Told girl I roid

>told girl I roid
>she loses interest

wtf bros

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only men are intrested in roiders, women scan for money to grab to continue their life whoring

>telling girls anything but 'creatine and tv'
>telling girls anything at all

You mean girls DON'T want grossly huge roid freaks and all the unhealthy consequences that come with it? Wow

you're supposed to tell them you play ultimate frisbee on the weekends

>Get gf as skinny fat faggot
>Tell her decided to start roiding
>She says cool just dont beat her up
>She helps pin gloots
>Plow her erryday

Get good op

she liked me before she knew

>just dont beat her

I liked the swastika before I knew the Nazis used it. I still think it's aesthetically pleasing but I don't want to have one near me all the time.

>unironically roiding

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is TRT roiding?

media says it makes your penis small, she probably didn't want a dicklet

She doesn't want you to benoit her and her family

150mg+/week is

t. soyboy cuck

I guess the most Alpha generation in recent history are all soyboys, they hated Nazi's.

most easily manipulated generation desu

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*or they were the Nazis. Even the Soviet soldiers, some of whom committed atrocities, were mostly alpha as fuck, as were the Americans, British, etc.

But - and this is critical - do not confuse being alpha, being courageous and willing to fight and die for your wife or your children or your people more generally, with having a fucking clue about politics.

Normies fear the infamous roid rage

t. communist cuck

building and maintaining muscle mass is a positive trait. if you need exogenous anabolic steroids to achieve a respectable physique (let alone where its not apparent that you are roiding), you are indirectly admitting your genes by themselves arent good enough

being open about roiding to your average joe is akin to proudly proclaiming your genetic inferiority. however you spin this is up to you, just letting you know how people perceive you.

Why would you tell anyone this?

>creatine and TV
>Zumba and Wii Fit
>literally anything except hard work and steroids

god damn

>comparing roiders to swastikas

>triggered /pol/tards
>implying soymmunism
I thought it was pretty funny, too.

>admitting to roiding

You can’t seriously be shocked right?