You have 24 strength right user?

you have 24 strength right user?

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No, my Barbarian is only level 6 right now.

10 dex, dont tell anyone you leveled that up faggot

1st ed 24 strength, 2nd ed 24 strength or 3rd ed 24 strength?

how many plates is 24 strength?

Only Barbarian masterclass can exceed natty limit
>Bear totem lifestyle


I put everything in luck. It hasn’t worked out.

This thread just made me think of how cool it would be if someone could create a stats system based on our lifts. Like a 3pl8 squat would be 15 strength or something like that.

And by lifting heavier and training harder you can level up.

You can push lift or drag 30x your strength score in 5e... so 720 lbs equates to about 7.5 pl8

i can dumbbell press 75kg and i use a rusty iron axe like on fallout

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22 Charisma here.
Just be yourself, bro.

>not bloatmax 58 strength

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knives are for low level bandits high level thieves use computer hacking and steal bugcoins

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By the same metric
1pl8 Str 5
2pl8 Str 8
3pl8 Str 11
4pl8 Str 14

the true alpha takes out his dick in a fight and swings it on the zombie whore crowd

only autists use melee weapons cause nobody trusts them with guns

>not having 20 dex, 22 faith, 20 int

Btfo slowtards

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10-11 is supposed to be average characteristic. What the fuck is 5th edition doing with its maths?

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what weapon?
50 Dex here

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>dex class

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>not having 50 strength 30 dex 30stam and leaving everything else unleveld

>0.45mm bulletproof
>critical strikes with any melee weapons

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Uchigatana breh, 20 dex makes it OP


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>Katana fag

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Is no armor to intimidate enemy's with your body and heavy weapon the ultimate alpha combo? i will charge a bunch of bandits with my warhammer one day.

>low level street warrior class

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50 strength for the super cool Fume Ultragreatsword.

Seriously, we need some autism from here or Veeky Forums to make an equation that compares weapon stats requirements, weight and translate it into plates to see what weapons we could wield.

stay in school kids

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>low level heavy armor

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>low level ranger

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prison weapons...

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pussy slayer

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In Pathfinder 3pl8 DL is about 13-14 Str
4pl8 is 15str

They do have a stat board for that
it's full of faggots
It was talked about on Veeky Forums during like 2008

>Motorcycle armor
>Low level
Nibba wat that shit can withstand going from 300 to 0 and still keep your spine in one piece

Average characteristics for adventurers. Modern, regular people are weak as fuck on average.

i have two of them what happens if i wear both at once

>not speccing summoning and raising a legion of dyel skellys to fight for you

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