Why do you lift?

I lift for them

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because my ex gf ended years of beong together and years of just being friends before that to get with chad and now theyre a hollow shell of their former self that complains about how being a normie and having literally everybody attracted to you is so hard

if she had worked for it then id feel okay, but she had to do literally nothing to achieve her place in life. when will the rage subside, Veeky Forums? why do we have to work so hard to even get close to where a woman even starts? im not even an incel, the truth is right in front of you. we put women on an unhealthily high pedestal.

oh, also i was bullied, beaten, and molested. that also fuels my rage to lift. at least im progressing.

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I lift for their memory

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Men put women on a pedestal because women are picky. They're picky because they're the gatekeepers of reproduction.

Keep going, we're all gonna make it man.

For them

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Same here

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For Billy

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Stop watching anime.

I wish the world just restarted after that point.

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I lift to be the man I wanted my father to be.

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I do it for the culture

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For them

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I lift to assure myself that I would have been strong enough to protect Him from the Jews and Romans.

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To meet cuddly bears to snuggle with

Based Christposter.

Scrap that "because of them"

I can't sleep well if I don't exercise.

I lift for my family,I lift for my mates,I lift for my girl



Our two year anniversary is coming up soon.

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But "them" is a fictional anime user, it's not real and it is literally impossible that either the characters, the writers, the fans will know anything about you or your lifting user, so by lifting for "them" you are essentially lifting for nobody but yourself and idea that you have of "them"