Eternal shitbreath

I know at least a few people can relate and I've posted before, but why do I have shitbreath since age 12? What the fuck can I do to make it go away? If it's not hygiene nor Candida related what the fuck is it then? It comes from my stomach or lungs/airways. A few things about me:
>small or receding jaw, doctor suspects sleep apnea
>a bit loose esophageal valve
>food sometimes comes back in my throat if I'm stupid and eat heavily before sleep
>tested for TMAU, result is negative

What is worth trying at this point besides suicide?

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brush your teeth 3 times a day and get a tongue scraper do the same with tooth paste you won't have it

It just doesn't work

Don't go to sleep after eating. Wait at least two hours. You sure it's not hygiene related? What's your routine?

Do you have tonsil stones

Are you fatass?
I knew fatass who had shitass breath he lost a lot of weight and didn't smell.

I don't usually do that but I mentioned food going back up into throat it in case someone might think it's a symptom of some disease or something.

Brush at least twice a day, scrape tongue and use mouthwash. And people will still sometimes even change seats and look at me weirdly if I sit behind them. I stopped going to out/to bars over a year ago, every experience is just bad and there's been hundreds of them

Yeah I don't see any. I put my finger behind the soft tissue around the tonsils/soft palate or some shit, smelled my finger and didn't smell anything.


i have something different but kind of similar

i have eternal ass wetness and stench

i clean it in the shower with a wash cloth and soap but my ass still is moist and stinky alot of the time

i theorize that my smell drives people away from the free weights area but i can only smell it sometimes

is it my diet?

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Rinse/gurggle with a little peroxide with water 50/50 mix. Rinse with cool water after that.

Are you sure there's absolutely no shit in your ass after showering? If there is any, it will create horrible ass sweat

If hairy ass, buzz (do not shave) the hair short. If not use a good body powder. Might want to use powder either way.

Probably tonsil stones. I remember a rare disease where the body created odor of burning tires.

Yeah, well my odor is the shittiest (lol). Literally shit or rotten eggs kinda smell. TMAU is where your body odor or breath smells like fish but can also smell like feces. But I'm glad I don't seem to have it. But it doesn't make me any more relaxed that I don't know what is causing this.

After taking a shit, wipe with regular toilet paper, then when you think you're done wiping use antibacterial wet wipes.
Also trim the hair around the asshole.

Mouth wash

grab a credit or debit card from your wallet snd scrape your tounge from back to front, starting as far back as you can go

Like why isn't there a pill that totally gets rid of nasty smells in the body? We're this far in medical development yet there's people like me who suffer just because of a smell.

brush your tongue. floss. swash water around your mouth throughout the day. chew gum if necessary.

Hey guys this isnt strictly relevant to the OP but its kinda related
>have excessive sweating condition in under arms, feet and palms
>use driclor on armpits and plan on getting an ionto machine for the palms and feet
>sweat moves to my head
What do guys?

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Have you tried checking for tonsil stones, OP?


drink more water, oil pull

Check for tonsil stones

yeah I have awful "diaper breath" and its probably from tonsil stones (which I have).

I have hyperhidrosis too and there is unfortunately nothing you can do about it. It's not a medical condition, you just sweat alot. Don't put shit in your body to make your body not sweat or get botox injections. These are obviously bad for you. There are undershirts that can absorb the sweat and turn it into vapor. You can also just put toilet paper in your underwear to soak any ass sweat issues. Try to fist bump instead of high five.

Accept the fact that you will have discomfort from time to time. People will see pit stains. Handshakes are a nightmare. Girls don't want to hold your hand. It is what it is. Dress accordingly and don't stress about it.

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Are tonsil stones something I can take care of tonight? Legit too scared to google because that shit is fucking nasty from what I remember

you might have tonsil stones or stones in your salivary duct, use a qtip and a mirror and probe gently but firmly around the edges of your tonsils and under your tongue. even the small ones can fuck your breath up

as a 30 year old who never fucked with tonsil stones, will checking for them and removing them take me from zero to hero

rub the inner part of your tongue with your finger for a while. smell your finger. if it smells like shit it's coming from there, so make sure to scrub your tongue with your toothbrush. if white/yellowish shit shows up on your toothbrush's hairs right after keep doing it until nothing shows up.

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ah yes, the tictac for your nutsack

if you have a long tongue you can get rid of tonsil stones with your tongue. i do this every day. they are probably the smelliest things.

My dad made fun of me today because my breath smells like garlic. He should be grateful I haven't been eating my onions

none of this advice works bruh, OP i literally had the same thing since 9 years old and its gotten better only recently. I was positive it was candida for the longest time but my doctors disagreed. One gave me anti fungal mouthwash and after using it my bad breath remained. I honestly am not sure if i still have it but I don't think I do. To get rid of it isn't as simple as brushing your tongue as these faggots are suggesting. For me I think what fixed it was

1. drink a lot of water every day
2. try many different types of toothpaste until you find that seems to work.
3. try oil pulling using coconut oil. Google this for more info
4. Eat foods with pro-biotics in them for healthy gut bacteria
5. Cardio helps to clear mucus from lungs and it pulls other things out as you cough it up. Make sure you spit it out and don't swallow it
6. don't eat too much sugar

These are basically what I remember but I might have done some other things as well. Make sure you do all of this and you might be able to get rid of it.

yall had me scared. ive never checked for tonsil stones in 35 yrs and i just did. assuming i had some rank shit backed up from years and years but there wasnt a speck in those bitches