Spotter helps out a little on last rep of last set

>spotter helps out a little on last rep of last set
>count it as a full session

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>utilize stretch reflex on every OHP rep after the first of the set
>count it as five reps instead of one rep

N-no! That's not cheating!
My OHP is legit

What’s stretch reflex?

>don't go into dead hang after every pull up rep
>Still count them as full pullups

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>spotting buddy on bench press
>after he finishes say 'it was all you, bro'
>wasn't all him, bro

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Muscles can work like an elastic band when stretched during a lift. When the muscle is stretched it will naturally try to return to normal (elastic band snapping back) that elastic force can be used to help with the lift

Meh, I use it too but it obviously makes part of the movement easier

>drink proteinshakes
>tell everyone im natty

>don't eat animal products
>tell people i'm heterosexual

>twisting my body a little on curls

Yep that counts as a rep bois

>curl back a little on deadlifts

Heh heh

>don't touch bar to my chest on bench

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To do strict ohp reps, bring the bar to a complete stop at the bottom for at least a full second

>doing barbell rows
>last two reps don't touch torso
>"ahh, feels good having FULLY completed a set of barbell rows!"’s supposed to touch your torso?

>Take a few seconds to breathe between squat reps
>Still count it as a set of 5

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>rest my arms when doing bench by keeping them extending for a few seconds
>Still count it as one set

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>Take preworkout but don't go to the gym
>Still count all the lifts I didn't do

So like shadowboxing but with lifting

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>use legs to get bar off the ground
>tell people I have good deadlift form

Bro he barely touched it


Did that with arginine but had sex with extra help because of it
>counts full body workout

>tell people I bench 220
>count the bar to make the weight higher


When people who don't go to the gym ask me how much I lift, I include the bar. When people who DO go to the gym ask, I don't include the bar.

Is this appropriate?

>tell people I bench 2 pl8
>use the 35lb bar

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Just take the average between the two

include the bar for people who dont lift, because they won't know to subtract 45lbs. For people who do lift, count it by plates.

No, you always count the bar

No. Just enough completely retract your back. Anything else is just a bent over bicep curl

>35lb bar
Wait how do you tell if one bar is lighter than others? We have some that are thicker or shaped a little differently, but I thought all the barbells weighed the same.

>doing barbell bicep curls
>curl the bar slightly upwards to rack it
>still counts as a rep

I always do two, then deadhang, two then deadhang. I apologize it in my head with keeping the biceps under tension or something

yeah. If someone who lifts asks you how much a lift is, you should include the bar if giving a lb or kg number. The alternative is to list in plates, using "half" to mean 25lb plates

2pl = 225
2.5pl = 275
3pl = 315


literally me