is it a long-limbs narrow-bone-diameter thing where bench pressing is extremely hard and deadlifting is easy?

Seriously my bench is plateauing at fucking 115lbs but I crossed 2pl8 deadlift quickly and it keeps going up.

What other exercises are easier or harder for us?

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>roiding for this
what more could be expected from a shitskin

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Literally my wrist.

I'll take all the advice I can get on esating more because that's what I struggle with the most.

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Literally everyday i eat a 175g bag of nuts(Cashew or peanuts usually) and a liter of chocolate milk. Just snack on them between meals. They both add up to around 1700(!!!) extra cals each day.

Progress? Yes. Is it in the right direction? Sort of.

I started working out two months ago but had to take a small break because huge family problems. Started back up ~2 weeks ago and by god, I've gained 6-7 lbs and at least 5 are definitely fat

For perspective, I'm 6'0 and was 105 the day before working out and actually eating food.

If you saw meat on me, it was either A. Skin or B. Fat, typically the latter. Even in such a short time, the changes were amazing. I could literally see every small muscle change on my chest, shoulders, and arms because their was so little their that I could actually see growth

I gained 25lbs in the first few months of working out, then I got a shit job followed by getting sick that wrecked most of my progress and lost like 13lbs of the 25 I first gained

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ex-skelly. I stopped lifting for several years and regret it. I'm now in chub mode, learning to cook and eating out really let me gain weight but now I'm trying to lose weight and get back into lifting again. Currently 200 lb at 6 ft. Bless you skelly years, for they are hard to return to.

>be 6'0" 79kg
>quit lifting and eating regularly for three months 'cause work
>started lifting and eating regularly in december at 67kg
>reached 74 kg in february
>haven't gain nothing since
Maybe it's time to change my schedule?
Also expecially late night i go extremely hungry, sometimes i eat something just for it, but other times
when i'm out sleepint it's impossible to get something

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Brand new Skelly, been at it for two weeks.Working out is great and I'm enjoying the gym but eating enough calories is killing me. How the fuck do you guys do it? I'm splitting it up over 6 meals a day and I still feel too full all the time. I've vomited twice at the gym due to feeling so bloated. I'm sure I'll get used to it and it'll get easier but is there anything I can do now to make things easier?

Between dinner and launch i eat before the gym a banana and after it a toast of peanut butter and banana slice, and literally gallons of milk. But maybe you should avoid the last

This was me about 3 months ago,I started 14 months ago quite very skinny, similar to but a bit thinner

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And this one is me last month

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A liter of chocolate milk, great at least 350 calories accounted to sugar, don't forget m8 its a common trick for "mass gainers" and shit to add a tone of sugar to bulk the calorie count, you're fucking yourself over with that litre of chocolate milk bacause 3000 calories of sugar give you nothing but diahreea

6'3", went from 188 to 159 in a couple of months due to depression.
Last summer, started stronglifts from the empty bar - the first time i benched the bar alone was challenging, with lots of cardio and eating 3400kcal. Got injured a couple of times. A few weeks later changed to reddit's gzcl program. Ended up with love handles at 185 and 110/140/215/300 a month ago.
Now, I'm cutting with some cardio, dropped 10 pounds, lifts stalling, i can see my ribs again but still have lower back fat. The struggle is real.