Who said being Veeky Forums cures anxiety? WHO?

>be Veeky Forums 46 year old virgin
>want to fuck cute 18-24 yr old chicks
>best way to do it is through tinder
>have social anxiety because a lot of girls there say they don't date guys older than 24
>match with a lot of girls older than 26
>but I want the 18-24 yr old chicks
fuck me

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you're an old man so date your match

go back to work or else i call your boss and tell him you harass the customers

Your only potential to fuck young girls is as a sugar daddy, so you need to adjust your profile to show off that you're a "fun guy" that just casually has a ton of money to buy her branded shit from gucci.

In what world? Rhetorical question user.

>46 year old virgin

save up and rent a prostitute on her 20s. do this right fucking now!! drink a few beers to loosen yourself up so you won't get scared when it is time to perform.

do not even think about it. go fuck a whore right now!!

in every world you fool. if 46 is not old then why aren't you fucking women on there 40s!?

you are not fucking them because those women are old and gross. accept it and maybe you can learn to be less pathetic.

>in every world you fool.

The old virgin cope.

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user, you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and ask yourself why you are a 46 year old man acting like a fucking teenager. If you are seriously 46 and are still afraid to talk to girls, there is no hope for you.

>46 year old virgin
>match with a lot of girls older than 26 but I want the 18-24 yr old chicks

what are the chances that these two things are related

don't post your selfies on Veeky Forums pls

This thread

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>46 year old virgin


If you're 46 AND fit, you're ahead of 99% of 46 year olds. How can you not have bagged some sloppy cougar by this point?

>46 year old man acting like a fucking teenager
How is a 46 yr old supposed to act in your perspective? I have all my financial shit together, I'm just asking for the having sex part. I work in an industry where no women, much less attractive ones, work in. I also travel around a lot by myself and do photography for my blog. Again, how is that acting like a teenager?

>How can you not have bagged some sloppy cougar by this point?
Social shut-in, mostly hate interacting with people so I tend to do activities by myself a lot. I relish being alone. At this point in time though I want to have sex with girls but trying to find a way to go about it without looking like a fool. Honestly at this point I feel like just flying to Vegas at the bunny ranch just to get it over with.

Not the guy you asked but you are using Tinder, which is sad at your age. Chasing little girls around like a creeper will get you nowhere. Accept that they are out of your league. The amount of money you have is irrelevant because guys on their late 20 and early 30 also have money to travel around and you mentioning it makes you sound desperate. Look for women on their mid 30s or buy a young prostitute if its only sex that you want.

>being a sugar daddy is the only option
Meh, I'll take it. I know a lot of college girls are desperate for money so I'll go that route then. thanks.

not only are you socially retarded, you even talk down to everyone here trying to help you. Nigga. How are you too stupid to realise you missed out your entire life on what kids 15 years old are having on a regular basis?
Just go and pay a hooker so you can see some fucking pussy for the first time, maybe even touch it, I bet you don't get to fuck cause you'll just come too soon but that's good enough for you, old man. So stop wasting time, call your mom right now, get it over with!

>I bet you don't get to fuck cause you'll just come too soon but that's good enough for you, old man
I wonder what kind of personal struggles you're going through that makes you post that way. Either way things won't work out for you if you continue on this path of self destruction.

I feel angry for you, man. Are you sure you're not gay and in denial tho?

>I feel angry for you
That's not healthy, especially if you do that a lot in life with others.

I don't wanna be a dick but i think it has much more to do with your age? In a respect full way, do you feel like the clock is running down? I started lifting at 16 and not only was i too scared to leave the house i was a pussy even online in vidya and when i did finally go to the gym i was too scared to enter the weight room. Now if people are fucking with me i get up in their face. When i'm not getting something i speak up instead of awkwardly waiting for my request to be answered even if i was first. I stopped giving so many fucks about what people who are below me think about. I feel like Veeky Forums saved my life in the last 2.5 years and the dangerous track i was on. No offense its your age dude lifting does wonders.

Buy some pussy now, so you know what it's like and then find a nice chick. You don't wanna be that old 65 years old sitting alone in a house with nobody around (fuck friends, I mean somebody-family).

This is not the first time I see a grown adult virgin setting an obstacle for himself. I know this virgin who was 30 and refuses to date or fuck any one unless it is a thin young girl on her early 20s. He is now 35, I see him every now and then trying to buy drinks to teenage girls, who reject said drink and walk away.

I think he is to much of a chicken shit to talk to women his own age -OR- he is fixated on only young girls. Almost like a pedo except with girls who are exactly 20 of age. This is why I believe he will die a virgin. He refuses to accept that he needs to talk to, date, fuck in his own age group. He already has a bad reputation on all the town bars as that guy who harasses the young girls.

I am not saying you are like this guy OP because I do not know you but make of this story what you will.