Have any of you had a girlfriend that takes offense to everything you say unless you use kid gloves constantly...

Have any of you had a girlfriend that takes offense to everything you say unless you use kid gloves constantly? Is this just all girls? Every girl I've been with has been like this

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Fuaark sauce ma nigga

>have trap gf
>she understands me completely
Haha looser you feel for the cis girl meme

Last gf was very much like this.

Current gf is not at all like this. Much, much better.

So your gay? Have you told your family? Do they support you?

No not really. We joke about most things together, or if we have differing views just talk about whatever it is and try to come to an agreement somehow. Stop dating soft women

Yeah dude, at first I didnt even read your post cause the pic almost made my dick explode. But yes.
My girlfriend is very sensitive to what I say, she gets very upset when I joke around with her as I do with my friends.
All other girls I know are like this too.
Women have a very fragile ego so theyre always defensive, you gotta know this when you deal with them.
Still, dont take shit when she gets mad, you meant no harm so she can fuck off.
When my gf gets mad because she got offended and I was just fucking around I send her to eat shit at the speed of light, same with most women.

Yes to all 3

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Say it and don't flinch. But understand that women live for compliments

you will end un getting aids, trans and gays are incredibly promiscuous and he will pass it to you

>that nose

Oh well at least I'm happy

what does that mean?

>girlfriend says about going swimming soon
>yeah cool
>later that day we are shopping
>she tries on a dress in her size but it is too small for her butt
>'i guess we really do need to go swimming' she says
>haha yeah
>....'are you laughing at me?'
>'you think it's funny? why is it funny. tell me.'
>i wasn't laughing at you
>'you were laughing and you can't explain why, you were laughing at me swimming. well fuck you, we aren't going. You are so horrible.'

I did the only thing I could do as she was getting hysterical, which is walk out of the store and go to Burger King to get lunch

>The only thing I could do when this bitch went crazy was go eat at burger king
Are you jason genova?

Damn, you can't break this man's spirit.

who dat?

The Burger King bit isn't important, the walking away bit is. I just fancied a BK nigga

I've never had a girlfriend and this isn't fitness related so go away

Dump her, that is pure female immaturity and you shouldn't have to deal with that shit. Guys can be stupid fucking idiots too, but not like that.

> on Veeky Forums
> doesn't know about our lord Janoy Cresva

how fucking new are you faggot?

>gets aids
>is happy


The proper response is "I'm laughing because swimming isn't going to do anything for your ass you dumb cunt."

I'm happy for you user

She's shit testing you. Stop falling for the bait. if you learn to dgaf she will stop pretending to be so ermagerdi'mmayad

really new, I saw Pewdiepie's greentext meme video and thought it this Veeky Forums thing looked like pure keks!

one question, can anyone tell me how to make an account? or is it like an invite thing. haha don't worry bros i won't tell anyone else, rules 1 and 2 amirite

I did until it got too annoying and I left her right before Christmas so that I didn't have to buy her anything. I have been seeing another girl who is almost just as bad but talks shit herself all the time... jokes on them though, I'm just killing time until I die.

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Dont do this, this makes mustard gas

I went from KHV to having a trap gf
Gotta say it makes me really happy

nah dude I love swimming I'll let her believe she's doing exercise by splashing round in the shallow end if it means a free trip to the pool

>Last girlfriend was a SJW that was only with me because we had good chemistry in bed
>She avoided any political conversation with me because she knew she couldn't win and would end up triggered
>We break up after 6 months

I've met another girl with neo-liberal ideals that crumble as easily as a sand castle. We've already argued about wage-gap inequality and gender, and immigration (even though I'm an immigrant myself).

We're ending every date we arrange with her feeling bitter about not changing my mind.

>tfw the conservative cute girl is a myth

I'm not even right wing, but people from the right are the only ones using comon sense nowadays

What to do, Veeky Forums?

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God damn I can't believe some women are like that. My wife used to take offense in a similar way, but never so extreme. Either way, I handled it by just saying something like, "look at yourself right now, you're way overreacting and reading into something that isn't there." I never yelled and didn't ignore her or walk away. Just stated the facts bluntly.

Now I can't even remember the last time she pulled something like that.

Is your gf tommy from goodfellas?

Broads say shit like this to bait you, either into complimenting them or (more likely) starting an argument. This lets her justify backing out of something that was her fucking idea in the first place, while hanging it on you.

You aren't in the wrong here. Broom this cunt.

My ex was like this to some degree.

On the one hand, I can be kind of an asshole so I didn't mind reining it in a bit when talking to her, but you can't totally chop off your nuts.

Once you start going out with a girl, you become part of her image, and so she will try to project those insecurities and anxieties onto you and suggest changes here and there. Some of them will be to your benefit, but you always have to keep your true values alive.


I have almost no filter around my GF. I say almost cause I won't say much about other girls (like if I'd do them or whatever) but we joke a lot.

It's better to find someone you're comfortable around.

in my experience the key is ridiculing her for being upset.

is your gf italian by any chance?

she's black

first gf:
>casual anorexia/body dysmorphia
>can't stop her Sicilian genetics though, so ass for days
>swears up and down that she's a 0 or 00, brags to her girlfriends about it.
>legs fit into 0 jeans, but her ass doesn't
>tugs and tugs and tugs, uncomfortable gets them over but now they're all stretched out and wavy in the waist
>starts buying new jeans and cutting the back pockets so it's easier for her butt
>say once "do you want me to get the 2?"
>literally screaming in Abercrombie
>don't get the 2
>don't get auntie annes because now she's all self-conscious
>hold her hair while she spends the entire night binging and purging vodka sodas
>still got hatefucked by her
That happened every weekend, in different contexts, until summer when she was wearing more dresses than pants. Then leggings became her uniform and life got easier...until she cheated on me.

second gf:
>ex-ballerina, full-blown anorexia and extreme body dysmorphia
>85lbs at her lowest (at 5'10)
>steady diet of teatoxes and adderall
>cursed with fat Persian butt
>only wears leggings because of sizing
>always thought I was skinnier than her (kek) because I'm a runnerfag and not really bulky
>never have sex because vagene was messed up or something
vagene wasn't messed up, it was getting filled with some asian wang instead.
I don't date anymore.

Nice user!

yeah that makes sense too.

She's an English country girl. Its a shame, her sister has the perfect 'english rose' temperament but is not attractive


OP here, sounds like my gf. I know i can be harsh sometimes and when thats the case I apologize. On the other hand, about 80% of it is her twisting what i said into something offensive

*people from the far left who are anti idpol are the only ones using comon sense nowadays

>still got hatefucked by her
that story makes it seem like you should've been the one to do the hatefucking desu

Wow those are some shitty humans.
How much did you try to vet those girls before dating them?

same bro
trans gf banter is off the charts

99% of women are like this because they have the mentality of children, and they are only being used to being told nice things by men I.E people who want to fuck them, so any valid criticism or non positive comment is seen as an insult, because they dont know what insults are.

Please keep lying to yourself

My ex was chill af, and would often vent to me about her SJW friends.
Just gotta filter out the grils who can't handle the bants desu.

i remember the first time I saw this picture
it was the most beautiful woman
now she isnt that attractive to me
>that nose
>those blue spots under the yee
>straight sides
>small ass

>>Ex was very chill and on the same wavelength.
>>Except she'd randomly come out mid conversation with some cruel remark as if it were a joke.
>>call her out on it every time
>>"I don't know why I said that I'm sorry"
The fuck is wrong with women?

Why u let her go user

kek I know a girl like this too - shes insecure and is trying to make you seem less valuable with insults so she feels less insecure around you

depends, what does she take offense to?

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All the time. But since I am not a whiney little faggot, I don't care. I say what I want regardless of what she says/feels. Goddamn are you guys seriously this pathetic? They are freaking women. Not worth your respect or concern.

top kek

Had some exes like that. What it boils down to is that they are insecure. Dump them if they can't handle the bantz, it leads to far greater issues down the road.
The 10/10 I wifed isn't like that. Rolls with the punches and dishes it back out, much like your bros do. Get one like this if your alpha. If you aren't, this type will dump you instead (assuming she gives you the time of day to begin with). Confidence, both male and female, is key.

i know that feel

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A lot of women are hyper-conscious of their body, in this situation if you wanted to be most rational you could say something about vanity sizing, thicc being in, etc.
You decided to walk out like an autist.

You don't need to follow ever tenet of The Red Pill, but you should consider giving it a look and seeing what appeals to you. Honestly, life is a lot easier when you treat women like the inconsequential and irresponsible people that they are.

It's saved me a lot of time and energy, at least.


Women like that don't respond to rationality. You don't argue with a child. You do something to show their behaviour is unacceptable and you won't put up with it.
Walking away and letting her get triggered is a good move

Yeah, it seems like the best way to go. As much as I do value romance and the feeling of love and companionship, I've been through the ringer enough times to know that love for a woman is never what it is for a man.

No, you've embraced identity politics, you've only justified it to yourself by calling it something else.

what's love to a woman and what is it to a man? feels like my gf loves me way more than i do her currently

Her love is conditional. If you slip up, get lazy, if she starts to think your status is lower than hers or you fail to keep her excited and interested, not only will she not love you but you will disgust her.

First gf was a little like that maybe but fiancee not at all. I wouldn't put up with that shit but thanks for taking one for team, brah.

no because I don't lower my standards for the sake of having relationship

Used to be with a girl like that. It’s not all girls, just the hyper liberal ones.

>"No, I'm laughing because your ass is incredible and shouldn't be changed."
Even if you don't believe it, that's how you dodge the fight.

Fly away dude. You were laughing at her joke bc the dress was too small for her butt. That’s on her.

Yeah if you're a little bitch who let's women walk over them to avoid arguments.

>I need to insult my girlfriend and get into a shouting match in the mall over nothing
You're going to end up very alone if you don't learn to pick your battles. Sometimes it's best to just let shit go, especially something like her trying to bait you into an argument.

Who insulted her? Who shouted? Who argued? I just walked away cos i know from experience that there's no bringing her back after she's lost her temper and she has to deal with it herself


the "bro you can fuck" meme is real

Dude, you're missing my point here. Women are fucking insane, so you're gonna want to learn red flags (like calling themselves fat, etc.) if you want to avoid those kinds of temper tantrums.

No but for some reason I get offended over everything. I fucking hate it. I was never like this before.

Sounds like you have low T

>I left her right before Christmas so that I didn't have to buy her anything.


it sick it piss it revolting you don't know youtube celery #1

Same, except she also gets pissed when I use kids gloves. There's no winning

kinda. my girlfriend is very independent even though she'd do pretty much everything for me. nevertheless, my biggest problem with her are still her attitudes
>isn't afraid of raising her voice when I'm shopping with her and I anger her
>tends to raise her voice in general because of unimportant shit like me taking the wrong (dirty) towel to clean the dishes at her place
>doesn't like to address things that piss her off immediately but annoys me by being passive aggressive a few days later
I've been together with her for five years now but I have made sure to tell her that especially her getting loud is a huge problem I have. once I find a job (just finished university), I'll start being more critical of her because somewhere down the line, I'll want to move in with her and I'm definitely not going to accept that shit if I have to hear it on a daily basis. I have no problem breaking up with her if she isn't willing to constrain herself

sounds plausible, everything was great until i lost 20kg and found a couple of friends. her problem with "us" is we don't really share any major interests and she got kinda bummed out when i started going out to play dnd and train with my new friends(one is a cute grill so she's jealous of her to boot)
what bothers me is i like being with her despite the fact we mostly just sit huddled together watcing some cancer on the telly. i enjoy that a lot but it feels like at some point it won't be enough for either of us to love eachother

The girls that are fine with 'offensive' talk also tend to be less ladylike and shittier people in general. They aren't like guys who can seamlessly switch between being mature and being juvenile as the situation requires. I'd rather have a more feminine but sensitive gf over a one-of-the-guys kind of girl who can't act her age when she needs to.

Yes I'm sure that girls who can be feminine and not sensitive exist. Just haven't met one yet.

how can you brap if you didnt eat any food to create the brapping gas?

My exgf got so mad once she didnt talk to me for 3yrs. One day she calls me and says wtf you didnt call me first after all this time, youre the worst bf ever but i forgive you.

I told her to never call me again

I tell my girlfriend shes a fat bitch and to shut her mouth all the time.

She dont seem to care much she just puts her head down and looks a little sad.

Go to church. Meet a girl there.

Guaranteed that she has a tumblr where she posts updates of her abusive relationship. Not that she'll do anything to change her situation though.

I know that feel mate. my girlfriend changes her mind all the time. hate that shit
for some people it's normal but as much as I love fun and shit talking, I don't like disrespecting one another. literally hate when someone says stuff like "shut the fuck up" to me. told my gf that I hated it and she managed to say it provokingly to me. told her that I was only going to take it one more time after a while. she said it provokingly somewhere down the line and I just left her home and didn't answer her for a day. told her that I would literally not contact her for a week next time. she hasn't done it since

>I tell my girlfriend shes a fat bitch and to shut her mouth all the time
i really hope you don't really do that. that's just flat out hurtful, you dick
I hate it when girls say they're fat though. just the other day
>my gf tells me "I'm too fat for every jeans I put on" while shopping
>she started working out and now has bigger legs because of it
>I tell her that's pretty normal
>her: "no, you don't have a clue. my ass is too fat in every single pants I try on"
>me: "well, then lose some fucking weight"
>her: "so you think I'm fat?"
>me: "no, you just told me that you're fat"
>her: "and you are confirming that"
>me: "not really. I had literally two options: confirm what you said or say it ain't so. first I said it wasn't so and you said I was talking crap. then I agree with you and you don't like it. fuck that, that's literal proof that there is no pleasing women"

>Have any of you had a girlfriend


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she was fishing for compliment by using self depricating humor. When women do this they arent trying to be funny they are trying to get validation that there is nothing wrong with their insecurity.

>tfw no comfortably chubby gf

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do not argue with /r9k/

wanna know how I know youre average AT BEST?

Living the lyfee

Man can I pat your gf's head and give her treats? Just wanna see her smile again