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I’m phoneposting at work and dont have the links edition

Reminder sub 180kg front squatters are weak

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Can't snatch or clean and jerk today because I tore my hand open, feels bad.

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>If you are new to weightlifting please read these first and check the other sources they link to before asking questions:

>The information that you are looking for is probably in the above links.
That includes routines, shoes, information on the lifts, etc. Check out the pastebins for literature or the reddit faq for general information.

Included in this youtube playlist are videos related to weightlifting which you may find useful or insightful:

Feel free to post PRs, form checks etc

Reminder Lasha will be lifting 1.4. in european 2018 championships

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225 snatch, 260 clean and jerk incoming

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how well would klokov be doing if he kept training hard to get gold on olympics? i'm pretty sure he would be breaking world records at each competition

go look at his track record
he's a top tier lifter, but he was beaten out regularly by people on his own team

If I start olympic lifting will I meet a girl like that?

>too much of a soft, manlet, GDE bitch to compete in powerlifting/strongman competitions
>discover you can play with a bouncy bar instead
>become a crossfit cuckold

what it's like being such embarrassing, weak little faggots? you look like shit, you (might) do some totally useless bar bouncing instead of actually lifting weights and everybody thinks you're a bunch of pompous shit stains since EVERY crossfit dumb fuck fits that bill.

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Is it worth competing if I can't CJ bodyweight?

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How are the championships so far? I'm on holiday and my tv doesn't include Eurosport and can't find a good stream

best bump over here

The stream quality is acceptable, YouTube is 24 hours late because of copyright

are you the guy who fucked your hand up teaching a guy to powerclean 40kg?

Guise I need help with my jerks and catching, I keep missing.


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After 5 misses

This is how I usually fail
My snatches


You dip too deep, practically pause at the bottom of the dip, and your chest collapses a bit at the bottom of the dip.

Also, split jerk if you can. It's not right for everyone but it is right for 90% of people at minimum and it should be taught first.

You're catching your snatch forward because you pull too early, causing the bar to shift forward and away from your center of gravity. Pull later and in a straighter line.

but i got no coach to teach me split

how do i intop stregth coach/trainer at a crossfit gym?

Dip and drive is the same.

One foot goes forwards. One foot goes backwards. Weight should be roughly evenly distributed between feet. Recover front foot first.

>Step 1: Be (or at least seem) strong
>Step 2: Showcase your strength/competence in training at the place you’re eyeing
>Step 3: Ask for a job
I guess you could get some certifications in between to seal the deal.



Your knees are supposed to go out on a dip, it looks like you're letting them go forward
As for your snatch, keep the bar closer to your body and work on your flexibility. Try pulling a little faster as well

Got a video example ?

>twig arms
>bitch tits
>literal crossfit gym

these are the little shit balls stinking up Veeky Forums with their bar bouncing activity who like to pretend that they're in shape weightlifters.

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compete user. You aren't going to win but no one but you really gives a shit if you win anyway. Do it to gain platform xp and if you can maintain spaghetti you might meet a couple bros or dare I say a gril who lifts.

Clarence is meme jerking now, so why cant i?

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Rebeka eats CANDY while you go to the gym

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Geez guys

Srsly, how can i teleport under the bar? I see many weightlifters doing it. Somebody told me to press the x button right after hip contact, but it's not working