Is it alpha to have a side chick...

Is it alpha to have a side chick? Currently I have my main gf who is a complete pain in the ass but she's amazing at sex and is wife material.
Now I've acquired several side chicks in different cities but not sure how to tumble between them. Any tips ?
Pic related, side dish#1

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>complete pain in the ass
>wife material
what did op mean by this?


he means he's a piece of shit.

No, sexual fidelity and self-control are considered highly-masculine traits.

i dont think that's even vaguely true

I'd say it's pretty ethically immoral to have a side chick

I have absolute nausea when I have been dating a girl and suspected she was fucking someone else. Imagine how your chick would feel if she found out about side bitches. It would destroy her

It's alpha that you'd have a main chick to begin with... You're just being selfish at this point

That's always how it's been throughout history. Nobody, except autists and children, considers serial adulterers masculine.

there are entire cultures that practice polygamy, and basically all men of European nobility had a harem of mistresses

I mean depends on if you think alphas are assholes or cool. Ur definitely a dick but if she is a pain in the ass in a mean way I wouldn't worry. If she is a dick and makes the relationship unbearable it's not as bad as just wanting to fuck actually likable women.

alphas dont give a fuck they do whatever the fuck they want,if they did ask you first if they can o cant do something they wouldnt be alpha

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I have side chicks. Just enjoy it my friend. Who gives a shit what others think.

Live the dream. Best part is, you won't be posting on here about low t

>conflating having multiple wives with serial adultery

Are you retarded?


Yeah, and they were considered pathetic when found out. There's a reason virtuous kings with sexual restraint, like St. King Louis IX have a dozen fucking cities, sports teams, and literally people named after him.

How do you go about getting side chicks user? Asking for a friend.

>Complete pain in the ass
>Wife material

OP is retarded and his gf should be the side chick. True masculinity is self-control and being faithful you immoral bastard

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This. I said it above, and some porn-addicted amerigoblin is trying to argue otherwise.

>St. King Louis IX
>In the 1230s, Nicholas Donin, a Jewish convert to Christianity, translated the Talmud and pressed 35 charges against it to Pope Gregory IX by quoting a series of blasphemous passages about Jesus, Mary or Christianity. There is a Talmudic passage, for example, where Jesus of Nazareth is sent to Hell to be boiled in excrement for eternity. Donin also selected an injunction of the Talmud that permits Jews to kill non-Jews. This led to the Disputation of Paris, which took place in 1240 at the court of Louis IX, where rabbi Yechiel of Paris defended the Talmud against the accusations of Nicholas Donin. The translation of the Talmud from Judeo Aramaic to a non-Jewish, profane language was seen by Jews as a profound violation. The disputation led to the condemnation of the Talmud and the burning of thousands of copies

But you're still being autistic here, men sleeping around has never had the connotation that women sleeping around does for the very obvious biological reason of pregnancy

Obviously it doesn't have the same connotations, but a man who can fuck around but chooses not, instead being loyal to his wife, is consider far-more masculine than a guy who can fuck around and does.

It is pretty Alpha. Btw do they know you post on a portuguese knitting forum? Might effect alpha status.

he's considered a better man, which is the way it should be, but is it really associated with masculinity?

Typically, yeah.

>using the term alpha
>being alpha
One and only one

Op is a larping faggot

>serial infidelity
Do you prefer to be called black or african-american?

cheating is mean don't be mean be nice.

>Is it alpha to have a side guy? Currently I have my main bf who is a complete pain in the ass but he's amazing at sex and is husband material.
>Now I've acquired several side guys in different cities but not sure how to tumble between them. Any tips ?

Jesus Christ sometimes I forget how hypocrite this place is.

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It's all relative

If your gf is loyal and white to have white babies with, it's fucked. If she's like a spic short term gf, who cares. Lord knows these thots already cheated on you

you should do this

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>Implying this thread is just a big shitpost to rustle moralfags like you
Personally I've accepted the fact that I'll never marry and not have kids years ago so I stay "single" and bang different girls at a time. Technically we're not committed so what does it matter if we sleep with different people?

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>Currently I have my main bf who is a complete pain in the ass but he's amazing at sex and is husband material.
Now I've acquired several side guys in different cities but not sure how to tumble between them. Any tips ?
See how this makes you look like a piece of shit?

>acting like women and men are the same, thus should be treated the same
DELETE THIS E ME D IT LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>have chill, autistic, extremely intelligent doctor gf
>She's kinda ugly
>Am used to smashing 8+/10s
>Feel like I'm missing out
>Want to commit but I feel like I need a hotter wife for some reason

What is wrong with me

Looks shouldn't matter


through a beta/virgin's eyes, having a side-chick is alpha. Heck having a gf in the 1st place.

However, the truth is having a side-chick is for betas. Betas that run away from problems, lie to everyone and lack integrity.

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Yes , end yourself. Cheating is for niggers you fucking degenerate

shitty personality, great genetics

This is how hot women feel when they settle for the nice guys with a good career.

No matter what side you’re on, you can’t win.

Main reason for me being against cheating, I wouldn't want it done to me.

Because goddamn, I'm married and I'd love to have a side chick or 5 so much.

>Is it alpha to have a side chick?

real alphas have a side boy who they mentor and fuck in the ass

>instead of one pain in the ass i now have several

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when you cheat on a woman and she finds out she literally gets more attracted to you though, provided the other girl is hot, especially if its her friend. if a girl cheats on a guy then she becomes unattractive, it's not the same

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t. roastie. This is a mans club sweetheart, why don't you get us some lunch? *slaps your ass as you walk out of the door.*

Before the /pol/ normalfaggots REEE at you I just want to say keep doing you bro.

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Completely okay as long as your gf never finds out and you find someone who's stable and clean, no hookers for example. I've been dating my current gf for 5 years, she's wife material for sure. But in the meantime I've dated three hot ass cougars I met at work, the last one has lasted 2 years; she's hot, smart, amazing at sex and would be wife material as well if she was younger but she's a confident lady and is okay with just being my side piece. My advice is to date milfs/cougars since they're less clingy and less likely to cause issues, not to mention they're amazing at sex and know what they want.

only beta losers practice monogamy

What's more alpha?
1. Searching for and finding a table you like.
2. Building a table yourself.

So the answer is NO. The more alpha thing would be to communicate and work with your gf to change the aspects of her personality you dislike.

good post but a bit of a false dichotomy

maybe. bragging about it on an anime site isn't though.

My wife would leave me if I cheated on her. She has a lot of self respect and wouldn't put up with such bullshit. Which only makes me respect her more and not cheat.

However I'm cultivating a 3 way between her and her best friend and me. Best friend was already begging her for one after we went out one night and landed in a strip club.

Too bad best friend is married. Tren and alcohol lead to strange places.


Yeah, i meant it more in the metaphorical sense.

Male slut.

I got a girl to match me on tinder after 3 months of no matches and we went on date we kissed so I think she likes me.

Problem is she had guy friends how do I get her to cut off her guy friends so she doesn’t cheat on me? She say that they only friends but redpilled so I know she will cuck me if I don’t tell her to stop having guy friends.

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>acting like you are the same as chad and deserve to be treated like him

That's not wife material, idiot. That's how you become miserable.

And those aren't your cultures. Times have changed and going against society norms of honesty and trust in relationships makes you a deviant. A sexual deviant. A savage mongrel that's not to be respected. But go ahead and keep justifing your actions.

>*slaps your ass as you walk out of the door.*
you stupid faggot kek

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They might be beta orbiter that will never score with her. So no worries, but GF'ing someone from tinder is just insane.

>society norms of honesty and trust in relationships
what society are you talking about here specifically

Thats different than having a gf and then having side chicks. You just need to be honest that all your side chicks are just "friends" without giving too much detail towards the relationship.

Be honest, but vague and subtle. Women will get it and go with it. or leave because they want to put you a leash on and you refuse.

R versus K selection. Niggers fuck everything to make quantity, whites stay with the mother to make quality. This entails monogamy 99% of the time, the only exception being if you had an actual polygamous relationship (I.e. no hidden side chicks that you're wasting time and resources on for hedonist pursuits and jeopardizing your marriage and family). If you can't comprehend the seriousness of the risks you're bringing to your potential wife and family, you are a failure as a man.

> lol women are sub human
> reeeeee
Back to /r9k/, you weak minded faggot.

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If you're man, you don't lie, simple as.

>whites stay with the mother to make quality.
Not true well over 80% of the time in the west user.
As a matter of fact, your wealthy owners saw how well the song and dance they pushed on blacks to destroy their families worked(blacks at one point had the single lowest divorce rates in america), that they decided to push it wholesale on all of the slave classes.

It's working brilliantly.

Powerful warlords always had harems of captured sex slaves

Jesus Christ my sides. Most incel beta post ive read this week.

I can tell you’re a nerd that’s never been with a woman, human interactions can’t be explained with textbook shit. Every interaction with each bitch you meet will be different.

he may be an autist but the RK thing makes a decent amount of sense, it's just nobody wants to admit it because it's hyper racist and sexist

The alpha thing to do is tell your wife you're going to have side chicks and she is going to deal with it whether she likes it or not

This is what you'll wake up to

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Then just breed with her and send the checks each month. That's not wife material.

>personality isn't genetic

Not if you've properly broken her will beforehand

If you guys are serious, that's pretty sad. What a bunch of betas.

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Are you saying the divorce rate is 80%? Or the rate of multiple partners after having children?

Just be prepared for this
Also witnessed.

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Dude you are gonna have problems later trust me

>Is it alpha to have a side chick?
It makes you a cheater, therefore a whore. Whores are not alpha, they are sneaky little whores who hide things because they are scared to be found out. It also means you can't attract someone of quality that can satisfy you so you settled for putting up with her bullshit because you're a beta.

>implying this hard
>never once said women were sub human, or that I was chad
Lmfao at this coping.
Are you women, or just beta faggots?
My argument was that women are not the same as men, and should not treated as such.
At least you tried, anons.

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kys degenerate
I bet you're dyel as fuck, with your mindset you won't achieve anything in the gym

Alphas have side chicks to keep them from getting bored with their main.

True alphas get their main to do whatever the fuck they want.

Step your game up OP.

Pls give advice anons. Anyone had a similar experience?

>whole point of the show is that Don is a piece of shit who hates himself
>le BASED xD

>Taking the time to reply to everyone

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Did the show ever state that he hates himself because the all the pussy he gets? I think not.


Don't wife her unless you're okay with cheating and think you're smart enough to not get caught (you probably aren't) because you WILL do it. I've been through this and the second I made the decision to cheat, I broke up with her because no one deserves to know they had that happen to them and I would have probably done it again.

You talk like a virgin lol