Can we all just agree that having a six pack is 100% reliant on genetics. I do zero core exercises...

Can we all just agree that having a six pack is 100% reliant on genetics. I do zero core exercises, am in the process of a bulk, and have pic related abs. I find the emphasis on “six pack abs” as part of aesthetics is unfair to people whose frame and build can’t support one.

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>is unfair to people
And I think it's unfair, that a soyboy like you are, cries about hurting random people on the anonymous internet.
Your abs also look like shite btw

>Literally no definition
Wyd dude

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Sounds like bullshit. Everyone has ab muscles and I don't see why everyone can't get them to show with direct training and low enough bodyfat.

you're dumb
holy shit
you're bulking because you wanted to bulk for some legitimate reason
people who want abs generally do not need to bulk for any reason
Auschwitz mode aside, of course

>already stated zero core work
>”you have weak abs”
Yeah no shit, but the foundation is there and I know people who do core every other day with no results. I’m not shitting on people for having naturally having a physique that makes abs difficult/impossible, I’m saying that the focus people have on abs is unnecessary given that it doesn’t work for everybody.

Auschwitz mode is from thyroid disease, feels bad. That’s my general point in this thread, you can’t change your physique so you should stop working towards something you’ll never have and work with what you’ve got

Where you hold your fat is reliant on genetics

It's 99% bodyfat % and 1% fat distribution. So I'll give you 1% genetics. Literally anyone will have a visible abs at low enough bf%, not necesarily six pack since 4/6/8-pack is genetics. It will just be harder if you have fucked body fat distribution..

With low enough body fat everybody can have visible abs.
The only faggots who expect people who lift to have abs 24/7 are normies who don't lift.

Post your abs

I eat like shit but hit core everyday

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And you look like shit as a result.

>tfw all my fat allocates around my belly
Legs are literally only muscle, skin and bones but i have a muffin top

Post physique

Nigga you're like 5'10 150lbs
A 6-pack on little faggots like you is as relevant as 40FF tits on a land whale

Pic related is also me before I started lifting when I as just skinny

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Irrelevant since you looking like shit is not determined by how I look when pointing it out. This is from last summer, about 5kg heavier in terms of muscle now.

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you look like a faggot

6 packs are for crack heads and teenagers

I have that same fat spot on the lovehandles even when im really lean

what the fuck do I do, I could keep lean bulking till summer(still have visible abs just not as shredded) but that shit is ruining my physique whenb I pose diagonally

>no bf around belly
>basically jacked
>extremely defined 4pack
Feels bad

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wyd for adonis belt
>tfw looks like that when I push it out but when resting it's barely there

He's right you look like shit

You guys are twinks try having abs at 220 lbs little soy latte sipping twinks bloatmax for lyfe

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Grindr profile pic of the month

Thanks dudes 2kind

Honestly can't tell you, I think it's just a combination of well developed external obliques and being lean.

>pic related
You posted the wrong picture.

I look the same right now, just started lifting 2 days ago lmao. What's your routine bruh? you tell me ill post pic haha

>the foundation is there
You're thin, mate. My brother is 6'2 140lbs and also has a "foundation".
If you mean that some people have shitty insertions then ye be thankful that yours aren't 2/10 disgusting abs. Also
>doesn't work for everybody
Stopped reading right there

Looks like the same dude, just a different angle/lighting

>le 6 pack is genetics meme
Abs are like any other muscle you dumb faggots. The bigger they are the the more visible they are even at higher bf%. Train abs harder and they get bigger. Fucking rocket science.

nice tits

kys brainlet

you both look the fucking same

you don't have abs

having a six pack is 100% reliant on genetics. you could have a four pack, six pack, eight pack, depending on your genetics.

having visible abs is reliant on your muscles and body fat percentage. genetics affect this because you may have a shitty or good fat distribution, storing less or more fat in you abdominal area, making it easier or harder to have visible abs.