How are most gay dudes always so crazy fit? Can the straight man achieve gay man physique?

How are most gay dudes always so crazy fit? Can the straight man achieve gay man physique?

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Mishima isn’t gay cease this slander

dominance over other men?

because part of making it is realizing that Veeky Forums is gayer than /lgbt/

fucking girls is for pussies. they can't even fight back.

Being picky about your diet kinda makes you gay

Gonna check that book out thanks for posting it.
This thread is dumb af though.

Mishima is DYEL though

You know how a lot of lonely neckbeards try to take the trap pill and becomes their own perfect waifu?
Gay guys do that only it isn't cringey. Basically they're attracted to other dudes, so they strive to look like the kind of dudes they'd want to fuck.

Straightmen go for function, ie. real sports, martial arts etc. Gays go for form, ie. fitness, bodyvbuilding, powerlifting etc. depending on the fetish.

Supplementing with test is very common amongst gays because it's prescribed to homos with HIV. Seriously

>disregard women.
>aquire aestethic.
Womens are gain goblins.


This. Hence why Veeky Forums is so beta and full of homos that hate playing sports.

Gay porn isn't "most gay dudes." That being said, Ray Harley or Aniki mode is my goal body.

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RIP Aniki. You were too good for this world.

just cause he wore a thong doesn't mean he was gay, it's called being metrosexual, bigot

I mean when ever I've gone on dates with a girl I've typically eaten outside of my diet but you can totally compensate for it.

That being said I am still cutting.

Some truth here but the answer obviously is yes.

Read any book where the character is clearly based on him. They're always gay!

Give me a quick rundown of this guy.

Veeky Forums asian dude who tried to overthrow the government and had a suicide fetish because MUH ONOR

Almost all the gay dudes I've known IRL are fat fucks or weird skellies. I know exactly one fit queer, and he's bi.

A genius, beyond any doubt

Otoya Yamaguchi > Yukio Mishima

Steroids have a high chance of making gay tendencies worse.

As a bi I'll say it probably has something to do with the small competitive dating pool. Also it makes hooking up easy if you are a chill dude with some muscle.

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Fuck off back to /pol/.

>most gay dudes
Go to Worcester or Province Town in Massachusetts. More faggots than you can handle and they're all skinnyfat or full fat, scraggly beard optional (it's really not an option).