How aesthetic do I need to be to get a hot asian gf?

How aesthetic do I need to be to get a hot asian gf?

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You just have to be white and not fat.

What if I'm black?

She’s pretty fugly bro

Look for Asians who hate their parents

how do I get body like the guy on the left?

He's just a manlet who lifts and just finished a bulk. He's leaner when he gets to competition size.

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This guy could get a way hotter Asian than that. She must have a good personality.

*pic unrelated

She's pretty hot

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His old blonde gf was 10x hotter. To bad she left him for a taller and richer guy.

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Be 5'4

I don't care about being lean, I just want to be a big guy

More importantly, how do I get a thicc boyfriend?

not for an asian

Dudes 5'5"

Bruh I married a hot Asian and am fat as fuck, like no joke I am 200 lbs at 23% bf. It's not about asthetics at all. Just don't be a weeb.

holy fuck. why is he with this new chink goblin

Hot, tight, loyal, waifu material.

His old girlfriend only had the hot thing going for her.

You just need Money

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>hat while swimming

Do Americans really do this?

I wanna stick my face in robins asd

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you only need looks.
his wife looks like a deranged insect.

If you’re losing your hair because of balding, yeah.

All these Instagram thots are disgusting.

>that smile
China, of all places, seems like there would be enough variety to avoid getting someone with a face like that.
>summah teeth
>summah here, summah there

She's friggin nasty lookin