Dear user

Dear user,
remember one and only thing-your day is coming.
All these roasties are now enjoying their life, because they have to. All of this careless fun will be gone really soon for them.

For real, what is even left for wemen after they hit 30s? Men are only starting to live by that age-and a women is starting to realize what is like when nobody approaches you, because you had nothing else but a sex appeal of a young women and now is gone.

All a man needs to have is a somehow nice body, good hygiene and financially successful life and you will be fucking young women till you DYE.

Just remember, keep your progress up, don't beat yourself over thinking you are missing on something.

p.s.: of course you have to fix your aspergers till then, no money will save this shit lol

love, user

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are you saying all men care about is sex to feel satisfied?

There is not a lot of risk in being a female but depending on your genetics you can trophy wife into some super serious money. I'm OK with being male.

everything you do is to get your genes going, user

what do you mean that if you somehow dont progress high in society it is because of your genes?

men also deteriorate past age 25 if they reach that age and 25 forward a man can only trust money to keep him going for as long as he can without a loving wife, reliable work, health money

A shame this bitch had to die, she was pretty hot desu

is that a rolex watch? hot

strong oldcel cope. your prime in NOW, regardless of what MGTOW virgins said to you

There's only a lot of risk if you're stupid. If you want the wife children thing getting it is easy as fuck, don't be fat, don't be a slut, don't be a feminist. You will get your pick of the new wave of conservative men that have been created in our generation, pick somebody working in finance or engineering and boom, you're set. The only risk is if you sleep around in your 20's with attractive rich guys who will never marry you unless you're a 9/10 like they are b/c if you turn to the conservative engineer types at 30 when you're used up you will find they have either vanished into their career or have married somebody else, probably from east asia or eastern europe depending where you live and now you're going to end up alone at 40 with no kids writing articles about how it's all because of the patriarchy.

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Unless you go bald or let yourself go you can still be in really good shape through your 30's and while in your 20's you're a broke ass student or intern or junior in your profession through your 30's you have the cash to back up the looks. You will be able to have your own place, nice car and have spare cash to spend how ever you want. Just take all that and go after some women in their 20's who don't come from money and you're set. Of course that only applies if you actually pick a decent career and work hard (serious overtime, make that your life for like 5-10 years) at it in your 20s-early 30's. Pic related, brad pitt was 40 when he shot Troy.

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Found the feminist trying to convince men that they should settle for roasties before they hit 30.

Man you need to get out of this cancerous lookism mindset

Go outside, ask a girl you find cute her number, ask a girl you know if she wants to try a restaurant you find interesting , if they both say no then go with your mates

The world is turning on without giving a shit about how redpilled you are and all you're doing is digging yourself deeper into the rut

Self improvement isn't self improvement if you don't better your life

Maybe for you, but it just sounds like you've never taken the time to develop your personality

>tfw 25 and already balding, HELP MEEE

>Good to know I'll hit my prime when the fun is over

MGTOW folks

Yes, a nice body and good hygiene and money are great, but they shouldn't be your ends by any means.

You somehow made me feel very happy and chill now and I'm only 19.

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op is wrong because of balding and testosterone drop

Stop posting ugly roasties.

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Okay you start

> of course you have to fix your aspergers till then, no money will save this shit lol

if there was a way to fix this I would have done it years ago

i hate myself

OP confirmed /r/incel