Ab Wheel

I used an ab wheel the other day and that shit is hard. What are your thoughts on the gains wheel?

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eat more dickhead

It's incredible. Start out with an easy progression at first.

I use an ab wheel, captains chair leg raises, planks, and sit-ups, and my core has been changing like mad. And this is since January. The only thing that really wears me out is the wheel.

Wear your abs out with it 3 times a week dude, it's so awesome.

sucks. just do crunches/twists/flutterkicks

How do I work my way up to doing a single rep of the ab wheel. My core is shit but not absolutely shit, but I still can't use an ab wheel.

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If you can't do one rep your core is absolute dog shit pal.

What's a good ab wheel routine?

Love it, my favourite ab exercise as it never ceases to get them burning and pumped.

Supplement it with Russian Twists afterward, does me for abs.

Just keep trying to stretch farther everytime you use it. Eventually you'll get one rep out. Then 12.

Is it though?

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nice 4 packj, did your boyfriend sip the other 2 ?

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Yes, you need to eat more.

lmfao nice larp fag

>milk truck just arrived
gib... pic related

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The coping is unreal.

Do in front of mirror, looks good from this angle tho. Good job brev.

post a picture from a proper angle
we're not 13 year old girls

Dude you look better than me, but If you cant do one rep on the ab wheel and you look like that, there IS something wrong.

I don't care what you look like if you can't do one rep on the ab wheel your core is babby tier. there is no debate to be had. you are a corelet and you will never make it.

yes, your form

I bet you he looks like shit from a normal angle. he barely has abs with the most cheating lighting. also considering arm vascularity he prolly has quite low bf so that's even more laughable

Some of us are

>no no!!! he cant possibly look better than me!!
jfc these are the people giving us advice

Very easy to snap your shit up with this. Don't go so far forward that your weight is supported by your shoulders. As soon as you feel like you wouldn't be able to let go of the thing and stay balanced with just your core, you've gone far enough.

>having a low bf is laughable
Poast physique fatman

>post picture on /fit
>everyone makes fun of me
y-you're all coping, my baby's first abs are better than all of yours.

having that low bf and such shitty abs is laughable. Low bf is obviously good

im not him dumb fuck

>"I-I'd have better a-abs if I weren't a fat fuck!!"
Another pathetic cope, kek. And I never claimed good abs. I specifically said they were shit but not absolutely shit because pic related.

someone said your core is babytier if you cant even do 1 rollout and you responded with
"is it though?" with a picture of your shitty abs as proof for how strong your core is, now you're all buthurt ppl arent impressed.

How effective is the ab wheel? Is it true that it engages most of the core (including back)?

You got a barely visible abdominal rectus for such low body fat. If your transverse abs are anything like that you are confirmed never gonna make it.


What kind of position are you in that doesn't use your shoulders for support?

Because retard, as I specified for the third time, I was referring to how they looked. And kek "shitty abs" - lets see yours big man.

I've got one too but somehow I feel most of the load in my shoulders and arms. Am I doing it wrong?
My core already is pretty good due to martial arts, so is it possible ab rolls on my knees are just not enough for my abs?
I'm pretty hesitant to do the rolls on my toes because my lower back hurt like shit for at least 3 weeks last time I tried it.
I guess I had bad form there too, colleague told me I probably went to far down.

>try to use ab wheel
>extend as far as I can with my arms while trying to keep an arch/my back slightly straight
>lower back and hip flexors start to hurt and give out
>get little to no ab activation
What am I doing wrong?

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