One of the worst things you can do for boxing practice

>one of the worst things you can do for boxing practice
why is this allowed?

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its the same weight as gloves

What is wrong with you. Shadow boxing is key in developing technique and warming up. This post shows you don’t know anything about boxing

Shadow boxing with dumbbells is stupid, which has been proved many times. Why floyd continues to do it, I don't know

shadow boxing is done with either 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 16oz at the most.

not anything past 1lbs
no he uses heavier

>retards disputing world champ
fucking keyboard warriors

Maybe he’s just doing it for the photo opportunity?

he does it at every photo like a joke

Same reason why figure skaters practice with a heavy ass weighted belt.

physics are different you idiot

read a book moron

you read a book faggot
the loading tension on a boxer should always be from the body, not past 2 joints on the hand.

Physics of what?
тяжeлo в yчeнии, лeгкo в бoю

physics of the load on the body

Jeff Cavalere, fuck off with your sissy science


>I know better than the best boxers in the world
Show me your workout routine

Name me one pro boxer that doesn't shadowbox with weights, I'll wait

I think he was being sarcastic u numbnuts

Reminds me of a month ago when someone on here was unironically telling people how Usain Bolt should be running

What? The two best boxers in the world, Mayweather and Lomachenko, both do this. It obviously has benefit lol if they are using them. I would like to see you critique more of their training methods, because obviously you seem to be the best trainer in the world.

>Random poster on Veeky Forums knows more about how Mayweather should train than Mayweather

Man this seems likely.

To be fair, you can look at a professional sportsperson and still critique their technique, especially in something like running. You just can't say how to coach it because you're always going to know less than their coach

Mike Tyson never punched with weights
He only lifted weights

let's see, who should I listen?

a random Veeky Forums (probably gay) poster
a world boxing champion.

oh gee, I can't decide.

That's like baby shit, no intensity
that's an intro class

>OP already regrets he created the thread as there will be 300 comments calling him a faggot
>which he is

Mike tyson is half pitbull he dont count

yes but imagine if they DIDNT DO IT how good they could be xDDDDDD

>i know more about boxing than one of the greatest boxers of all time

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>If you aren’t a world champion boxer you aren’t allowed to criticize them

Imagine being this fucking retarded

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you of course are, but use valid points pls
>inb4 hurrr T nation is broscience
The logic still stands. Just because he's one of the greatest boxers of all time doesn't mean his training is perfect. He's a super talented athlete but that doesn't mean he's perfect. If someone says that Tom Brady's diet is stupid (it is), would you respond by saying "Hurr he's the greatest he obviously knows better"? By your logic, sportscasters and analysts shouldn't exist because they're not allowed to critique the greatest athletes.


Tom Brady isn't the greatest quarterback of all time though

Wow someone get this man a 5 picture deal with Adam Sandler writing with him. Genius comedy

>What? The two best boxers in the world, Mayweather and McGregor
Fixed it for you

What makes him the greatest quarterback? Just curious. He's not even the best in the league currently

He is OBJECTIVELY the best qb of all time.

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Extraordinary sportsmen are oftentimes superior not because of some their methods but despite them.

That's not Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady is a product of Belicheck's coaching & nothing more. There's a reason he takes shit pay every year to stay on the Patriots, and it's because he's not good enough to play anywhere else and succeed.

You lost Super Bowl 52 to a backup QB and a 2nd year head coach.

Correction - he is the GREATEST. He is the one with the most championships and Super Bowl rings.

But he is not the best. There are objectively better QBs in the league right now.

The Patriots in general are a great team. Tom Brady isn't the greatest

>223 wins (most ever)
>8 super-bowls (most ever)
>5 super-bowl wins (most ever)
You guys are fucking retarded. Really i cant believe the mental gymnastics needed to say shit like this.

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do you actually box? I don't think you do.

The purpose of the exercise is to help you get strengthen holding your arms up it's not for increasing the strength of your punch. If you haven't ever boxed you don't realize how hard it is to keep your arms up for an entire match.

>losing to Eli Manning
>losing to nick foles
>playing in that shitty conference his whole career

Top kek

I was pointing out how you thought you were quirky and clever by completely ignoring his point

Why wouldn’t you just hold them then for extended periods of time? What’s the purpose of punching with them?

Its more like, "He's the best and it hasn't hindered his ability to produce results"

In the t-nation article he makes a good point about your mechanics being affected but, boxers shadow boxing with weight is a small, SMALL portion of their actual training. The percentage of time spent doing that is minuscule compared to the amount of time they spend boxing without resistance. For the most part when it is incorporated its to build up endurance and it isn't used for every punch. In the video with GGG he is mostly doing one type of punch in a rhythm specifically for warming up. That is different from the anecdote given in the T-nation article about the track runner with the fact that it isn't used during full ROM, full speed, or maximum effort for a smaller duration. Heres an example of Floyd doing the same. He, like GGG isn't using full ROM, isn't going full speed or power. The application is again for endurance for the muscles that are needed for throwing punches, and defending themselves. That said, your critique of their training will fall on deaf ears regardless due to their experience, and success within the sport, that shouldn't be surprising in the least.

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>doing all those things
>still being the best
rlly mks you tink

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many such cases

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pretty sue mike never lifted weights until later in his career
it was all body weight and conditioning stuff

Because it was a stupid point. Mayweather actually is the greatest boxer ever. You can say his training sucks, but at the end of the day he's 49-0. Tom Brady has a dumb diet, but it works for him. There's no objective solution to training and diet. Everyone's body is different and reacts different to shit.

why risk elbow joints

>First, you're doing a horizontal movement (punching forward) against a vertical resistance – the dumbbell only provides vertical resistance because of gravity. So the resistance doesn't even overload the action you want to strengthen.
>unironically claiming this is not "broscience"

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Everyone getting baited these easy lmfao

>best of all time
please stop this meme, ray robinson is the best of all time

If you are a professional of any sport you are most likely going to have some fucked up body parts when you get older especially boxers.

how is it broscience?
it's the exact same application as doing an internal or external rotation with dumbbells. It just doesn't work.

The only thing you should shadow box with is a light cable if you wanna shadowbox with anything besides wraps or gloves

Tyson shadowboxed with his gloves no weights

Delete that picture

dude, ballet dancers stretch before working out. Veeky Forums told me stretching is bad for you before working out.

Should I listen gay people obsessed with their physique or professional dancers?

that's cause ballet dancers don't go for strength

I bet your over 30.

You are straight dumb.

Aren't most boxing matches under artificial 2x earth's gravity?

you can't dispute the facts that:

1) He is NUMBER fucking one in the world of boxing

2) He shadow boxes with weights

The correlation of these two statements yields the following:

Shadow boxing is beneficial in terms of practice.

The proof is in the pudding folks.

Trips for Truth. He's not even the best QB in the league. If he played for the Steelers, he'd have been out of the league and probably in a wheelchair by 2008. If he had played for the Browns, he'd have been out of the league by 2004.

If Drew Brees played for the Patriots, he would have won 12 Superb Owls. They probably would have had to retire the Superb Owl to get him to stop winning it so much. Brady is a soy fed, skinny fat system baby with a respectable arm. That's it.

>Team accomplishments = individual greatness

Are you now going to tell me that Phil Rizzuto is the greatest Shortstop of all time because he won a bunch of World Series?

>#1 in the world of boxing
>Not the heavyweight champion

Pick one and fuck off, soy boy weight class babby.

>u r dumb
that's your post

Pitty Pat mitt work, using towels for defensive drills (Sugar Shane Mosley), dumbbells for shadow boxing etc are all useless and don't work.

Nevertheless, some people just stick to certain things. In the end, it has no discernible impact because like the other guy stated, shadow boxing with dumbbells is such a minuscule part of what Floyd did during his training camps.