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>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.


While you're at it watch the rest of this guy's videos on nutrition.

>Weight loss
>Better skin

It's when your body takes apart useless, shitty cells. (Cancer cells, cells with broken protein, acne, loose skin, etc)


>take around 4700 mg of potassium per day max
>2000 up to 3000 mg of sodium per day max
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated.


If you're lean, 5:2!-- OMAD (one meal a day, 1-2 hour eating window) 5 days a week + 48 hour fast a week
If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T.

You don't have the willpower to fast to death. Now look down. See that large bulbous gut? That's food. Thousands and thousands of calories stored and ready to be consumed by your body.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.

"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

>Sugar is more addictive than coke

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made it 24 hours so far. did a 60 hour fast last week and a few months ago I managed 10 days. want to go much longer. 3 weeks with this one.

That's a good track record, you can do it man!

Day 5/7, starting weight was 118, on Monday it was 112, weighing on today will post weight. Day off from work tomorrow to make it easier.
I'm extremely lethargic, but not hungry.

How's everyone else doing?

For long term fasting is it feasible to put dry fast days in between?

I'm talking 30+ days of fasting and maybe 1/5 of those dry.

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All sources in this thread are from two people (Valter Longo, Jason Fung) who sell their diet (books, supplements, programs) as products.
>Valter Longo is a founder of a L-Nutra Inc., a company that markets food supplements.
>L-Nutra is the Leading Nutri-Technology Company Developing an Innovative Portfolio of Fasting Mimicking Diets FMD's™
Jason Fung is a well known fraudster who among other things claims that diabetes is curable (it absolutely isn't). He also sells books and programs.
>Personalized Therapeutic Nutritional Counselling for Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
The other source is only about intermittent fasting.

Fasting apart from intermittent fasting is not going to do you any good. To lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, long-term way you need exercise and a moderate caloric deficit (

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Report and move on
Dont feed yous

Please tell me this Potassium and Sodium shit ends up tasting better after a while. It just took every piece of willpower I had to not throw it back up.

Can't I just eat it over the course of the day and drink water separately? Will that fuck up my teeth or something?

Yeah, you can do that.

it gets easier to drink. I would never say it taste better but that the taste is not as bad. Dont try and drink this shit like normal water. Just take a sip from time to time. I have set up rules. I have to be half thru a liter by 2:30.

Does it really cause loose skin? I thought it was supposed to help prevent loose skin.

The faster you lose weight (muscle or fat) the more loose skin you will get.

Fasting is backed up by medical research, and throughout history it has been a part of human life (voluntarily or involuntarily). Note: fasting =/= starving, you starve when you have no excess fat on your body.
Just calling Dr. Fung a fraudster without providing any proof is just useless; post something to support your claim or that invalidates his claims.
You can straight up pirate his book (like most people), also his interviews on youtube summarize his book. Fasting doesn't cost any money, as a matter of fact it saves you money.
I've been fasting for about 4 weeks now (3x per week for 36 hour periods - less than 20 calories - mostly from coffee or tea) and have not noticed any negative side effects - in fact my skin (I have mild body acne, keratosis pilaris, lichen sclerosus) has improved slightly as a result (anecdotally speaking, I'm not measuring anything strictly). I've also lost about 10 lbs in that time span. I eat as I normally would on feeding days (somewhere in the region of 2000-3000 calories).
Fasting works, fasting is easy as long as you aren't a compulsive eater, it's healthy if you have fat on your body, and humans/animals have been doing it for millions of years.

He's talking out of his ass out of sheer ego.

I use Dioralyte, it's a diarrhea powder you mix into your water, it doesn't have the perfect balance of electrolytes, it does have trace amounts of glucose (not enough to kick you out of keto for a significant amount of time, your body will use up the glucose pretty much immediately as you drink it) but the big plus side is it has natural flavouring, either blackcurrent or lemon flavour. Stops the shits, stops your headaches and heart palpitations, tastes nice, wont fuck your keto up. I'm going into the 6th day of my first fast on this stuff, seeing visible results and I feel pretty fucking good to be honest.

If you don't mind the risk of getting SLIGHTLY, and I do mean very slightly slower progress with your fat loss it's a great option as far as I can tell.

1 Tbsp cayenne per 2L makes it much better to me. The capsaicin therein has many health benefits some of which relate to weight loss.

>be extremely cold probably due to fasting
>not to mention I'm in an extremely cold state full of snow and ice
>get threatened to take one glove off my hand at work
Well whoever makes these stupid fucking rules needs to kill themselves.

What are the benefits of dry fasting over regular fasting? Should I bother with it if I do IT 20/4?

Reposting cause I was a moron who didn't see that the thread had reached the bump limit:

I see a lot of people following Cole's recommendation of ACV and lemon juice, but lemon juice has a pretty decent amount of carbs (6.5g/100 g, which is pretty close to the amount he recommends), won't that spike insulin and break the fast?

Would a 6 day fast necessitate snake juice?

Depends how fat you are. If you’re extremely overweight and you lose a lot you will have lots of loose skin and require surgery to remove it. It doesn’t matter how you take the weight off. There have been some instances where dry fasting intermittently has helped tighten skin. Worth a try to see if it works for you.

Last day of my 10 day. So excited to be able to eat again, and I know it sounds stupid, but I'm so thankful for you guys. Cutting has become so much easier, and on this fast alone, I'm down 15 pounds, with no lifts falling.

>IT 20/4
Meant to type IF 20/4.

First, he suggests only a few spoons. Nowhere close to 100g
Second, whats your source on that? Google gives me 22 cal / 4g carb per 100g

He recommends 8 tablespoons here: youtube.com/watch?v=2vz_U8kxDlg , that's pretty much 100 grams. He might have changed that in a later video, I haven't seen them all.
Got the carb count from the bottle I have.

>Bottle i have
Squeeze fresh lemons

Some moron thinks you might lose an extra 5 grams of fat by forcing your body to acquire water by breaking down extra fat tissue. TL;DR enjoy your gout and kidney stones.

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idc if a dude posted this i died laffin

Those of you both fasts and lifts, what routines do you run? How do you manage fasting and lifting days with each other?

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I do IF, cardio and lifting all at once. Obejctive is to lose all my excessive weight.
I noticed visible muscle mass and strength too

i know it sounds weird, but can i use fasting or IF to bulk?

Im on my first fast.
>hour 42
I feel pretty weak at this point. But i will certainly make it til the 48. I think im going to buy some mixed veggies and some steak. Ill way it out to 2 ounces of steak and 8 ounces of veggies. Then ill go into a 72 hour fast.

What do you fellas think.

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im trying to lose weight i eat 2 meals a day
breakfaust / lunch: 200g salmon, 200g potatoes
and dinner: 200g chicken, 200g potatoes and some veggs is that gonna work?

yeah, just eat more. If you are OMAD or eating every two days just eat more than your TDEE for that day or those days.
>dont eat for two days, then eat two days worth of food + some.

post your
>daily physical activity.

Don’t do it. Keep pushing.

no physical activity

That's a lot of potatoes.

start fasting on snake juice and figure out a routine.
You dont need to eat. Hell you can eat once a week til your down 30lbs which is where you will be in about a month and a half on snake juice.

why are you in this thread?

wrong. doesn't matter how fast you lose the weight, loose skin is loose skin.

will a 48 hour water fast give me any noticeable changes.

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sum1 reply please

Man I have the opposite going on as everyone else it seems. I sleep like a brick, feel as good as ever, good energy just not able to go high output for long, and walking outside in - 10(c) in a t-shirt I'm toasty. House is kept at like 16, never get a chill

I am getting those food dreams though, and the desire to eat so many different tasty things, yet don't feel hunger

I usually do 2 meals. A lot of veg , lots of lean protein. I also have 2 sliced of bread as carbs. I made a chicken soup with lots of veg and that was the balls.

Any of yall eat salad? I've decided that my OMAD diet will be salad. Only salad. Peas, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Fucking delicious. I think my dining hall has onions and green beans as well.

noticeable change, yes, but meaningful progress in itself, no, you will need more work.

Maybe with some sliced grilled chicken, definitely. My dining hall in college had a little skillet station that would grill up some chicken or shaved steak (for steak+cheese) or shrimp, see if you can get some of that.


That's good for dressing but you will need some real food with it, you aren't stupid enough to be a vegan, are you?

cheese = empty calories bro
let me tell you something bro, real food is starch and veggies, not hormone-pumped meat made from 20 different animals.

I think it's stupid and you should lose weight in a good and proper way instead.

>I think it's stupid because I don't have the willpower to not eat 20 meals a day like a fat fuck

Fucking retard.

who /borax/ here?

; )

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>i think i know anything about willpower because i don't have the patience and willpower to diet properly and eat at a caloric deficit for a year or more, and instead resort to stupid fad diets that promise you to lose weight in a matter of weeks

I just did one without, on day 5/6 stomach had a strange dull pain, drank a little snakey then and it went away, otherwise nothing else seemed to be affected, heart rate, sleeping etc

2/10 would not bang
enjoy your ban

la L-nutra...

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fast more, manlet

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I always put a bit in my protein shakes, great sweetener

What about Shelton?
He is dead and wrote quite a bit about fasting and if to believe it, he cured many people with only few fatal cases due to preexisting conditions.

Good girl

is that you again, Stu?

can fasting long enough on snake juice help against tonsil stones?

Day six of a 19 day fast, wasn't planning on going so long but I'm coming to a deadline of a stupid bet I made to lose a certain amount of weight in 6 months and it's the only way I'm going to make it.

Otherwise fasting has saved my life. I started off bigger than boogie last year, my peak was 515lbs. Been doing a mix of Intermittent fasting and multi day fasting, usually 4 to 5 days fasting with one or two days eating. It is the only thing in 25 years that has gotten me to lose weight and keep it off. I am six months in and next month I am hoping to be breaking into the 300's.

We're all gonna make it, don't give up, no matter how bad you feel, no matter how badly you have fucked up. It can't be anywhere close to as bad as I have. If I have a chance to make it anyone can. Thank you Veeky Forums for being here, this place is the only thing that has kept me from checking out.

I wasn't suggesting that you put a dang Steak Hoagie on your salad, dude. I meant the shaved steak or shrimp as an alternative to the chicken.

I would say yes. But it's not necessary. It could save you some headaches

THICK. TIGHT. SOLID. Keep us all posted on your continued progress. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

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I’ve been fasting for 2 days then eating for 1 then repeat. Is this a reasonable routine or should I step it up? I started last Thursday and so far I’ve been feeling a lot better. I’m around 270 lbs and 5’9”. Goal is sub 200. I haven’t had a problem with hunger, I just like the taste of food, but I am willing to go longer if it’s better for me.

If you don't lift longer fasts would accelerate the process

Nice dude! Keep going, we’ll all make it!

Yeah I lifted for a bit, but my major is intensive and fasting is the only time effective thing I can do. I’m probably just a lazy bastard but hey, so far this works for me. I’ll do 3 days starting tomorrow and scale up a day every time I break it till it’s unbearable.

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Is it normal to have sharp pain in your arm and nose on the second day of a fast?

I can't take Thomas DeLauer seriously at all.

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting

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Hey /fast/ boys, liking into OMAD/IF for rest days. Any tips on dealing with hunger? Recovering fatso at about 175lb/6ft here. Just drink water? Add salt?

These trap posters need to fuck off with their intentional, pharmaceutically-induced gyno.

add water
go HARD on vegetables (no oil or dressing) during your OMAD

I need to bitch. I'm cold. Not even hungry, or tired, or woozy, just insanely cold. Also, someone in my apartment building is making what I think is stir fry and I can smell it from here. But I'll be good, day 2 of what I'd like to be a 5 day fast, I'll make it, we'll all make it.

t. kissless virgin

That's clearly not a trap

On day 3 of planned 5 day fast. Flatmates just ordered pizza, /fast/ give me strength.

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It makes sense chemically though.

Fats are just long chains of hydrocarbons attached to a group that has oxygen in it. You excrete the carbon and the hydrogen and oxygen just becomes water.

I do my OMAD within an hour and soft dry fast the rest of the 23 hours. During my meal, should I just drink enough water to quench my thirst or should I load in a bit extra to help stay hydrated throughout the fast? Or is there a fixed amount of water I should be consuming?

Who OMAD here? Honestly, I still sometimes crave lunch, but I can manage most days, especially weekends. I coulnd't imagine doing this if I was working though. Currently studying.

Doing for a month. Literally no more hunger until dinner

just got some today, pinched a bit between my fingers & dropped it in 1.25l of mineral water. Feel fine so I couldn't have screwed up too bad, but definitely gonna want to invest in some measuring spoons for this shit

It would only makes sense if there was actually a metabolic path that enables lipids to be broken down in this kind of way, which doesn't exist btw.

>he doesn’t know an obvious trap when he sees one
>on Veeky Forums in 2018

Are you overweight? If so by how much? What's your body fat percentage?

Not overweight. Around 14% bf. Trying to get down to sub 10%

(not that poster but) Damn we're basically in the exact same position. I was doing high fruit OMAD for a while. Three days into ketOMAD, weight loss has picked up but I'm craving//storing water like crazy (salt intake hasn't changed)

Is it super dangerous to workout as a fatass fasting for a longer period?

Okay that's fine I was just wondering why you aren't doing water fasting, you're a bit too lean for that. Carry on and good luck with your results breh

Yeah, weight loss has stalled for me twice already. Broke my plateau today. In any case my waist measurements are going down consistently and by visual inspection I appear leaner so suffice to say, everything is going smoothly.

No reason to work out when doing extended fasting, you'll burn out in minutes and deplete liver glycogen which can fuck your muscles.