Why do people get lapdances in the US if they arent allowed to touch the girl?

Why do people get lapdances in the US if they arent allowed to touch the girl?

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Because the establishment claims you aren't allowed to touch in order to get around certain laws.

Amerifats are cucks

How so

Are there any threads on this board about fitness anymore?

Loopholes probably

You can touch if she thinks you look alright and you keep the $$$ coming. What I mean is she won’t go complain to a bouncer. Now if he walks by and sees you with your fingers stuck up a gstring that’s a different story.

Health and fitness

Most of the customers are ugly fat fucks who couldn't get laid in a hooker convention

Why tf do people go to strip clubs anyway? To see a bunch of tits and go furiously jerk off in the bathroom? All it does is get you all worked up without any release

at really populated areas, release is only like $100

Reddit might be more suited for you, pal.

Go to a nice strip club once or twice with friends, go to a shittier Latina strip club once or twice with friends.

After that, never return. They're a waste of money. I mean, it's a place that thrives on male desperation and literally speeds up songs for lapdances in order to turn more of a profit and keep your drunk ass emptying your wallet.

Also it only gets you worked up if you're fucking broken. How anyone can find those places or that situation erotic is beyond me.

Well if you don't find it erotic there's doubly no point in going there. I agree it's gross though

You're allowed to touch if you go to the right clubs.

You are allowed to touch, just not a whole lot.
you cant really grab and squeeze , you can only rub. However this guys out the door with private dances and one on one interactions.

maybe im a weirdo but i usually go to strip clubs to hang out with my buddies and get piss drunk, not even there to get laid, just getting high while looking at hot women is fun and having a chat with your friends and then going clubbing later

lonely guys.
I was DD for my buddies bachelor party. He was getting married to the only woman who would say yes. So he pretty much dropped a grand to have super hot women grind on him for a few hours.

I didnt get it but atleast he was happy.

Those are females (males)

This pretty much, to me a strip club is just a bar with naked women dancing on poles. Not really a place to vent your sexual frustrations with money.

Ive been to places where you can touch the strippers, hell if they life you they might even let you suck on their titties and let you play with their pussy. If they like you particularly they might even go home with you.

Gotta go for the small town strip clubs in the PNW for that tho

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