Taking advantage of obesity in the U.S. - Sumo Wrestling?

With all the fat people in the U.S., why don't more do sumo wrestling? I mean, seriously. They can use their mass to help, plus there are stretching and strength training involved. It would be good for their health.


Yes, I'm completely serious. The U.S. could easily dominate sumo wrestling worldwide if we wanted to.

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The fat is still somewhat taboo and sumo wrestling would be too cliche and insulting.

Give it 10-25 years before most people are and have been fat and you could introduce a new fat person sport and it would actually have a chance.

cause sumo wrestling is powerlifting but gayer

Sumo wrestlers are actual athletes obese people are nowhere no near sumo wrestlers terms of muscle mass.

Because it requires sternous training? Do you think sumos just eat you tard?

There some proper obese sumos but they are never the top guys. pic related been a mid ranker his whole career. He gets exposed by strong guys with good technique

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>Be fat kid in middle school
>mom signs me up for after school karate classes.
>Starting taking them
>Starting to enjoy them.
>For some reason we dont learn much about punching or kicking just balance and how to throw around weight.
>be over a year into it.
>at friends house watching cable.
>Sumo wrestling is on
>We decide to watch some of it.
>Notice alot of the stuff i train to do is what they do.
>Go to the bathroom
>Practice moves in mirror
GOD DAMMIT, mom signed me up for sumo classes. She admitted to it after some pressure, "you're a big boy user, i just figured you would suited for it."

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Please tell me this is true.

Sumo dudes essentially do squats 4 hours a day every day. Burgerfats go into unending rage if theyre forced to walk more than 3 steps.

Oh and for reference this is chiyonofuji, a yokozuna

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sumo lifters are like powerlifters and wrestlers combined
they gotta be strong and have decent cardio to be able to move around all that weight
definitely not something friendly to actual obese people with zero fitness

No, of course not. But the idea that they can start from where they are, work out, wrestle, gain cardio, and keep their fat should be attractive to them, I'd think.

If it were, they wouldn't have gotten fat in the first place.

The fact it requires discipline and hard work instantly discounts every burgerfat. They don't -want- to be fat. All their bullshit is just excuses to justify remaining a lazy shit instead of accepting responsibility for the situation and fixing it.

Because sumo wrestlers aren't just blobs of fat like your average obese burgermutt. Of course, they have a very high fat percentage, but they also have a lot of muscle mass underneath due to special training and bulking, and very little visceral fat (the kind of fat that chokes your organs). This is why despite being technically obese, sumo wrestlers are incredibly fit and healthy.

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And the training is fucking brutal. Your average fat couch potato wouldn’t survive it.

Dunno about that mate. They tend to check out pretty early overall. That could more be repeated concussions though.

The gym i used to go to in japan had kids sumo classes. Full dirt floor and everything. Those little dudes went hard

Sumos are some of the strongest fittest most athletic men in the world. This thread is garbage.

>decent cardio

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Reminder that there is a black sumo wrestler from Texas currently working his way up through the lower divisions.

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There’s a couple documentaries floating around out there about sumo how they train and eat. These guys are like strong men and wrestlers combined check it out if you don’t believe but these guys deserve respect.

Yeah, because they were young. Now take an obsese 30 year old and send him to a sumo camp. He will neck himself the first day.


Sumo vs mma


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How dishonorable

Did you just make the mistake of thinking sumo is a sport of fat people who decided to get Veeky Forums and sumo was the closest thing that they could get into?

Its the total opposite. These guys get incredibley strong, fast and powerful then add the mass on top of their frame to be able push others out the ring.

You’ve possibley got the wrong end of the stick in the most misunderstood, fucked up, brainlet way possible in the history of Veeky Forums. The lack of understanding is astounding.

superior nippon flabs, folded over a 1000 times

Of course I know they're trained athletes with mounds of muscle under their mounds of fat. But maybe a fat person, seeing this, would think, "hey, I could try that", and then gain muscle and flexibility from it.

Yes, my post was a bit of troll. But it's one of those wild ideas that could work.

I wonder how bloatmax would succeed in sumo

No, it couldnt.

Sumo requires discipline and dedication. Two traits burgerfats lack.

he wouldn't because he's retarded and weak as fuck and only does weird meme lifts

Do u even akebono?
We already do/did dominate sumo.
He was yokozuna for a decade for the newfags out there & is american born/raised

Decent cardio? They are pouring sweat after a 15 second match.

Plus a lot of Sumo wrestlers end up becoming thin or average looking when they retire


it is, brothers laughed their asses off at me.