Any of you did buy this pull up bar (it's the cheaper one from aliexpress)?

Any of you did buy this pull up bar (it's the cheaper one from aliexpress)?

I don't know how to mount it in a wall, the instructions don't explain anything and don't even get me started on the screws.

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Didn't buy it, but it looks pretty simple to mount.
Post a pic of screws and stuff so I can confirm my method pls.

>place bar against where you want it
>mark the holes on the mounts on the wall with a a pencil
>drill holes at locations
>hammer in/screw in anchor (depends on type of anchor)
>hold bar against the wall so the holes match up and screw in

just screw it into the drywall

here you go, thanks for your help

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Do you have another set of screw/nut/washer? Mine had 5.

Wouldn't anchors not be strong enough for a body?

On pull ups you can't get full range cause of the bars

8 drywall screws is more than enough

I have 8 of these, 2 for uniting the crossbar (it's in 2 pieces and 2 for mounting the crossbar into the wall bars.

Drywall isn't that strong tho. You can punch holes in it pretty easily.

There's different types of strength, you can probably shatter a diamond with a rock but you can still cut anything with a diamond.
I've wall mounted my heavy TVs over the years with maybe 4 screws and anchors and none of them have fallen.

I think those hollow metal cylinders are anchors, do the screws "screw" into them or do they freely pass through?

Yeah, if you just punch one spot. Try punching 8 spots at once. 8 screws will hold.

A body is wayyyyy heavier than a TV, has much less angular forces than the pull-up bar would, and doing pull-ups will create additional tugging forces.

Trust me I'm an engineer. This is bad news.

This fucking thread, how does a grown man not know how to do this shit, did your fathers not teach you?

You're probably smarter than me, would drilling into the studs not work?

they freely pass through, I suppose the system the chink intended is to put them in reverse (that is, head first), and then fix the wallbars with the nut.

Do the studs and you're good. If the mounting brackets are 16" apart you should be able to get the studs on both brackets. Otherwise you need to make your own mounting beams attached to studs.

Or just get one of those door frame bars.

let me go into further detail, the system, I think, is that the screw goues heads first into the wall, and then with the nut i fix the wallbars, making the metalic anchor (or whatever is this cylinder called) bend those divisions it has in the end.

I must say that except for the head, the

I don't know the material, but the wall is 15cm thick, it's the outside of the building in the terrace.

forgot pic

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>I must say that except for the head, the
rest of the screw is much thinner than the cylinder, as you can see in the picture

>Trust me I'm an engineer

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>I don't know the material, but the wall is 15cm thick, it's the outside of the building in the terrace.
It's probably not drywall at all in that case.

You might be right, I only have limited DIY experience so I'm not too sure.
What doesn't make sense to me is why the screw head goes into the wall. I feel like it might shatter when you hammer it in if it's not strong enough.

Use a level please. You can put in one screw first, then fet it level then mark it, then put the rest in
Dont do this
If you do use doobles

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Big difference between a static load like a tv and a fat faggot like op bouncing around on a pull up bar.
You might get away with it, but i would at least find a stud (hurr)

if its and outside wall, its probably not drywall, if its bricks or cement you're good to go
i made a pullup station with couple pieces of wood and a steel bar when i lived in a house

Itt op pulls his pull up bar off the wall and goes to the hospital

Dont put in just drywall. See how far out tye handles are? There will be a tremendous amount of force pulling those top screws out. Its a lever.
Its exactly the same action as using a hammer to pull out a nail.


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Those bolts are expansion bolts. You drill a hole, put them in, and when you tighten they expand so you cant pull them out.

Jesus Christ i thought everyone on fit was an engineer with a qt3.14159 making 300k
Im just a machinist who failed out out engineering school.

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yeah, I do now how they work, (look here but them being from aliexpress and not having seen this system ever, I was wary. I was expecting something like this

looks less secure than even a door mounted one