Are you tough enough to play rugby, Veeky Forums?

Are you tough enough to play rugby, Veeky Forums?

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Rugby is a shit tier sport. Football is for real men.

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shit tier bait

>implying he's wrong
There's not a single rugby player that could survive in the NFL

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> t. amerimutt who's never played rugby in his entire life

There's a reason the U.S are the only country in the world that play football...

>pink is gay xD xD xD xD xD one single rugby player wore pink once so that means the entire sport is gay LOL hehe xD xD xD
Fuck. Off.

Um, Canada?

Prime bait. Just watch the (you)'s come in

Canada are more into rugby than american football. Hardly anyone in Canada plays either.

I'd like to try out both of these to see which one I like playing more (since I never did any sports in high school) but I feel like just generally a casual rugby league would be easier to find due to less gear requirements

Anybody play in either type of league?

Why is the CFL such a huge deal in Canada then?

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The rugby guy looks way tougher than the handegg fag covered in armour
ok mate

Every rugbyfag that has ever tried to play in the NFL has failed miserably

Most americans grew up playing football without pads as children.
Bruises, broken bones and wounds are common.
We're forbidden from doing as such anymore.

doesn't count fuck off mutt

It's not a huge deal, you fucking moron

a) that's not true, think some kicker is ex-rugby

b) im hardly surprised, american footballers play basically the same position, every year from mid-teenage years. They build their body and skills to EXACTLY fit that role. eg this guy who is big as fuck but needed Oxygen after running 100 yards

Rugby players on the other hand have to be playing at top effort and explosively for 80 minutes

rugby is one of the /fittest/ sports honestly

>ywn be dan carter or baseden barrett

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football is just an easier version of rugby

I play rugby all the time, and have played American football in the past. American football is unbelievably boring, there's more consistent action in cricket. Pausing the game every fucking 5 seconds, in rugby if you want 5 seconds your forwards have to fucking earn it. The only thing vaguely scary with American football is the limited peripheral vision the helmets give, other than that it's like playing in a sumo suit there's barely any injuries in football compared to rugby. Nothing in American football has ever come close to the aesthetic of the dynamic plays in southern hemisphere rugby, the sheer range of athletic skills and cognitive skills being displayed that fast under much more difficult circumstances of gaining territory(the main method of scoring in both games). Passing forwards is for steers and queers and you fat yank cunts don't look like fucking cowboys to me.

Hahahaha how many broken backs have you seen. I reiterate my point above passing forwards is for flamboyant raging homosexuals

>hurrrrrr he made me look like a retard. I know!!! I'll just say it doesn't count

Not how it works, tardboy. Face it, Canada wouldn't even have a football league if no one cares about it there.

this is the worst boomer posting I've ever seen, you dumb gentile.

Rugby is the true Veeky Forums team sport.

Get involved lads.

Why would you play any sport that gives you brain damage?

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with people. You want to change your entire perception of reality just to throw a ball around? You want anger issues, paranoia, depression, loss of body control and other mental issues for a single god damn sport?

I will never understand why people ignore the proven brain damage of these contact sports.

already playing
>Hooker, flanker
Good lifting schedule for a rugby'er?

I'm thinking about SL with some minor arm exercises


Because you've never felt the rush that comes with dump tackling someone. That's worth any price

Train cardio, then slow lean bulk, leg day is now 3x a week. George North physique is what you want, not Dylan Hartley

"Rugby is not a simple game and you know that because if it was Americans might watch it" - Plato

Nope. Id get my brittle lanky dyel endurance runner body mangled under the manlet mongoloids that usually play.

name one nfl player that has succeeded in any professional rugby league. by your same logic, that makes them bad athletes, right?

The lack of sexy rugby/football men in this thread is disappointing.

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Nope. I'm a framelet and I'd probably get snapped in two.

not true but rugby is better

the rugby players at my school are the absolute chaddest of the chads, even though they arent as tall or as good looking as the other sports. on the outside i think its because they stick together and get each other into the coolest clubs and shit socially but on the inside i think its because most people pity them for doing the worst possible thing to their bodies. like wtf no reasonable college student should get "only around 2" concussions a season, jesus fuck. too rough bro, seriously.

Have you heard about boxing m8?

American footbal is really specialised positions. I can't recal any other popular sport with that level of specialization.

there are like 4 boxers at my school and like 40 future retards aka rugby players.

>be me
>be South African


Most South Africans do rugby through out school. It's normal, especially if you're a boer.

Why the hell would anyone do that? All the money is in NFL.

I plan on joining the rugby team at my uni next year. Is brain damage that much of an issue? Should I be worried? It's just amateur rugby, not even close to the professional level so I'm not sure.

lock and a flank lad
it was a blast

No. I'm a turbo manlet at 5'6", so I'd probably die.

Used to but got too many concussions, I miss playing every day :( being 100kg and just running over people, no better feeling on the planet

just play scrumhalf or wing

>team sport
>assuming the autists of Veeky Forums have the communication skills to play a team sport

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There have been loads of concussion awareness training in rugby from the top levels to the grass roots levels in recent years after some high profile issues. There are stricter restrictions aimed at preventing further injuries or double concussions.

The very nature of the sport though will encourage injuries. Best advice I can give is never half arse a tackle and never cower away from being tackled. That's how a lot of injuries occur.

>contact sports

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my 120lb gf plays rugby

there's nothing tough about it

>be me
>be New Zealander
It's the only sport we fucking play in school.

Even if I do as you say, would I still be at a considerable risk? I really don't want to risk my future mental well-being just to play a sport.

or the coordination since they discovered Veeky Forums in their late teens way after most of their CNS capabilities were developed kek

I was close to the rugby team at my uni for abour 3 years. Never saw someone get any serious head injury or get a concussion, but all of them sprained ankles, shoulders and wrists on the regular lol

My elementary school classmate played in our shit national team a while back and I've fucked a girl who played for our women's nt.

I'm the rugby god.

Brain damage??? Nooo
Knee and shoulder dmg defo...collie ears.... broken noses...they are the main ones...
Brain dmg is waaaaay down the list....

What country?


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You guys sound convincing. Anything else I should be doing to get physically ready for it? Right now I go to the gym 3 days a week, training mostly strength, and run 5-7 miles 2-3 days a week. Sprinting is probably my weakest point right now, how should I go about training it?

Also, if it helps, I'm 5'9 175lbs right now.

You couldn’t pay me enough to tackle this guy lads

Sprint 100m x 20 in 20 minutes. On the minute every minute until all are below 15 seconds if forward, 13 seconds if back

> moved to Australia recently
> in my hometown in Mexico they always invite me to practice Rugby
> Never attend because or be a lazy fat fuck
> Train Rugby due to the new experience
> all my regrets of not playing before

its been a month that i keep training and men i want to play my first game

hockey>other sports

Anything on skates is for fags. No exceptions.

I play for my university in the US

You should play for your university too

If you're young, NEET or old, play for your local club

Top tier mates and as far as university goes, playing a sport is a far better social scene than joining a frat. Especially cuz this is Veeky Forums and no one on this board posses the social skills to rush a proper frat

>1,68m (5'6) tall
>Half Scrum since I was 17yo
>currently 39yo and still playing

Well...., perhaps I am, OP.

I already play Collegiate Rugby, invited to have a workout with an MLR team already (mainly depending how inaugural season goes)

if you get brain damage while playing rugby you're doing it wrong. As far as football goes; it's nearly unavoidable unless you're a kicker