Indian food

How come most indians and pakis look so weak and meager when their food is God-tier lifting material?
Shouldn't they be fuckhuge natty lords?

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1) Parents don't have a concept of fitness and exercise so kids have to figure it out the hard way
2) The food is trash in terms of macro breakdown, especially speaking as a vegetarian. Almost all my protein intake is from milk and protein powder.

Indians are fat fucks

Because they only enjoy working at 7-Eleven

That's indians
Pakis prefer working at 9-Eleven

I'm sure.

Because they are all so fucking poor

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>god tier
>high carbs
yeah okay user


those Indian bros sure know how to make their food

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>tons of carbs
>minimal/nonexistent protein
>dogshit macros all around
>easily eat thousands of calories/day
>nobody cares about looksmaxxing because of the bluepilled culture aka study till your 30s get a job get an arranged marriage
>piss poor genetics for the most part

not gonna lie I love garlic naan

They have the worst genetics on earth. Even if they did lift they couldn't do so competently.

Indian food is so expensive where I am despite just being meat/veggies and rice with spices. Surely it can't cost that much to run a poo restaurant.

Pajeet here. Lentils are good, also chickpeas, but everything else is just pure carbs. Also no one knows about cutting, so everyone is just bloatmaxxing. Besides we don't have a hookup culture too much here. Casual relationships are frowned upon and live-in couples often get denied in housing societies. So no incentive to improve yourself if you can't get a girl. This is changing, though.

they own those 7-11s

You do realize that a fuckton of them are strict vegetarians right?

youre talking about people who come from a region of the world where shitting in the street is such a problem that the government runs campaigns to stop it.

>see pajeet at gym yesterday
>Huge pecs, way out of proportion with pointy as sideways nipples
>Pathetic arms with no definition and mild cellulite
>He's trying to do OHP with only 30kg
>Rapidly doing micro reps, never taking the bar below his head

I didn't even know arm cellulite was a thing

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>see the same 2 dyel panjeets at my gym every week doing curls, flys and extensions with some dumbbells for 20 minutes and then leaving
Sometimes I just want to walk up to them and just teach them the ropes of lifting.



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paki here it's because our parents care less about how healthy we are and more on how much we got on that math test and if we won that spelling bee sort of like asians being absolute soy goblins becuase of this most pakis I know that workout hardly made any changes to their diet and the become swole pretty fucking easily

also forgot to add that some pakis listen to shitty meme tier facebook fitness advice

pakis/indians aka all pajeets have shit tier genetics is why

Despite what people say about Indians having shit genes it's not really true; people just think that because they're so out of shape. I'm Indian and my frame is pretty good but I would never be able to tell if I never started lifting.

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>carbs and sodium
>god-tier lifting material

How do people like Indian food?

Worst food I've ever had the displeasure to smell and taste.

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All their curry starts with about 2 cups of oil though.

whats wrong with oil? i add 1tbsp to every shake i make

Saturated fat idk. Someone can correct me.

good post

mid zoz

yeah, there's a society-wide ignorance of what actually causes the state of fitness, and it's passed thru generations

congrats, it took balls to do it even when you didnt know how you'd turn out

Indians are disgusting. They stink up the whole gym.

you are a good person user

Shut up faggot go back to /pol

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Veeky Forums is a /pol/ colony, bitch

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coming through

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Indian food may be tasty but it's not even close to optimal nutrition for lifting...or anything else.

This is a 6/10 Indian chick.

Goddamn, she's fine!

Most indian foods are greasy as fuck, pack that in with shit tons of carbs from bread and rice and you get a recipe for disaster. Most indian sauces used and in dishes are oily as fuck. Its common knowledge eating high carb and high fat foods together goes straight to fat storage.

Very good.

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>white rice
>white bread
>god tier lifting material


she's actually less hairier than most indian chicks

Fuckin hell lads.

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Indians and pakis do not have poor genetics at all. They're just an out of shape race. Much like latinos. Asians are the ones with poor genetics, most are framelets.

I'd give it all up just to have their calf genetics though

Well, everybody in my family is fucken jacked. I'm pretty much the weakest and smallest one, and I'm far above average.

I think for the majority of pajeets, it's a serious lack of brotein. Even when normal tier Indians have meat, it's like 2 oz per meal. They eat a shit ton of carbs. Also, lack of any real exercise. Other than cricket, most normie pajeets don't do shit.

>how do people have different tastes than me?
You’re retarded

sikh cunt

It's good bulking food and there is some good cutting food but honestly the problem isn't in the food. People saying it's greasy are eating at crappy restaurants and letting the fact that the fat isn't emulsified as in french inspired cooking sway their judgement.

The only reason Indians aren't fit is because there isn't any fitness culture to speak of outside of Haryana which produces like 70% of the countries athletes. Parents are very afraid of even 20 year olds picking up weights (they also fell for the lifting makes you a manlet meme hard). Working out is seen as narcissistic and self-involved and only really appreciated by other lifters.

This is all very sad imo since we used to have a great physical culture in the north and the south. Now it seems like the only culture we have is chasing the dollar.

yeah, wtf is that all about. they have twink frames with greek statue calves

>greasy salty food that's also fried
Btw pakora is literally a deep fried potato with spices. Not healthy at all. Chinese fried rice Paki style is really good bulking food


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Are you a woman or something? Of course white rice is god tier lifting food.

turmeric is anti-androgenic.

What a little bitch

What does that mean exactly
I'm not the poster you're replying to

>widespread malnutrition
>death of a once-vibrant fitness culture amongst those with the means to practice it

this user gets it, if people actually took the Mahabharata seriously things would be better

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Saturated fats are fine

It seems like he's replying to himself, adding that link as a citation for the first post, not realizing the degree to which he's grasping at straws

I'm willing to give up maybe 2-3 pounds of muscle mass for being able to pee when I'm 50

no, Veeky Forums is being invaded by /pol/ migrants who seek to culturally enrich the place


good post

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>shit genes
kek good one





Because they have to eat enough of that fucking garbage to bulk, and not even Indians have taste that awful. Indian food is absolute shite.

not true

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Indian food is awesome for cutting weight via diarrhea

AND digits. WEW.

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Men work out to attract women. Would you work out still if women were property and you didn't have to impress them?

>minimal/nonexistent protein
Dozens of variations of chicken and lamb dishes count as non-existent protein?


Shit genetics.
Soy and just a high phyoestrogen diet in general.
Not enough protein for maximizing muscle and minimizing fat accumulation.

Still need those muscles for rape though

Their food is honestly shit, nothing like the westernized stuff we have. You can't get any meat over there, and everything gives you an upset tummy. It was the worst 3months of my life. Glad to be home