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What's your spring goal?

What do you listen to while running?

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So I fucked up guys. I work as a security guard so I figured I'd juat do my runs on my patrol (I work graves so no one is supposed to be around) so I ran for about a month and a half on concrete in boots. After a couple weeks i had a nagging pain in my foot i just toughed through it but about a week or 2 ago i had a sharp pain and now my foot is swollen and purple. How do I recover the fastest?

Tl;dr how to heal stress fracture ASAP

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20km in 1h30 (first time)

Trying to get a 20min 5k
Mostly nerdy adventure music like March of the Varangian Guard and The Wheel of Time.

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Anyone else run without music? I’m not sure if I just can’t stand having headphones in while I run, or I like being able to hear what’s going on around me. But I just can’t run with music at all

I'm the opposite, I hate running without music

I haven't run for a while. But I world listen to the extended version of This Corrosion by Sisters of Mercy. I think it has a great tempo for running. I would basically run till the song ends and try to cover more ground each time.


Can you use the elliptical machine at this point, or is it too painful? And see a fucking doc, brah.

>What's your spring goal?
Running 10 k in under 45:00

>What do you listen to while running?
It may be super autistic but the old Need For Speed Soundtracks get me hyped everytime.

Gonna ask the following: I hurt my achilles tendon two weeks back and after taking a week off, everything seemed fine. Today, I've been running 10 k and the pain's back and it hurts more than ever. How long should I take a break/cut down on running?

Also, what would be the running equivalent of 1/2/3/4 in running?

Yeah I never run with anything in my ears. Live and run in the big city too. Maybe I’d be more comfortable with music if I ran in the countryside, but I don’t feel like I need music to do it.

Nice goal, why not go for a half marathon?

Huge milestone if you do it.

I never run with music, but podcast all the time help to pass the time on easy runs. Never for a workout though.

Great milestone as well. Get those tempo workouts for that.
No idea for the injury.
For 1/2/3/4 I'm thinking something around

I've been doing low impact calisthenics for cardio. I cant really do the elliptical now... Putting weight on it hurts. Doc just told me to stay off it and gave me sodium naproxin then charged me up the ass. American healthcare sucks.

>sodium naproxen

That's an NSAID, user. That shit will kill your gains. Use acetaminophen and if accessible, the Lord's herb. Good luck.

I just want to not have shin splints anymore

Ran my first 8k without training in 58 minutes. After that I decided to start the hal higdon half marathon prep. My goal is to just be able to run it in a decent time and not be last place.

Doing C25K. I'm a fat and lazy bastard

Achilles tendonitis whenever I run, then I have to swim or do something else for a week until it recovers.

Pls halp lads

HM in two weeks time as preparation for my first Ultra beginning of May.
No Music, just running through the woods listening to nature.

Same, though I haven't tried in a long time.
I don't miss having music around when I run, and I like to hear what's around me.

Did you try different running shoes? Running on a different surface?
Also, try strength training and stretching for your calve muscles. Take a longer break, start again very slowly and carefully.

Running. Running longer. Up to 40 miles a week ATM.

Did some treadmill today, 10k in something like 43 minutes. Weirded out by that. Mind you, I was out Monday and nailed 10k in 47m 24s which is best I've done in a while.


>different running shoes
Great advice user, mine are starting to show signs of wear and tear.

>running on a different surface
Running on sidewalk, after taking some time off I tried the dreadmill on slower speed. Symptoms came back but I'll give a 400m track a go.


I’m a total noob to running all I know is I need 1 mile under 6:30

I want to leave obesity before July 4th!

Nothing wrong with that, we all have to start somewhere. I am on the last couple weeks, don't worry about w5d3 you have it in you even if you don't know it.

I'm 6'6 250 and I want to lose a shit ton of weight. What do I do after C25k if I want to keep running faster and longer distances? I'm starting to exercise for the first time in my life and my goal is just to burn as many calories as possible

thank you for your support. I tried doing it in the autumn, but I don't have money for gym, so it became too cold to run, and i also got easily angered while i was doing it. I don't know why

Just run more and at varying speeds/distances.
If your main goal is losing weight remember more muscle = more energy used, so lifting isnt always bad

I am too much of a wimp to go running outside on a route I planned because there are a lot of cars and people walking around. Besides manning up and going for a run anyways, is running at 5 am when it's nice and dark and most are still asleep the best option? I think it is, I just have to find the discipline to go to sleep early.

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I wish I didn't have big floppy titties (man). I fucking hate the way they flop around hwen I run. Legit considering getting a super-tight sports bra.

If there are a lot of people and cars then it might not be a good idea even disregarding your social anxiety because you would constantly have to stop for cars and weave around walkers.

Well it's not a huge city so it isn't a constant flow o' cars and people passed 6PM, and I live in a residential area so not many places people need to go unless they want to drink at a croatian bar or buy antiques. so usually passed 11 PM to 7 AM its quite serene.

dont ever ignore pain in your feet, tough guy, they're not a muscle