Nofap guide thread

>installs porn block
>can easily access incognito mode
g-guys,help me

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Guys I was going two weeks strong but yesterday I got home from work and my balls started aching like a motherfucker and got kinda swollen. I could barely walk. I fapped and came everywhere and they felt better after. Woke up and they still feel weird. Might go to a urologist.

The ability to complete NoFap cannot come from without, it must be from within. Stop looking for ways to prevent yourself watching pornography and fapping, and ask yourself why you're doing it to begin with. Is that small amount of pleasure worth forgoing the experience of being a human being fully conscious to the world around him? Whose pleasure receptors haven't been totally destroyed through self harm?

Think about it.

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go to chrome://extensions and let the porn blocker work in incognito mode

I want to fuck my wife but I don't want to wait for her to come home.


srsly fucking close ur god damn computer and go outside

>Wahhhhj user im so horny
>wahhhhhhhh user muh flatline

PUT YOUR FUCKING DICK DOWN AND IMPROVE YOURSELF OR FUCKING QUIT PUSSY. put on your fucking big boy panties and gtfo here with ur dumb wojak feels. do or dont bitches live like a king or die like a bitch.

pic related is temptation. are u a baby bitch boy controlled by his fucking dicklet penis or are u a fucking man who masters himself and the fucking monkey in his soul.

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Shut the fuck up and post sauce faggot

Two minutes of pleasure where maybe you go from a 6/10 to 8/10 in a "well-being/happiness" scale, and then you fall down to a 3/10 immediately and slowly have to work yourself back up. Not worth it.

I can look at open and not jack off.. what's wrong with me.. I think I'm completely desensitized to it.. however if I have a new chick talking to me that wants to fuck... that's when the urges come

Whenever I used to jerk off it was always to my imagination anyways..

no u weak willed bitch, I got tons of vids like that but ur going to waste ur fuckin load on some dumb assortment of pixels that looks like some nice ass.

Those blocker type extensions always seemed dumb to me. The point is to train your willpower. Setting up little easily circumventable shields isn't going to do shit for you. You should be able to go onto Pornhub by accident and resist beating off.

Precisely. The blocker won't block Veeky Forums (for example), and that has been a trigger of several relapses for me.

Stop being a weak bitch.

fucking this so hard. be strong Veeky Forums, youve built those physical muscles now u gotta train the mental ones

you cant rely on blockers because lets be honest you KNOW how to get around them.

>addicted to pornography

Is there any addiction as pathetic as this?

dubs of truf


Abusing your reward system with dopamine? Totally pathetic.

on the subject of fapping

do you guys suffer from premature ejaculation, PE?

The last girl i was with, I tried many many times and would always come early. Is there a Veeky Forums solution or do i have to resort to foreplay?

kegels, breathing excercises, unironically not giving a fuck

just be confident, bro


Once after you pass the 90 days mark, the trick is to stop counting the days

newfags leave

her name is Nateasha Tuggle and its at a fashion show called a'qua swim

do condoms make a difference in how long can last? say if it's too tight or too lubricated?
I've never fugged without one so far in the 20+ times i've banged.

not a newfag faggot, sorry the truth upsets u.

Damn bro if you're coming quick in a condom thats rough. It takes practice but not fapping or watching porn will help you in the long run by allowing you to get used to the sensitivity.

7 days in now guys, I feel like I'm on a roll. I haven't felt the urge to fap to my reflection yet. I haven't gone this long in a while.

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yeah broski it's rough af. really demotivates me from chasing pussy too. even though I can get any girl I want. i don't even fap that much or watch porn. probably once a week to releive my balls.

is my situation hopeless? I'll try kegel execises
I don't have a sad wojack to post


really man like 50% is all in your head. if you go in worried about coming too fast then you will come too fast. just breath and relax and enjoy it who gives a fuk if you come too soon. I had that problem but Ive been dating the same girl for 3 years and for me it went away with regular sex practice.

thanks man it's nice to have another bro's perspective on things we men don't really like to talk about irl. I'll find a long term girl and do like you did then

Why is foreplay considered a last resort? Foreplay comes first, hence the "fore-".

But if you want to eat longer, the key is controlling the contractions of your PC muscles. To get a feel of this, try doing kegels or stopping your urine mid-stream. Those are your PC muscle contracting. Those contractions are what make you climax. You want to stop as many of those contractions from happening. They're somewhat voluntary, so if you feel like one coming, relax, slow your breath until you feel like that muscle's relaxed then you can pick up the pace again.


>Day 19
So I fucked a tranny last night.
>S-still counts as no fap, r-right?

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It cutting porn completely and fapping without every now and then fine or do I need to go fully nofap

OP, if you really want to quit, then just read this book. This goes for anyone in this thread who really struggles to stop. Read this Book. That's all. I managed to stop without any willpower at all through this. Seriously. This is not a joke. Once you read this book you will never ever fap again. Trust me. For the sake of you user, Please read it. I got from another user here and now I'm just returning the favor. We're all gonna make it. God Bless.

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oh yeah and I forgot to add, if youre not dominant as fuck yet try that. something about being a monkey in bed helps me last longer no fuckin clue why. i always last longer if im pulling hair and smacking ass / face and yelling like a madman

>do nofap
>literally get AIDS


satanic trips of abstinence

Depends whether you want super powers or not

>falling for the nofap meme


day 198

starting to feel much better mentally

lmao alright ill try that

this last girl was super chill and even offered to help me practice like wtf that's so fucking nice of her. the problem eas i was living with a roommate who would be in the next room and that would really turn me off.

bro you gotta get over it, unleash the animal. let the world know its time to smash. im not even joking, like whos really going to care if they hear you? what have you got to hide, everybody fucks (or atleast they want to)

the nofap meme wont just die wont it

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Day 6
I haven't had a wet dream yet and my testicles hurt so fucking my much. It's like a deep and sharp pain between my legs. How do i make it stop bros?

kill yourself for believing in stupid memes

Possibly testicular torsion from too much masturbation in your past. I had to get a testicle removed a year ago. No more pain at least.

Just read the bible. It helped me a lot.

I would kill myself If I was you

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No need to continue, this is the post


Ben Franklin once said "locks keep honest people honest"
something like that is more a reminder and reinforcement than anything else
nofap is a meme though so it doesn't matter

Try this

I keep a picture of my grandmother beside the computer. Whenever I think about masturbation I look at her and she is there with that face of "don't do it, my little baby. I love you so much."
She died when I was 12yo.

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Sorry to hear that user, but good to hear she's still watching over you and keeping you honest.
Another "hack" I've heard of is to imagine the face of Al "The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks" Goldstein laughing at you whenever you watch pornography, and imagine the hell him and other put those girls through for your "pleasure". The entire industry makes me sick. Fapping, fair enough - if you have to - but anybody watching that filth and supporting the industry should be charged with a crime IMO.

checked, /thread

Leave this site or assholes like me will try and make you break your no fap streak. LMAO


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>absolute south african boer qt at my work asks what im doing for easter
>says that her church is having big event and will be packed
>asks if I want to go

>remark that it must not be a catholic church if it is packed
>she giggles and says it is a 'charismatic church' and starts making fun of catholics

>realize this is my shot
>i autistically start talking about the summa theologica and how Aquinas was a poor imitation of superior big brained Plato

>she just looks confused and says it could be fun if i showed up

does 'charismatic' mean Joel Osteen type shit
the churches website is sort of vague about what it is

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she looks like an actual demon

and she feeds on your sex energy. a true succubus


I know that's Larkin Love, but what's the video title?

I test my nofap with shit like this, I honestly only come to this board for that and shitposting. 1week strong haven't even touched my dick to piss. True strength is that which has you resist temptation in it's face, not avoiding it.

>making out with old flame from old work
>boner starts to form
>we stop making out for no reason
>a little later into the movie we start making out again
>boner no longer happens

so I jacked off like 2-3 times the day before and once that morning (we made out mid afternoon) and when I have done no fap before I find myself getting far more random boners and more morning wood. Am I developing ED from fapping so much? Do you guys recommend complete no fap or should I just cut back to once every couple days? Pls help I don't want to have ED at 20


you're a faggot
there's absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation

OP, whenever you're presented with the desire for this, think of 5 whys.

>"Why do I want to do this right now?"
Because mammalian urges

>"Why is it coming on so strong?"
It's just the animal brain telling us to reproduce

>"Why am I having so much trouble resisting?"
Because my willpower needs to be strengthened

>"Why does my willpower need to be strengthened?"
Because in the past I've caved in to situations like this.

You get the idea.

Your mileage may vary and you could go down a different road, but think about WHY you're in every situation. Cut the problem at the root, just like was saying.

Dude, when I stopped I got rock hard in like 10 seconds flat when I needed to perform.

And to those saying fapping helps you last longer in bed, I present to you: Male kegels. Exercise the pelvic floor muscle and incorporate it into bedroom festivities while focusing on your breathing and you can pretty well last forever.

Dude, literally keeping your balls full until you need to empty into a bimbo increases your T. Fuck.

except the fact that you're rewarding yourself for literally nothing, making your brain addicted to it. There's a fucking reason every depressed fag faps daily, if not every 6hours. Also, by fucking, your body is still using energy that you would otherwise not use when fapping, so your brain still takes it as a challenge, balancing the equation. Stop coping just because you can't stop yourself from touching your dick

>likes having a man's hand bring him pleasure
spotted the phaggot

That's haunting to watch

Nice tongue there venom

ry spending as few time as possible alone in your room.
When you're done doing the necessary things, head out and do something with your friends, go to gym etc.
If you have the urge to fap take a piece of paper and write it down, with the date and time.
Now truly aware of it, try replacing it with something productive. Running would be my choice. But it can be anything. See also above. Just leave your room.
Write down, what you now should better be doing and why.
If you give in to fap, afterwards write down how long you did it, and how you feel about it now, and then why you want to quit it. And why it is better to do activity x next time.
Do not write something of the sort that fapping is pathetic and only losers do it, that might reduce self-confidence and lead to depression.
If you need porn to fap, delete all the porn you have, and if possible quit your private internet access and use public ones. You now will think that is impossible.
But how much really necessary and productive things do you really use the internet for?

not sure if this has been said but you can block incognito mode by using regedit
>b-but how??
just fuggin joogle it

>Why you're doing this to begin with
I can't get pussy right now, shit sucks.

Not fapping is unhealthy... Just saying

sure doc

damn this actually fucked me up

leave now, schlomo

Yeah, it'll be Olsteen types. While they're wrong, they're not all bad, this is a great shot. Long term you could always attempt to convert her. Don't miss this.

Every time you cum after fapping, write in a notebook what/how you feel: empty, shame, regret, etc
Keep that notebook at hand (pun intended), so the next time you want to fap, read out loud how you'll feel later. Eventually, you'll realize that's better not doing it. I don't feel the urge anymore, but maybe it's a flatline, i don't care, day 39 btw.


user what makes you feel good? The kind of wholesome good that brings you back to that particular time in your life. You know the one.


>long distance gf
>Can't unload in her for at least 60 days
Jesus christ lads I can't keep this up

I'm 30 and work with two 19 year old girls who are sexy as shit and both have boyfriends but they both like me and flirt with me non-stop.

I've been nofap for 17 days and it's literally a living hell going in to work. The one girl heard me say the other was pretty today and she went on a rant about how I thought she was ugly. So I told her she was beautiful and I got a fucking hard-on from the smile she gave me. I can't do this, lads.

What job do you have?

I'm a cook. Why?

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fapping is the symptom of a much larger problem with self control. treating the symptoms is a waste of time, you need a swift kick in the ass. i suggest livestreaming your pathetic ass 24/7 for the whole world to see.

bang them bro, youre better than their bfs.
t. former cook

One of them, yes. But the other is also a cook from a different place.

Fucking this, I can barely find time to crank one out if I needed to with my Job/gym/hobbies/working on my house/fucking my GF

Disable Incognito mode. Google it how to do it. Easy.

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>Slow down. Just because you're fucking doesn't mean you need to go full pace. Slow it down and be a bit sensual
>Switch position (not too often to bore her) and give the tip a good squeeze before you go back in (suppresses desire to come)
>If you can't squeeze the tip give your perinium (area behind your sack) a good press for a little bit
>Concentrate on your breathing. Deep steady breaths. Once your breathing is ragged and all over the place you are well on your way to losing control
>Distract yourself (be careful with this one as can fuck up technique) think of something different. Combined with breathing it's pretty effective
>This one is weird but works for me. If it's an emergency I bite my finger hard. Hurts like fuck and stops me wanting to come

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Can confirm. Whenever you get the urge just read a few pages. It will deconstruct every cope argument you might have and then realize on your own that porn has no benefit for you. After that almost no willpower is needed to permanently stop.

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