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before even thinking about asking your absolutely retarded questions. Also, include:
>time spent lifting

Even as internet doctors we can't tell you how to dose your AI.

Oral only cycles are awesome and you're awesome for considering them.


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Are ab vacuums a meme?

Thoghts on test 500 + sdrol?

No that was the previous thread.

Used to do it and it didn't do much.
If you want to train your transverse just do standing ab wheel rollouts.
Read somewhere it was pretty useless unless you were training for a bb contest.

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I think so, I've been using a Dyson Cyclone V10 on my abs lately and I haven't gotten any results. It does get the crumbs out of my stomach hair though so that's nice.


if i use steroids will i get someone to love me? serious question

I haven't :(

i'm sorry man

Question to all DYEL tripfags.Why do you really feel the need to trip?

wtf why should i roid if this doesn't work?

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Because Veeky Forums cares about who they are.

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Best way to strictly get a girl's number between sets?

Mostly to help people keep up with my shitposts and also so I don't have to explain the entire story of my bnc everytime I need advice. I don't understand why people dislike trips so much, just ignore the ones you don't like.

I like to keep certain conversations going and give out advice.
Used to be just a name to make things easier and to filter me in case of shit advice.
Got copied a few times so added a tripcode.


Only thing being on gear helps you with is hooking up. You look good and have a crazy libido, but gear isn’t going to build a personality. If you want something long term, go join a book club; there’s nothing but loneliness and body dysmorphia to be found here.

Yeah but maybe if I look good enough then someone will love me.

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I need to get myself a bear like that

I will love you if you use steroids user. I love all of my children.

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I used to have a ebar like that until one of my dogs fucked a hole in the ass. He was a good boy but man did he need to get fixed.

that sucks. after knowing what love is i'm willing to do anything to get it.

not yet, i'm still researching safe first cycles.

What THE Fff?!?!where r his ribs

What's the rough efficiency of pharma Vs ugl? Like mg to mg?

Varies from lab to lab, what a retarded question.

There are UGLs with pharma tier concentration, but good luck finding them.

>tfw on week 5 of basic Test-E cycle
>tfw roiding-for-this mode
>tfw my chest just looks better but arms are still small
>tfw weight gone up regardless
>tfw don't look more muscular or bloated
what am I doing wrong

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>Week 5

If you find a reputable ugl it should be 1:1

why don't you post some before / after pics nigger

nah nigga I started after only half a year of lifting. I don't want those kind's of (you)'s

What's the deal with deca dick? Is it only when you don't run cruise test and get shut down?

Good test base.
Good oral for gains.

My scale that I use to weight out my preworkout got miscalibrated somehow. Gonna be bouncing off the walls breh.

The raw powder tastes really good too it’s watermelon and tastes like the watermelon jolly rancher

Hey man I'm pretty DYEL too but am looking to roid as well. Would really appreciate pics I promise I won't make fun of you

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so It's easier for me to bully them by name

No only if you look good, otherwise nobody will give a shit about you. It's the same with animals. Do you want an ugly dyel animal? NO. Look at the animal shelter all ugly dyel animals stay behind. Survival of the fittest

You have to love yourself, that's more important than being loved.

Just don't use it

I forget, what all are you running right now?

40mg dbol
800mg test-e
350 mg mast-e

thinking about upping to 1 gram test-e for once in my life and leave dyel mode behind

Do it. Entertain us.

I don't want masT to die, even though he always makes fun of me it would make me very sad ;-;

Yo we need roiders for the Veeky Forums meet
January 2019 thailand.
We don't want the other boards to mock us if we look dyel

>Veeky Forums meet
the fuck is even gonna happen there

'i got aids from a ladyboy' PT. 2

I need first more test, since i only have 3 vials left

what is most you have run?

Your life would have no meaning without me

I'd be more worried for the pajeets around him.

This is the wrong place to look for big people.

I've ran 750mg max, I convert horribly so I prefer running less converting compounds alongside.

I will make my inspiration masT proud one day. Is it stupid to jump on gear without even lifting for a year? Srs

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I'd say it's subjective. Most people will tell you you need to lift for a few years before hopping on but a lot of other will say natty lifting is retarded and to hop on as soon as possible.

I have no strong opinions either way, and even if I did would you take my advice? I wouldn't

I would go to this but I don't think that being seen at a gathering of anime fags trying to fuck Thai lady-boys would be good for my public image.

I was on test before I even lifted. Zero regrets.


Im already way behind, started lifting in november from skelly mode.i have made some progress but im getting old (almost 21) and noone cares if you're big asf in your 30s, i want to make most of it now that im still young. Would test only fuck me up that badly? Thanks for your input i appreciate it.

Cant tell if youre being srs or not

I had mine fixed and he still fucked the shit out of everything

>im getting old
>(almost 21)
Just wait a bit, you won't stop aging.

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Currently considering starting with the Test E cycle from the reddit wiki. Is the general consensus here that it's a worthwhile starter cycle?

Also, does it have positive impact on mood by chance?


>18% (gonna keep cutting before cycle)
>on and off for 6 years

>im getting old (almost 21)
>noone cares if you're big asf in your 30s

I'll be nice because you've been nice to me but both of these points are wrong. Also I think test only would be fine.

>noone cares if you're big asf in your 30s
Lol that's not true though.
When you're that old you'll enjoy more sexual preference still, as well as better health.
That's actually when, imo, you start shining the most, since people who lived on their good looks based entirely on being skinny and young start to turn to shit.
Beer bellies and skeleton arms, fat round faces, heavy passive breathing, all those will be theirs.

Is it worth cutting on my first cycle? Eat at maintenance or at a slight deficit, I'd still gain mass probably right?

Very much this

Havent thought of it this way.Its kind of hard making such decision when you have basically noone to talk to about it, all of my friends are not into bodybuilding or even lifting for that matter, so to them everything would sound absurd.

>week 5
I notice 0 aesthetic changes until week 9-10 with test E.

You had 0 aesthetic changes in general dyel cuck


I joined the discord but won't go cause I have a qt gf. Might if things don't work out some how but at 3 months dating I have a good feeling we'll stay together. Also I don't roid atm so yeah.

nah I did, they just dissapeared after cycle. I gained 13kg

I would mogg the shit out you dyles but i am not getting to fucking Thailand

You don't get the paranoid cuck sides?


hey mas post a pic btw I need one thx

The more I'm on, the number I get, the better I feel.

At what moment you decided you want to ascend to the next level?

Do you have a pic before you started pinning,Nano?

this is most recent pic

jelly, the more i use the more beta i become. The less i use the more alpha i become

the day i realized i wasn't happy

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All I did was abs mostly.
It took way too much effort to photograph them.

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He wasn't talking about the stuffed one

But im not happy either...

Damn you look big asf in this picture, how old are you again?

You had the leaness already achieved.Made serious gains since then your arms have quadrupled in size.I appreciate the honesty.How old are you now and how did you go about starting injecting, and at what age?

Time to return to that brah, i dont enjoy calling you a dyel cuck but i must

Currently 25, started at 23.
Less then 2 years of bnc.
Fucked up most of my first year not eating enough, now too much.
There is truth to lifting natty first.

I started with 21g in quads with the basic 500mg test. First pin was scary, rest was alright.

is there a bodyweight lat exercise?

Pull ups

Yes thats a typical begginer's cycle, probably the safest road you can choose.
So you never took time off? no pct? I've read that coming off you will lose some gains and its not worth it but im scared of completely shutting down my natural testosterone production.

inverted rows

How long does eq take to kick in? I'm gonna be running it at 600mg with 800mg test but I'm frontloading my first two shots with 150% dosage for both (900 eq and 1200 test first week)

Should this noticeably affect spool up time (was gonna double up but I barely get 3ml in my syringes)

Damn. I didn't realize how much bigger you'd gotten

You think steroids will make you happy? You will always chase something you will never achieve. Chasing that first high.

you start with cycling, doing it safety. Eventually you will bnc for life and die by the needle. You don;t know how to live a normal life without it anymore

I look dyel af in that picture, no pump & no food. 27

At the point of starting I was set on going bnc if I liked it, so I never did a basic cycle.
The only reason I might is for kids if, god forbid, I ever want one.

meant to say tool-less bodyweight. I don't have anything to use where I am.

Neither was I, though after my dog was through with him he sure was stuffed.

Thanks for the kind words.

I ran a gram of tritest and the only sides I got were water retention and an ungodly hunger wherein I'd be eating and thinking about what I could eat after the meal I was currently eating and once broke a knuckle because I ordered a kebab and it was ten minutes late so I laid into my wall

i've been crusing 1250mg test for 16 weeks should i stop and pct or something

I'm back at 73-74kg now
also post body

I can see you are hurt in this picture

I am glad we're all different to make this world a fun place

Steroids make me a lot more content when I'm on a blast

I just feel super positive and smile at everyone, wish cashiers a nice day etc

Unless my laptop runs slow or I get hungry

You should take your future pictures holding your cat for maximum aesthetics

its just to replace normal testosterone levels amirite guys xD

So you're unhappy now? wasnt the whole reason you started because it made you feel better about yourself.I can totally see how perspective changes as you progress, people i thought were jacked before i started lifting now i see as not so impressive.Thats my secret fear to be honest, starting poisoning my body in hope of a better feeling but ending up in a endless circle of pain and doubt with no escape.That is life regardless,always strive to be the best or be nothing.

I see, a bit drastic for my taste but progress and health are on point,so keep going strong!

>Not cruising at a gram and a quarter

It's like you want to lose all your gains

go to your friendly nearby tree and do pull ups

I'll never not be hurt.

Its the weirdest feedback loop that hurts the most. You get somewhat content with what you're doing, reflect, spiral back to the start to climb back to that happy point.

Its the only way, if it weren't so we'd all be content being dyel.

why don’t nano and masT liftvtogether if they’re in the same country? Netherlands is like the size of greater Los Angeles

Losing my hard earned gains and strenght right before my eyes would drive me mad. I would probably end up upping the dosages and adding more compounds in the next cycle resulting in more damage, so maybe bnc is the more rational choice.

You are a good block, why you will always be hurt? Do you feel inadequate?