"That guy" general

>That early 30's guy who still goes to the gym
>That balding guy with a shaved head
>That guy who lifts to compensate for his lack of hair but still looks like shit
>That guy who lifts to compensate for his manlet status but still looks like a beta

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>that guy who's own crippling insecurity makes him make stupid posts on Veeky Forums about it

that's you in case you were wondering


>that guy who creates shit threads on Veeky Forums because he is bored


These threads are trash but it kind of makes me laugh and feel bad at the same time that it makes a bunch of older guys whince.

>that guy balding in his early twenties literally me

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This anime image board was for lifting each others spirit and making sure we all make it. What happened? I'm actually leaving this shithole.

Hey that's me


5'4 here. Just wanna get thicc and ridiculous. Dwarf mode is better than hobbit mode

>tfw half black and still have full head of curly black hair
>Probably still have it past my 40s

Ooga booga

Reddit banned /r/incels so they all flooded into here bringing their negativity with then

>That insecure faggot that keeps posting these threads

Lol, this is me.
I don't care, I actually like having a shaved head. I'm only 26 so it makes me stand out amongst the sea of undercuts.

Fuck those retards

Lol im the same dawg.


>t. op

>that guy who plays guitar on his quads in between sets

Its me

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Nah just multiple manlets dude

t. early 30's bald manlet

Stop stealing memes from Veeky Forums, and for once make a funny thread that isn't meming, trolling, baiting, being a fag, etc

So no Veeky Forums threads then?

>that guy who goes swimming wearing speedos and blatantly has a micropenis

It's me, I'm the guy

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I might just do this. I used to be afraid to do so because of my smol penor, but lately I've become more comfortable with it. It's not like it's ever going to get bigger, and I'm pleasing my gf with it anyway.

>it makes a bunch of older guys whince.

I'm 29, but I don't think anyone around my age or older can get trolled by shit like this.

27 years old and probably in the best shape of my life and my path has been set in terms of my career for a while now.

Last thing that is going to make me "whince" is something someone posts on Veeky Forums

>that guy who puts others down because of his low self-esteem
This guy might be familiar to you, OP.

Trying to compensate for something user?

That 30 year old millionaire who sometimes hates his life

>The guy that wears boots to the gym