Who here /10hoursaday/?

Also sleep thread.

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I could. I think I need like 9 hours a day, but that's really hard to get.

To much sleep is not good for you, not enough sleep is not good for you, getting just the right amount of sleep is impossible.

Must be fun living as a non functional member of society

I struggle getting 8, usually get 7:30, how do you do it Veeky Forums?

Me too but my problem is I stay awake for too long and watch anime

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10 is way too fucking much you lazy ass. 6-7 hours is optimum

are you a Japanese Salaryman or something?

Had chronic insomnia for a little over a year. Nearly consumed my life. Saw a sleep therapist and had to progressively work on it. I get into bed an hour before I intend on sleeping and read a book. No cell phone, TV time or other electronics. I set my alarm for eight hours after I intend on falling asleep. I try my best to keep bed/wake up times consistent. If you chronically struggle to get to sleep, look at your diet, exercise, and your routine prior to bed, some people do better with cardio in the morning, I like going for a run and showering before bed. If you're acutely struggling to sleep one night, nyquil and melatonin, but prepare to wake up groggy. I sleep like a baby now. The key to sleep, just like lifting or any other healthy habits is consistency and progress.

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9.5 to 10 is ideal for me. I really do feel better when I get that much.

>sleep 6 hours, feel tired all fucking day
>sleep 7 hours, perfect all day
How can an extra hour make such a huge difference?

Extra rem cycle, also waking up in the middle of a cycle makes u tired

Something to do with circadian rythymns.

these are the days that we'll talk about if we get old somehow

these are the days that we'll talk about

such a retarded statement.

I work 40hrs, put all my money in passive investments, and do nothing else but workout, eat, and sleep 9hrs . All while making more money than all my friends and colleagues. You cuck

ive been getting 3-4 hours a night someone please help

I am definitely addicted to caffeine

Yesterday I drank no caffeine and had an AMAZING night sleep but today I am groggy and tired without my cup of Joe but I'm fighting through it because I know it will be worth it tonight when I get an even danker sleep


I feel like I dont get a good nights rest because I wake up at night to piss. Any ways to fix this?

Just piss in your sleep

I've been getting that lately too: 5:30 hours sleep and maybe another 1:30 after I piss. I'm trying to have smaller portions and less salty foods for dinner because it causes water retention which later has to leave your body when the salts are used up. Also did some cardio this morning cause that shit's good at regulating hormones too. Hope it werks.

I get about 8 or 9 hours sleep.
Used to be more, like 11 to 12, but ever since I started taking half an hour to an hour long naps whenever I was tired I stopped needing as much sleep during the bulk part of my sleep schedule.
I guess polyphasic sleep isn't a meme afterall


Every day for like a week I've been having 2-5 hour naps when I get home from the gym which I go to straight after Sixth Form. I just feel so weak from the gym like my body is tired and doesn't want to do anything that I just fall asleep if I try.

Then I get to sleep at like Midnight and wake up at 7, but I tend to wake up a few times in the night.

is the path to gains food and resting in sleep position

Used to be one of those people who sleep like 5 hours a night, and work overtime as much as possible, workout, social life, just GO GO GO until I crash after a week and sleep a ton on an off day.

Finally got in a good place career wise where I have much more free time, so I ended up allowing myself more time to sleep every night. Holy shit, I felt like I had been reborn.
Literally every aspect of my life improved.
A total net gain for a mere 3-5 more hours of sleep every night.
It's a worthy investment, and only wish I had done it sooner. It's a shame that the ways of old are still creeping around nowadays where people tout how little sleep they get while still being "functional" in society.

Same problem, i'll try to take less salt, thx user

>the schedule you just mentioned & attitude you displayed

Pick one

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It is. I dread having to wake up to an alarm every day, I'll do anything to avoid it.

been sleeping a lot lately
it's one of the only things i still enjoy at this point

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It is.

so i always keep coming back to sleep being the wisest action for the day

i am 25 i have 2 years of registered work experience plus 6 years of daily lifting

unless theres work to be done i just run maintenance and sleep

Learn if you are eating/drinking anything diuretic before bed, and replace it with things that are not

i keep coming back to this thread it helps me remember

outside this thread theres endless chatter over whores but this thread is safe its where progress is at for a healthy male future