He doesn’t lift heavy things and put them down

>He doesn’t lift heavy things and put them down
>He doesn’t talk/know about block chain, economics, history, technology, finance and accounting during lunches with co workers.

Educate yourself Veeky Forums if people see a good body but no brains they will envy you, but if they see both they will treat you as a god.

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why don't you tell us what you know about those topics? you think atlas shrugged is a good book, huh.

>fucked up tiers with rapper coffee table book above decent literature
>talking about block chain
The theory is sound here user, but your practice seems slightly off.

How does it feel to be a brainlet.

What should I read now? Got these on my kindle.

Beyond Good and Evil
Modern Man in Search of a Soul
The Painted Bird

>Atlas shrugged
>god tier

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>know about block chain, economics, history, technology, finance and accounting
>posts literature that has absolutely nothing to do with any of those
Get your shit together user

nietzsche shit > kosinski crap > jung bullshit >aurelius rambling

Why do you have such a waste of 7mb saved on your drive user


Hi leddit!

Why is (((Ayn Rand))) in the reading list?

>Aurelius Rambling
You take that back right now, user!

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If you can actually put yourself through the karamzov brothers you have a huge attention span. I have it and I stopped after a quarter in

mathematics >>>>>>> physics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> philosophy
Why not just study the most clean and pure and universal thing? - not baiting btw, im courius

What's the biggest brained book you guys would recommend that's not a textbook?

Been thinking of reading Decline of the West.

Sounds good. Will read all these. Beyond Good and Evil has a gay cover, hopefully there is something better out there.

Lmao at Ur life OP. Your average adult in Western civilization hasn't even read basic high school lit like 1984, and everybody around you thinks you're wierd autistic for bringing up books while everyone else wants to talk about sports and game of thrones.

You will never be able to show off your true power level to normies.

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Sure, I take it back dumb frogposter. It's just not for me, I don't think I even finished his meditations

>Training your body and mind to impress normies, and not to have epigenetics in order to better the world through your progeny.
It's like you're actively trying not to make it.

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I was gonna say the penguin guys had an edition with a cool cover but it's actually the birth of tragedy.

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Can you make a barbell? Do you even know how to go about making a barbell?
What kind of steel it requires and how to make it?
What kind of tools your need to make a barbell and how to create them or fix them?

No? Then fuck your meme knowledge. Go learn the science behind a single trade.

>He doesn’t lift heavy things and put them down
I do
>He doesn’t talk/know about block chain
I understand the technology but I'm not putting in any of my eggs in that basket after the bitcoin crash.
I literally study economics
Basic knowledge, but I'm not the kind of faggot that remembers the dates of every fucking significant event in history
Personal interest in it
>finance and accounting
Both part of my curriculum

Little spoiler here: All these subjects (including lifting) are not going to make you more interesting to women but it does feel very satisfying to discuss these topics with someone who has similar or higher knowledge in these topics.

Things to add to the list
>sociology (the traditional kind not feminist shit)

I beg to differ, the intern acts all shy when I talk to her. All of our discussions at lunches wih the team never touch thot subjects like the kardashian. All she does is sit there in silence and nods.

>All she does is sit there in silence and nods.
Because she has no interest in the discussions and literally has nothing to add to it because she doesn't care. If you started discussing shit about some thot shit she'd probably perk up and be all talkative.

How they can apply such crappy covers for such a serious subject matter is beyond me. I was expecting something of this quality.

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Finishing my Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree next year and maybe thinking on a Master's Degree.

Hardcovers are nicer but they are more expensive. It may not look like much when you buy one or two but when you buy dozen it starts to add up into the hundreds of dollars.

>ayn rand
>god tier
This make any economist cringe.

Why the fuck are all you posers reading Nietschze? Philosophy major here, I can confirm he is fundamentally unsound - no arguments, nothing of any value.

any (((economist)))

>Clifford for President
>red and wearing a hat

FUCK it predicted the future

Ayn rand was a jew.

Could you elaborate? Something always bugged me about how he tries to relativize good and bad.

>Ayn Rand
>God tier

Nice bait OP

Math is pure yes. But you must have some application, like academic CS or Phisics are the least impure applied math.

Because real life and human interaction is about nuance. Math is very important but there's nothing to discuss because there is nothing but absolute truth. Physics are theoretical models that are open for many interpretations as long as it fits most observed phenomena but there is still a narrow field that can be discussed. Philosophy is only based on observed phenomena and has 0 consistency so there are many angles you can look at it and discuss.

>Philosophy is only based on observed phenomena and has 0 consistency
>Created Aesthetics
>Golden mean
>Beauty based on symmetry
>What are Greeks/Romans
We get it you hate philosophy, now stop talking about something you know nothing about.

>Created Aesthetics
Literally 0 consistency
>Golden mean
It's actually invented by mathmeticians
>Beauty based on symmetry
Symmetry is geometry
>What are Greeks/Romans
Some of the best philosophers of all time who's teachings are contradictory of one another (even at the time) because that is the nature of philosophy.

I wasn't even criticizing philosophy at all. That is the beauty of it. There's not ultimate truth in it.

Your list is shit. Huck Finn is GOAT.