Any of you boys know how to raise adrenaline levels relatively fast? figure it'd be like the kaioken for people

any of you boys know how to raise adrenaline levels relatively fast? figure it'd be like the kaioken for people

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Stop watching anime.

cold shower

Literally happens anytime you need it.

If you proceed to find out how to do it you will have a host of problems...
>forget how hunger feels
>could damage heart
>teeth will rot
>Can never let go of adrenaline ie manually breathing to letting your body do it
>Have to relearn to relax into fight or flight

kek they did say the kaioken could destroy your body

commit a crime. I first discovered this when I used to graffiti in highschool, if i did a piece under a bridge, i got no high, but if I went on a main street downtown and did a bomb with cars and people passing by i got pumped as hell, like taking a little bit of mdma or coke or something

other crimes work too

Ezpz, just go super saiyan mode when working out, run a lot, be scared, think very quickly about something in a focused state. (Chess games and the like have a sort of adrenaline similar to FPS games due to the amount of pressure you are under and you feel like you HAVE to prove yourself by solving the puzzle during the given time.)

Just high intensity training should also work out well.

thanks user

Look into Wim Hof.
You're welcome.

No problems, happy to help, I know I'm fucking sweating after a game or two that I've won and that couldn't be anything but adrenaline.

Thanks I've always wanted to become some sort of mountain monk, kinda like in avatar: the last airbender, and be exiled from everything, eventually surpassing the limits of physical existance

this, when i was a teen and masturbated with my family in the next room and i heard footsteps in the hallway, i got such an adrenaline rush that my orgasm felt 1000% better.

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heh i could tell you kid
but im not sure you could handle it
you definitely couldn't handle the kaioken x10 that im on right not


God damn't user.

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>other crimes work too


crush your balls. not even lying. crushing your balls releases a shit ton of adrenaline. careful not to do too much though otherwise you could give yourself a heart attack

Meant for

>dumping your adrenaline and amplifying it to shitpost on fit

think of a past traumatic experience
whenever i need an adrenaline boost for lifting i just think about how i watched my grandpa starve to death of cancer and i couldnt bring myself to tell him “i love you” until after he was in his unconscious death throes

jesus christ user


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Take androgens for adrenal gland gains. Why do you think tren rage is a thing?

that's a good way to clog your arteries. It increases you cholesterol levels significantly.
what you need to do is learn to control your metabolism so you have energy on demand. not use a fight or flight response.

depends how *fast* you need it
cold shower in the morning, faster? down a couple of redbulls.. even faster than that? squeeze the balls between your legs just enough not to cause injury it will forcibly release some T and will raise adrenaline for that moment

Based H x H poster.


shoot yourself with lol9mm between the bicep and tricep (so you don't destroy any gains)

unironically this

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