CBT - Current Body Thread

Post them here

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no replies last time, amigos

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It looks like you have wide hips in that pose
You look good, keep at it

How do I hit my lats better? I'm doing SL 5x5, so I do rows and pullups, but they seem really hard to build. Any tips?

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5"11.7599999 King of manlets
33 yrs

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what about this pose

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why did you blur your belly button

you spanish?

i have the same hair type as you lol

6ft2 210lbs gonna start exercise 9pm i was building a home defense all day

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Rate me.

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did you resize the image and upscaled it to look bigger?

6'2" 207 I'm cutting. What BF% would you say I'm at? I'm guessing 12%-14%.

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all the lifting in the world cant fix a shit face / 10

pretty sure you’re above 14%, nice lats though

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>post them here
Don't tell me what to do

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Fuck good thing I'm about to use DNP. No fucking way I can cut 8% more naturally without suiciding.

The shape of your pecs is not optimal, but other than that you look great bby.

7 months of lifting and at 1/2/3/4 for 1 rep
5'11 185 lb

why do I still look like shit, is there even a point for me to cut

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sorry didnt rotate it


plateau’d on fat loss this week so gonna eat only 1000cals today to see if I hit a new low (goal is 2300 normally)

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You look like shit because you've only been lifting for 7 months.
Keep at it. You've got a really solid base.

lol the body of every soy boy at 18% bodyfat

lat pulldowns... its in the name lol

1/2/3/4 isn’t that great for your size mate. Add half a plate to each and you’ll look much stronger.

Solid base build though, if you cut you’ll get weak and thin but probably look decent without a shirt

What’s it like being 33? Do you feel old? Does lifting make you feel like shit?

Intermittent Fasting my dude

careful not to literally cook your insides to death m8

Noob here
Can I get a bf% estimate?

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I never post in these threads because you all got better bodies than me

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I hope you aren’t cutting

No of course not, I'm trying to get big

how long?/ what are your lifts? you look good dude

Good man. Bodybuilding routine plus a small surplus (gain .5-1lbs per week) and you’ll get there man.

90% of fit doesn't lift user

Thank you brah, we're all gonna make it

You have vascular forearms for a dyel

goal body. routine?

You’re gonna need to get below 190 to be that lean mate

Itt. Homos/closeted homos

I think you seriously underestimate what 8% bf is...

When you're so natty it's literally your name. Respect.

one of the best itt

goals when im 33

nice haircut fuhrer

Nice tits

I'm trying to be more like an athletic built.
176cm 75kg

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183 cm 18 years old. Went from 53 to 84 kilogram in five years. Trying to loose a few body precentage points until summer.

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Anyone else notice huge coughing gains?
Pic is relaxed, flexing, and coughing.

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You're me !
I have little bit more hair on my chest tho.

Pretty hot nohomo

You are the end game my friend

Fat as shit rn see you guys in 2-3 months when I look decent again.

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can normies tell that i can lift a lot or do my legs just look fat

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did calisthenics for 6 months last year, then took a 4 - 5 month break Just started doing it again last month. feels bad man.


>inb4 lift heavy

oh shit, I recently came back to fit and I remember you from like a year ago, nice progress.

Holy shit

Pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing, mate

You've got a nice build to you nigga.
Keep it up


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Lift heavy, you're wasting your time with calisthenics. Unless you roid and workout 2 hours a day you'll never look like anything other than the average Joe.

that means you don't know how to properly flex your core mate. coughing "automatically" flexes it to its fullest.

So you're telling me I can look like that whenever I want? Fuaark

I'll give those a try. I thought pullups were supposed to be the better version of pulldowns
Thanks lads, I've been at it for 2 years. Lifts have gone down because of a really nasty knee injury, so they're not impressive
You look good though, just cut a little and you'll be more defined

any asianbros in here?

Not Asianbro but lift with a few Asianbros. Constantly hear them talking about how making it as an Asianbro is impossible without roids and how physically fit Asian men isn’t a commonplace for a reason. Do you have similar experience?
>pic related, Bolo Yeung was accused CONSTANTLY of being a roid freak probably just because he was Asian

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Legs look strong, not fat. Don’t worry mate.

Looking good! Keep going!

10%? Hard to guesstimate. In any case, you look good!

Here I am. 6’2” 195lbs. Lifting and eating right for two weeks now, finally seeing some progress. Feels great!

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Sir your cock seems to be showing

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What the fuck, soyboy?

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Is that a problem lol? I was soft

got more pics?

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holy shit you still post here? haven't seen you in a good while. You bald tit

Why am I soy? I just started lifting, of course I’m not ripped yet. I’m doing my best and so far I’m pleased with the results. Don’t kill my vibe man!

I'm 8 inches shorter than you, yet I have a larger penis. Thank you for making my day better.

not impossible, but its tougher i guess

the ideal image is lean and slightly built

even when i was in the army it was pretty uncommon to see swole dudes, and the ones that are were fat before lifting

Lol glad to help user. I’m 4.5” soft and 7” hard, you must be hung like a horse!

mateo pls

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Just.....Keep lifting

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have i reached supreme soyboy 6 foot 220

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Nice man

got an email, kik, snapchat? I'll send you a mega link with my folder

come at me brah

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You're also an ugly dyel lmao

5'11", 34, 260lbs. Starting weight was 355 in 2013. I binged a bit lately but a few weeks ago I was 249. According to those handheld machines I'm ~32% BF

Goal weight is 190. I'll get there someday.

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I see why you picked this angle you have very wide hips aye? even from this angle it obvious. other than that great muscular development

bloat lord is that you?

why do you have a 2 pack
your crotch looks like applesauce

Keep going! You can do it. Losing 100lbs is an incredible feat, you must feel so much better.

It takes time, but it's possible - however I suspect you know that already. Keep up the awesome work user!

When most people hear “fit Asian man” they think of Bruce Lee mode, kind of racist but no one seems to care. I think the world needs more Veeky Forums asianbros to show that Asian men don’t just have one body type.

You got this man, don't stop

cause I make up for it in seratus

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That's the plan :)
It's been two weeks lol, I've barely even started. More gains to come :)

Are you the manlet who commented about my dick before? Normally I'd get salty but it's kind of hard to take someone seriously when they openly admitted to being 5'4".

im not seeing any

Haha, the name applies but it's not me.

Thank you both! I know I'll get there eventually - that said I never expected getting below 250 to be so much harder than going from 350 to 250. Weight loss is weird. Thanks again for the encouragement!

bruh if you can't see seratus in the first pic you must be blind

Tyler Sheridan?

as in the film maker?

why would I need a folder of myself friendo?

5 months lifting as newbie pic related.


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post more fap bait


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No, whoops. The actor Tye Sheridan.

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you should care more about soy percentage

>roiding for this