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Now you know Veeky Forums.

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You’re typically not going to be approaching women shirtless. Strive for whichever body and fitness goals make you the most confident version of yourself. That’s what will help you

>women pick the body attached to an actor worth $240 million
>women knowing what they want

anyone who has had any amount of muscle at all knows this is bullshit

also never trust a poll taken by women, they lie, to themselves and others

who cares what women want kek

I have no doubt cock hounds lose their shit over far right, but pure virgin qt 3.14s are turned off.
If you're muscular and lean good luck starting a stable family with whores

Womens lizard brain will always cause them to be attracted to the guy who appears to provide the greatest level of security and safety. I.e. most muscular/athletic. What they think they want is another question.

Yea they want otter mode until the get wet in the pants by the strongest guy at the gym

takeaways from the survey:
-she doesn't like fat guys
-she doesn't like skeletal guys
and, perhaps confusingly:
-she (says) she doesn't like super jacked guys
why? because she thinks he's out of her league
she doesn't want to think of herself as shallow. she wants to think she's modest, so she chooses the leaner guy. because in the back of her head, she thinks she has a chance with him.

The issue has been solved

looks are important but let's face it, the "strongest" guys at the gym are usually the biggest meat heads ever. most girls will fall for ottermode guys only because ottermode fags aren't obsessed with being the biggest guy at the gym and because they actually have a life outside working out

Why didn't they show them a starting strength body? I think that would have won.

They didn't pick "ottermode", they picked "le brad pitt lol"

>Super jacked guy
>Out of her league
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but most pro body builders other than arnie are police officers and garbage men, are they not?
Not exactly captains of industry or pillars of success, they just have nice bodies

Attainable natural looking body that is to sustain vs the very last pic which is high maintenance.

Countless male models have a slim physique and even ottermode. It looks like they don't binge, they care about appearance and have a life outside of the gym

Nothing wrong if the gym is your life just trying to breakdown their frame of mind because if I had to select one it wouldnt pick the one who is obsessed with physique and looks unnatural. Id want something that looks natural, healthy and in shape. Don't over complicate it

It’s all about the face

I'm sure the results would be very similar with a similiar physique

lmao holy shit this cope

>1% for the most aesthetic body to ever walk the earth
Women are so fucking worthless man

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LOL Bodybuilders are a salty bunch of kunts.

You’re on dat phaggy time Brah’s, the sloots ain’t mirin’

>talking shit about bodybuilders
>reddit spacing

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It's ok that the only mires you get are from men, user.
Bodybuilding probably turned you gay just like them

>something that looks natural, healthy and in shape
Sorry, twink. None of these qualities are represented in a ottermode """male"""

Even if I were gay I still would careless for this body

That 2% body is the most expensive one to build and maintain. Heroin ain't cheap.

are you trying to convince me that bodybuilding is gay or are you trying to convince yourself that you're not a loser?

I'm not a bodybuilder, user, why would you think I'm a loser like them?

Youre not even trying but thanks for replying to my post

the problem is that this study failed to include the true ideal

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Cheaper than your burgers, amerilard.

you're just dumb, if you don't acknowledge his proportions as aesthetic. nothing gay here.

Women want fit looking men, not steroid filled oversized ogres

>Only ripped people are undesirable people
Keep coping DYEL

It's more that when you spend 8 hours a day in the gym, 3 hours cooking micromeals, and an hour looking at yourself in the mirror, there's hardly any time left to make money and provide for your family, financially or emotionally.
Bodybuilders are narcissistic manchildren.
Deal with it, fgt

I think it's also that there's a "too much of a good thing" filter in their brains. The totally swole/ripped/jacked pro bodybuilder physique is far outside the norm, and going too far outside the norm isn't generally advantageous in an evolutionary sense.

Men like boobs, but there's a limit to that too. Too far outside the norm, the brain is questioning the subject's fitness and reproductive success.

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fucking goals right there man