How do I get a big bear booty like this?

How do I get a big bear booty like this?

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very heterosexual board we have here


t. big ass haver

What's this... :3

I have a big fat butt but skinny thighs and legs.

It's mostly genetic.

t. straight male (not posting pics for you faggots)

sames sufferings

who is this? (I'm asking for my gf btw)

Are you asking for your gf? Or do you want to be his "gf"?

my father caught me watching this thread

>skinny thighs and legs
Yeah nobody wants to see that. Thicc thighs save lives.


>How do I get a big bear booty like this?
Do you mean to get the same on your own body or have a boyfriend that is like that...?

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I've posted my butt here before (black long johns and red top)

I've seen many thicc asses on Veeky Forums I don't remember them all



my big ass is the reason i remain dyel. when i try to bulk up, my ass blows out of proportions. i should be size 30 for my height, and even in lean mode ~14% bodyfat i'm jeans 32. and if i try to bulk up i become size 34

and i'm a manlet exactly at 5'10 barefoot

When I'm old, I'm gonna be a bear

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What I do with my butt?
>pls send help

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I recognize that bathroom


I'm not sure what I should feel now

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I'll find you and when I do you'll cum buckets.

How into gluteus maximus activation?

Not as bad as I expected

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W-would he be gentle with a boipucci?

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Roccosoar. He'd be more into you then your gf

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Well some of us can appreciate the male form without feeling a tingle in our dicks and feeling ashamed. This is different for you due to obvious reasons.

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Heavy squats on a caloric surplus

>very heterosexual board we have here

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