Weight Watchers

Is it worth it? Can't I just do the same thing on my own?

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What are you asking even dicklord? Is their system good? Are their meetings good? Are their supplemental services good? My 71yr old mother does weight watchers and goes to meetings every saturday plus buys their little snackeridoos, she is not in good shape nor does she look good, but she does stick to the program and maintains pancake shaped body RMR, so I guess.

I don't know much about it so I'm sorry if I'm being vague

I used to work at a hotel that hosted them in our meeting room.

You would see the same fatasses in there week after week, month after month, with no change in their weight or overall health. It was almost always old women in their 50s and 60s.

Their main goal seemed to be pushing people to buy their branded food/snacks which I'm sure were loaded with sodium and other garbage.

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people are social creatures doing something with others even i not directly is helpful

however they are a shit tier group for plebs mostly find a better group

If you want to do something like this let me recommend slimming world

They basically teach you how to cook healthy meals and how fattening some things really are. They promote making wholesale changes to your routine to help keep the weight off rather than quick fixes like shakes. It's so much better than weight watchers and I believe weight watchers have been slowly changing their templates to match slimming world.

Not worth it at all. Just calorie count and if you're gaining weight then eat less. Weight watchers is literally just a meme for people who can't be bothered to read the nutrition info on what they eat. Which is part of why most of the people that go on weight watchers end up gaining all that weight back after they're done.

The food they sell is a meme, avoid it. But the meetings helped me a lot. It was the accountability really, having to step on a scale in front of a qt every week really made me want to show progress.

I think it can be good for people that don't have anyone in their life to help them stay accountable. But if you are self motivated than there really isn't much of a reason to use them.


use this website to calculate your calorie requirements for desired weight.

Then download MyFitnessPal to count your calories

Voila, you are losing weight, unless you cheat yourself but if you do you are a pleb with no willpower.

I've used my fitness pal before. It worked well but then I realized I was just puitting in the same info every day so I stopped using it.

my biggest problem is "stick to it ness". ill be going well for months and then fall off the wagon for a few weeks and gain it all back

You literally eat the same every day? my meals are different most days, if you are just sticking to one breakfast choice 7 days a week one lunch choice a week and one dinner choice a week and you work out all the calories etc then do as you wish but that sounds boring lol.

What makes you fall off the wagon? What makes you do that and gain it all back -

I was MASSIVE like fucking HUGE FAT - I saw my photos from my honeymoon and i was sad how fat I looked, now i've lost 30 kilos, it took 8 months but I didn't break my diet because I wanted it, the app and counting the calories on it held me accountable for my actions each day and there would be no one to blame but me if I messed up.

You just have to want it enough. If its a sugar you cave into its literally addiction to sugar and you feel like shit for a while then it goes. Your stomach definitely adjusts to eating less calories too and you find yourself not needing as much food as you used to and not being hungry anymore. Cups of coffee curbed my appetite too which helped in the beginning.

But yeah, back to the point, why are you falling off the wagon?

I have no problem not eating sugar and I eat pretty well.

It's difficult for me because it's medication related. I counted calories and biked an hour a day for an entire summer and lost 10 godamn pounds.

I dunno why I fall off the wagon. It's not like I'm craving food. Maybe I just dgaf in spurts and then try and make up for it.

I'm quitting smoking so it's going to be even harder to not eat.

I'm just under 270 how about you?

I was 260lbs and now i'm 195 or so, sounds more psychological as to why you fall off, you need a goal, a reason to lose the weight - for me I wanted to reach my target weight by my wedding anniversary - when I started making progress the wife wanted to jump on board with the dieting too and doing it together helped.

Maybe theres a charity race or something you want to compete in, a reunion or event coming up, just something to make you keep at it. I dont know

My sister has done em all....
Ww is good if u need motivation/guidence...it says u can eat x but not y...it replaces fats with sugar...so ur on a low fat high carb diet...all the meals claim low fat..but just have added sugar... u can eat like 2 chocolate bars a day n still be within ur limits...shit they bring chocolate stalls to try to.sell u that shit...but it gives menu books so its easy to follow..u will loose weight if u follow it...if u dont follow their bullshit "u can eat chocolate too" u will loose an extra pount a week just from skipping the daily choc intake....its for fat ppl who have little self control n cant go cold turkey without binging... the social side is great...weekly weigh ins...prizes for most lost n group motivation..my sister did keto withput teling the ppl there while attending it and won 2 monthly biggest looser gift hampers..
It can be a good starting point...find out ur macros n tdee by doing 2 weeks of it n seeing ur fat loss...then do ur own shit...cut out all the sugar shit etc...
Best advice is get urself myprotein golden syrup...that shit makes oats taste like fucking dessert....eat oats every morning...then get ur frozen veg prebagged intonportion sizes....bulk buy chicken...thats ur tea....eat whothefuck cares for lunch and do a 6 or 6 hour eating window to lower insulin....having the food there ready n knowing what ur eating cuts out a shit load of binge eating n thinking about food...

Never seen this one so I just filled it out to see if its ok and it told me to maintain my current weight to eat 1,802 calories a day when for the last 4 years I've been eating 1242 calories a day and maintaining my weight without any issue. Stop recommending this obesity advocate website you fat piece of shit.

Eating 1242 calories a day for maintenance, nigga wat, are you anorexic? it recommends 1800 for me to cut, and its working at the predicted speeds.

I'm 5'1 93lbs female and am not anorexic you fat fuck. That calculator say to eat 560 more calories a day then I need which would make me gain weight because it was made by obesity advocates who want everyone to be fat fucks.

And then there's this which I skipped initially because why read the bullshit:
>Yes, conventional wisdom states that reducing your intake (or increasing your expenditure) by 500 calories a day should lead to about 1 pound of fat loss per week (500 calories a day x 7 days = 3500 calories a week = 1 pound).
>But that conventional wisdom is wrong.
Its not "conventional wisdom" its fucking science, that website is literally a obesity advocate website. Stop recommending it.

hey princess wanna be my cute anorexic petite girlfriend

poor you with your shit tier metabolism, enjoy anorexia.

Ah, I don't understand lbs as I'm British, upon converting I realised I was being trolled to fuck. if not you are severely anorexic already, seek help.

I can attest to this.
>January 1st, 250.4 pounds
>March 28th, 216.6 pounds

All I've done is eat 1500 calories per day and exercise moderately. Some gym time, but mostly walking and bike riding.

Still got a long way to go but im finally getting my chin back

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In your dreams, literally the only time you'd have a shot. The anorexic thing tells me alot about what you think is normal.

yo, start cleaning up your surroundings, too. Nobody likes a slob.

yes sir.

shut up mr bones

does it sound like a xylophone if you bang your fingers on your ribcage?

well done mate, get a bit more serious with weightlifting and you'll do awesome.

Im british and understand pounds you european bitch...learn some fucking math...

Not trolling, I'm just actually petite unlike what people usually refer to, being short. I'm short and small. Veeky Forums would probably call me a womanlet.

You are medically underweight, they would tell you to eat and go to the gym. You seem like a person full of hate and so much hypocrisy in what you type.

but good work otherwise. you're a literal product of your environment so take that into consideration.

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>You are medically underweight
How did you determine that over the internet based purely on text? You're just guessing. Doctors in real life don't think I'm underweight, I was considered not underweight at 89lbs.

Trying to sound like you know what you're talking about.

>You seem like a person full of hate and so much hypocrisy in what you type.
Maybe reddit is more your style.